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Two attendees of Beanfest 2009.
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Apr 15, 2009
Two attendees of Beanfest 2009.  
Sierra Vista, AZ
Meghan   Sierra Vista, AZ
...and his sidekick the "Stronhold Staypuff Marshmallow Gal". I was wearing TWO down puffies, a fleece jacket, TWO thermal shirts, AND a shell... Bean Fest was COLD! Apr 17, 2009
Micah C  
Were you guys at the Pillow Wall at the Forks on Memorial Day? Did you leave a red blue water runner with green tape on the biners slung around a tree? It has ended up in Prescott with the guys that were climbing next to you. I'd be happy to get it back to you if you can think of a cost effective way to do it! Best thing would be if we or even any of our friends ended up at the same area again and could just hand it over without paying for any shipping. Anyway, get in touch if it's yours and you want it back. May 27, 2009
Eric D
Eric D   Gnarnia
Oh my god. Did you guys color coordinate your outfits on purpose? I know that you are getting married, but come on! Sep 24, 2009

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