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Dirtbag climber exchange!
Last Post: 34 mins ago
31,254 130,553 34 mins ago
Krimpit thee Frog here
Climbing Gear Discussion
Open discussions regarding climbing gear.
Last Post: 23 mins ago
10,446 177,323 23 mins ago
Chris Cragsocks
Climbing Gear Reviews
Formal Climbing Gear Reviews
Last Post: 1 hour ago
744 12,362 1 hour ago
Jon Frisby
Lost and Found
Missing something? Found something?
Last Post: 3 hours ago
13,101 23,591 3 hours ago
Sarah Thompson
General Topics Posts Last Post
General Climbing
Climbing-related topics that don't fit elsewhere. Non-climbing related posts go in the Politics forum!
Last Post: 11 mins ago
12,143 274,434 11 mins ago
Old lady H
Trip Reports
Your stories, epics, and adventures
Last Post: 2 hours ago
525 3,261 2 hours ago
Tal Wanish
Beginning Climbers
Helping beginners get into the sport
Last Post: 19 hours ago
833 19,161 19 hours ago
Adam Fleming
Land of the uber-strong pad people.
Last Post: 6 days ago
467 5,080 6 days ago
Mark Paulson
Sport Climbing
Bolts. Yummmmmmm.
Last Post: 1 day ago
420 10,519 1 day ago
James Pulfer
Injuries and Accidents
Discuss accidents, injuries, treatments, and other health-related issues here.
Last Post: 10 hours ago
2,045 28,399 10 hours ago
lsdclimber Ellis
Trad Climbing
Bolts? What are those?
Last Post: 39 mins ago
1,046 34,563 39 mins ago
Buck Rio
Climbing Photos & Videos
Share your original content here. Discuss climbing photography and videography.
Last Post: 5 days ago
224 1,528 5 days ago
James Buyayo
Fixed Hardware: Bolts & Anchors
Discuss techniques, hardware, and best practices.
Last Post: 43 mins ago
370 9,002 43 mins ago
Timothy Fisher
How to chase Marmots in the high alpine.
Last Post: 3 days ago
750 9,672 3 days ago
Ice Climbing
Icy hearts unite!
Last Post: 3 hours ago
1,134 12,875 3 hours ago
No Crack Too Dirty
Big Wall and Aid Climbing
Like to scare yourself hanging on gear? This is the place.
Last Post: 15 hours ago
972 13,329 15 hours ago
A. B.
Training Forum
Read this forum, and learn how to pump-yourself-up.
Last Post: 1 hour ago
1,580 27,619 1 hour ago
Rob WardenSpaceLizard
Women's Forum
A place for women to share experiences and discuss issues. Zero-tolerance moderation.
Last Post: 19 hours ago
96 2,293 19 hours ago
Hannah Garvey
A place to remember those we've lost from our community.
Last Post: Jul 7, 2020
167 1,703 Jul 7, 2020
Artem Vasilyev
Other Sports
Bike? Ski? Kayak? Meet climbers with other interests.
Last Post: 1 day ago
386 5,966 1 day ago
Hella Lanik
Politics and Current Events
Discussions not necessarily related to climbing....
Last Post: 33 mins ago
2,546 48,085 33 mins ago
Matt N
Regional Topics Posts Last Post
Northeastern States
Regional forum for New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
Last Post: 12 mins ago
5,685 48,901 12 mins ago
M Mobley
Southern States
Regional forum for West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, Delaware
Last Post: 15 hours ago
4,763 30,455 15 hours ago
Eric Price
Regional forum for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan
Last Post: 1 hour ago
2,906 20,623 1 hour ago
Andy Eiter
Regional forum for Colorado
Last Post: 2 hours ago
13,775 104,853 2 hours ago
Wyoming, Montana, Dakotas
Regional forum for Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana
Last Post: 17 hours ago
1,506 10,457 17 hours ago
Juan Gallego
Northern Utah & Idaho
Regional forum for Idaho, Wasatch Range
Last Post: 2 hours ago
4,412 29,929 2 hours ago
Andrew Schafer
Southern Utah Deserts
Regional forum for Moab Area, Zion National Park, Capitol Reef National Park
Last Post: 1 hour ago
2,655 16,811 1 hour ago
Clayton West
Arizona & New Mexico
Regional forum for Arizona, New Mexico
Last Post: 1 day ago
4,036 29,880 1 day ago
Scott M. McNamara
Regional forum for Red Rock, Mount Charleston
Last Post: 1 hour ago
3,854 25,665 1 hour ago
Pacific Northwest
Regional forum for Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia
Last Post: 1 hour ago
3,703 18,887 1 hour ago
chris blatchley
Northern California
Regional forum for San Francisco Bay Area, Pinnacles National Park, Central Coast, Sierra Eastside, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Redwood Coast
Last Post: 11 hours ago
6,087 36,560 11 hours ago
Zach Baer
Southern California
Regional forum for Joshua Tree National Park, Tahquitz & Suicide Rocks, San Diego County
Last Post: 5 mins ago
1,000 22,729 5 mins ago
Dave K
Regional forum for Hawaii
Last Post: 22 hours ago
108 307 22 hours ago
Mack Johnson
Regional forum for International
Last Post: 2 days ago
3,858 15,593 2 days ago
Melissa Del Real
Partners Topics Posts Last Post
North Eastern States Partners
PA, NJ and north
Last Post: 17 hours ago
4,834 12,020 17 hours ago
Nathan Larson
South Eastern States Partners
WV, MD, DE and south
Last Post: 19 hours ago
1,457 3,792 19 hours ago
Zachary Zwick
Midwest Partners
Last Post: 2 days ago
510 1,245 2 days ago
Drew Nevius
Texas Partners
Last Post: 4 hours ago
166 404 4 hours ago
Kirk Lewis
Colorado Partners
Last Post: 19 mins ago
12,986 32,797 19 mins ago
Constance Egli
Wyoming, Montana, & Dakotas Partners
Last Post: 12 hours ago
1,341 3,319 12 hours ago
Jaden Lojik
Utah Partners
Last Post: 16 hours ago
4,026 10,207 16 hours ago
Malorie Irvin
Arizona & New Mexico Partners
Last Post: 1 day ago
1,799 4,349 1 day ago
Jessica Hans
Nevada Partners
Last Post: 21 hours ago
1,542 3,844 21 hours ago
T Dizzle
Pacific Northwest Partners
Last Post: 11 hours ago
3,340 7,961 11 hours ago
Joey b
Northern California Partners
Last Post: 46 mins ago
4,819 12,307 46 mins ago
Christopher Towers
Southern California Partners
Last Post: 11 hours ago
688 1,810 11 hours ago
Extended Trips and International Partners
Last Post: 18 mins ago
3,368 9,231 18 mins ago
Nico Reitman - the site Topics Posts Last Post
Got a problem with the site? Someone might have an answer!
Last Post: 15 hours ago
458 2,931 15 hours ago
Mountain Project News
Updates from Mountain Project headquarters.
Last Post: 24 mins ago
110 2,391 24 mins ago
Nick Wilder
Post bugs, suggestions, questions, and compliments here.
Last Post: 25 mins ago
1,546 15,384 25 mins ago
Marc801 C
iPhone & Android App Feedback
Want to discuss the apps? Here's the place!
Last Post: 4 days ago
349 2,094 4 days ago
Matthew Lee
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