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Scott Bennett 5.12b
Noah McKelvin 5.12b
Chris Weidner 5.12b
Tank Evans 5.12- PG13
Stefan Griebel 5.12-

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Ticks 11

Sputnick Sep 8, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. Combine P1+2 with some simul. Variation P4 is great (OS 11-)? MP rack but link cam instead of 3x.
Maxito Aug 15, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Matt Combs Aug 4, 2018
Colin Simon Aug 14, 2016 · With Dylan. Multiple hangs.
Noah McKelvin Jul 25, 2016 · Stellar!
WadeM Jul 24, 2016 · Lead. w/eric jesse
Nick Schlichtman Jul 18, 2016 · With Noah. Led 3,5,7,9. Haaaard. Multiple hangs.
Stefan Griebel Aug 21, 2015 · with Brady. What a BAD ASS route! Unquestionably the best I've done so far on the Diamond.
Brad G Aug 7, 2014
Tank Evans Aug 23, 2012
Madaleine Sorkin Dec 31, 1969 · Lead / Onsight. with Justen Sjong; i dont remember which year