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Suggested Page Improvements to Zig Zag

Joshua Thompson
Apr 20, 2020
I'm not very familiar with Mt. Erie but have climbed here a handful of times now. Shouldn't Zigzag be on Snag Buttress instead of Main Wall West?

Gosh Glance
Jul 19, 2020
Zig Zag should be moved to the Main Wall-West sub-area. After almost 2 years of climbing at Erie, I've experienced at least 2 dozen people on the top of the Snag Buttress asking me how to find Zig Zag, which starts below and left (west). People who don't own the book commonly climb up Sunshine On A Dark day on the far right side of the Snag Buttress to access the routes they see on MP (currently including uber-popular Zig Zag), only to find that they have to rappel back down the other (far left) side to get to the start.

I'm making this suggested revision for two reasons: 1) Undercover is both physically and digitally here on MP located on MWW. Zig Zag/Undercover share the same first pitch, but Undercover, as a p2 variation of Zig Zag, runs parallel to Zig Zag's p2 about 15' left. Wherever Undercover is, Zig Zag should be as well. 2) In the 2019 guidebook (pg. 140), Zig Zag is listed as being in the Main Wall-West.

Having said all this, the entire Main Wall stratification system aside from Main Wall East makes no sense whatsoever, so I'll submit a few revisions here shortly.

Daniel Chode Rider
Jun 13, 2021
First Ascent: Dallas Kloke & Mike Killien (1963)

Alex R
Oct 22, 2023
This route actually starts at the far end of Snag Buttress. I understand it is a two pitch climb who's second pitch ventures into Main Wall West area, but I was definitely confused when looking for it since neither of the routes next door to its start matched the descriptions. It should most likely be moved to the Snag Buttress area as it is within 2-3 feet of Raindown and Frogs In Space. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and I'd be happy to chat more about where this route fits best!

a w e
Jun 24, 2024
Protection Suggestion

Pro to 2", 2 or 3 chain anchors depending on how you pitch it out.

a w e
Jun 24, 2024
First Ascent: M. Killien, D. Kloke (1963)

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