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Crags and routes are submitted to Mountain Project by users around the world. The data is managed and organized by Regional Admins, all of whom volunteer their time, skill, and knowledge for the benefit of all climbers. The site is operated by one of its original founders, Nick Wilder.

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On a sunny day in January 2000, Myke Komarnitsky dreamed up a new web site while climbing in Eldorado Canyon. That night, he began and started documenting local climbs. The idea spread to a dozen different websites across the US including Joshua Tree, Moab, Red Rock, & more.

In 2005, two longtime climbing buddies Andy Laakmann and Nick Wilder built Mountain Project and imported the data from the old sites with Myke's help as he moved on to grad school. Mountain Project was built to take climbing beta beyond the guidebook, and become the definitive climbing resource for climbers across the globe.

In 2015, REI acquired Mountain Project to solidify the future of this amazing resource for the climbing community. Every line of code was redone from ground zero and traffic skyrocketed. In 2020, REI returned Mountain Project to its founders.

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Regional Admins: Mountain Project is run by volunteers. These are the heroes that manage the content.
20 kN Hawaii
Aaron Brouwer *The Holy Boulders
Aaron Mc Red Rocks, Queen Creek Canyon, Illinois
Aaron Parlier Virginia, North Carolina
Adam Stackhouse California
Aeon Aki Vedauwoo, Joe's Valley
Alvaro Arnal Independence Pass, Lime Park (a.k.a. Lime Creek), Glenwood Springs, Carbondale Area, Rifle
Amadeus DeKastle Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
Amanda Smith The New River Gorge
Andrew Gram Utah
andy patterson Central Coast
Andy Riley Myanmar
Andy Weinmann Seneca Rocks
Angelique Brown Morocco, Colombia
Anthony Stout New Mexico
applewood Okanogan
Aron Quiter San Francisco Bay Area, Pinnacles National Park, Northeast California, Sierra Eastside, Lake Tahoe
AWinters Sierra Eastside
BDalhaus *Pawtuckaway, -Clifton Crags
BigRed Kenya
Billy Simek Red River Gorge
Bob Moseley Yunnan Province
Brad "Stonyman" Killough Tennessee, Alabama
Brad Fauteux *Pawtuckaway, Stone Fort (aka Little Rock City), *Rumney Bouldering, Clough State Park, Smugglers' Notch Bouldering
Braden Batsford British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Bradley Mark Edwards Grand Junction Area, Bahamas
Brandon Snyder Michigan
Brennan Crellin Northeast Oregon
Brian Boyd Arizona, Thailand, Hong Kong
Brice Pollock Madagascar
Bruce Hildenbrand Pinnacles National Park
C Miller Joshua Tree National Park, Tahquitz & Suicide Rocks, San Bernardino Mountains, High Desert, Inland Empire
Cameron Fraser North Island
Chan Kim South Korea
Chris Owen High Sierra, Stoney Point, United Kingdom
chris tregge Wisconsin
Chris Whisenhunt The New River Gorge
Christian Storms Japan
Colby Wangler I-80 Corridor
Colin Parker San Jacinto Mountains
Courtney Curtner Ohio
Dan Flynn Switzerland, China
Dave Hug Missouri, Illinois
Dave Rone Alberta, Ontario
David Bruneau Newfoundland and Labrador
David Carrier Cumberland Narrows aka Lover's Leap
David Riley Spain, France
DCrane Utah
Derek Sullivan Lynn Woods, Cape Ann
Dom Caron New Brunswick
Doug Hemken Wisconsin, Starved Rock State Park
Drew Chojnowski New Mexico
Drew Nevius Oklahoma
DrRockso Kentucky
Edward Medina Ouray (Ice/Mixed), Ouray vicinity (rock), Montrose
EPAC Pennsylvania
Eric Bluemn Idaho, Morocco
Eric Leclerc Cuba
Euan Cameron Sierra Eastside, Inland Empire, Black Mountain, United Kingdom, France
Frances Fierst Colorado, Vedauwoo, Maryland, Philippines
glclimber Lower Peninsula
Gokul G India
Greg Hughes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Greg Opland Arizona, Joshua Tree National Park
Greg Parker South Dakota
GRK Utah, City of Rocks, Castle Rocks, Montana
Gunkswest Joshua Tree National Park, Jordan, India, Belize, Curaçao
Hank Caylor Texas, Mexico
Heliodor Jalba Puerto Rico
Ian CB South, Baraboo Range
Ian Lingley New Brunswick
Jake Dickerson Wyoming, Turkey
James Schroeder Wisconsin, Fort Collins
Jared LaVacque Cochise Stronghold, The Homestead, Grand Junction Area, Alaska
Jason Halladay New Mexico, * In Progress, Spain, Greece, In Progress
Jason Hayden Vermont
Jay Knower New Hampshire
Jay Shultis Bozoo, Peterskill Bouldering
JD Borgeson Arkansas
JD Merritt Willamette Valley
Jeffrey Dunn Catskills (Ice)
Jeffrey LeCours New Hampshire
Jesse Zacher Grand Junction Area
Jim Lawyer Little Falls, Adirondacks, Salmon River Falls (Ice), Angel Falls - Ice Climb, Central NY Ice, Payne Lake, Tinker Falls (ice)
jim.dangle Massachusetts
JJ Schlick Arizona
Joe M. Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Joel Ledvina Northern Highlands
Joey Chicharrones Keystone a.k.a. Montezuma, Buena Vista, Aruba, 10 Mile Canyon
John McNamee Colorado, Vedauwoo
John Miller Michigan
Jon Nelson Washington
Jonathan S New Hampshire, Maine
jt512 Los Angeles Basin
Justin Johnsen California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware
K Ice Minnesota
Kate Lynn British Columbia
Kemper Brightman Arizona
Kevin Diaz Oklahoma
Kevin MP Central Oregon
Kris Fiore Vermont, Eagle Falls
Kris Gorny Minnesota
Kristin Tippey Obed & Clear Creek, Portland & The Gorge, Willamette Valley
Ky Bishop The Emeralds, I-80 Corridor, Neverland, 1. Southern Mountains Region
L. Von Dommelheimer Alaska
Ladd Raine Maine
Larry DeAngelo Red Rocks
Lee Hansche New Hampshire
LeeAB Brinckerhoff New Mexico, Texas
Leo Paik Colorado, Vedauwoo
Luc-514 Vermont, Quebec, France
Luca Keushguerian Armenia
Luke Bertelsen Arizona, Kalymnos
Luke Cornejo Obed & Clear Creek, Moore's Wall, Dayton Pocket/Laurel Falls Bouldering, Cumberland Boulders
Lurker - Northeast California, High Sierra, Lake Tahoe, Redwood Coast, Western Nevada
M Sprague New Hampshire, Rhode Island
MAKB El Potrero Chico, Saskatchewan
Mandie Walls Okanagan
Marcus Floyd Missouri
Mark P. Switzerland
Mark Rafferty South Dakota
Mark Roberts British Columbia
Marta Reece New Mexico
Martín Funes Brozovich Mendoza
Matt Looby Brazil
Matt Richardson Texas
Matthew Clausen Iceland
Matthew Fienup The Needles / Kern River
mattm Texas
Mauricio Herrera Cuadra Mexico, British Columbia, Argentina
Micah Klesick Oregon, Washington
Micah McCrotty Black Mountain
Michael Brown Eastern Ohio, Northern Panhandle, Wayne National Forest
Michael Sullivan Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark
Mike Engle Idaho
Mike Howard Taos Area
Mike Madsen South Dakota, Virgin Islands
Mike Morley California
Mike Snyder Wyoming
Monomaniac Colorado
Monty Colorado
moredaysoff Laos
Morgan Patterson New York, Connecticut
Muscrat Northeast California, The Needles / Kern River, Iceland
Nate Ball Oregon, Mount Arapiles, Malaysia, Peña de Bernal, Taiwan, China, South-West & Tacoma
Nathan Fisher Utah
Nick Reecy Grand Junction Area
Nicole Wiesenthal Los Angeles Basin
Noah Kaufman Laramie Range, The Roost
Old Timer Massachusetts
P P Michigan
Pat Goodman The New River Gorge
Perin Blanchard Utah
Peter Gram South Dakota, Devils Tower
Phil Lauffen Norway, Austria
Pnelson The New River Gorge
Ray Weber Southeast Ohio, Eastern Ohio, Northern Panhandle, Northern WV, Eastern WV
Ricardo Orozco Mexico
Rich S EM: Robinson Bluff
Rick Shull Redwood Coast
RJ B The Gunks, Thacher State Park
Robert Hall New Hampshire, Maine, Montserrat, Collegats, Riglos, Ordesa National Park
Roberta Zouain Brazil, Portland & The Gorge, Mt. Hood National Forest
Rudy Peckham Nuevo Leon
Ryan Sheldon Oklahoma
saxfiend Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama
SCPC Pennsylvania
Sean Godwin Okanagan
Shawn Heath Virginia, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Austria
Shirtless Mike Diablo Canyon, Red River Gorge, Caballo Lake
slim Southeast Utah
SMarsh New Jersey, Powerlinez
Steve Lineberry North Carolina, South Carolina
SWPACC Pennsylvania
Tao Techakanon Thailand
Taylor Spiegelberg Wyoming, Phalanx of Will
The Morse-Bradys Fairfield Hill, Shady Side
Tim Wolfe Italy
TJ Kieper Dalkey Quarry
Tom Caldwell South Carolina
Tom Gnyra Alberta
Tony Yeary South America
Tyler KC Colorado, Arkansas
Vicki Schwantes California
Will Bland Nova Scotia
Z Winters Washington
Zach Wahrer Montana