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Enlightenment Ridge 0 / 0 / 0 / 36 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 36
Happy Hunting Grounds 0 / 0 / 0 / 38 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 38
Jewel, The 0 / 0 / 0 / 2 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 2
Lower Raspberry Canyon 1 / 0 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 2
Lower Ridge 0 / 0 / 0 / 14 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 14
North Side Boulders (From Outhouse to the Meadow) 0 / 0 / 0 / 13 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 13
North Side Boulders (The Meadow), The 0 / 0 / 0 / 9 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 9
Picnic Area Boulders 0 / 0 / 0 / 47 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 47
Elevation: 7,000 ft
GPS: 34.638, -119.319 Google Map · Climbing Area Map
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Shared By: Davi Rivas on Feb 13, 2006
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Sandstone boulder field that extends the length of the Pine Mountain ridge line, which is basically Goodwin Canyon to Haddock Peak (about 6 miles) and down both the northern and southern slopes.

Getting There

From Ojai, take CA 33 north about 30 miles to turn off for Pine Mountain. Then follow paved road about 6 miles to camping area.


Oceans Eleven-Bouldering Around Santa Barbara (2003) by Bob Banks
Rock Climbing Santa Barbara & Ventura (2000) by Steve Edwards
Enlightenment Ridge Bouldering Guide (1998) by Reese Martin. From Mother Rock magazine(out of print) #11 March/April 1998.
Pine Mountain (1998) by Wills Young from Climbing Magazine #175, May 1998
Santa Barbara Bouldering (1997) by Steve Edwards, self published, long out of print.


Currently, there are only thirteen legal campsites in the two campgrounds on top of Pine Mountain.
There are six campsites in what is called the Pine Mountain Campground(the Picnic Area). These six sites are kind of crammed together in what used to be one large group campsite, but each are fixed with their own picnic table and fire ring. These campsites are flat and shady and are just a few minutes walking from The Picnic Area and the Jewel boulders. There is one pit toilet at this campground.

Ten more minutes up the road is the Reyes Campground where one will find and additional four legal campsites, the Rasberry Spring trailhead and another pit toilet. These sites are also flat and shady and are just five minutes walking from Happy Hunting Grounds. These sites also have a picnic tables and a fire rings and are all within site of eachother.

The last three campsites on the mountain are rather isolated from each other and are situated right ontop of Pine Mountain's main climbing areas. Also fixed withh picnic tables and fire rings.Due to their privacy and proximity to the climbing these three sites are by far the most popular, even though they lack the shade found in the other sites. Two of them have climbable boulders right in the site.

There are numerous "illegal" sites with makeshift fire rings and no picnic tables spread to be found as well, including the Reyes Peak trailhead(end of the road). The end of the road also has the cleanest pit tiolet on the mountain.

Campground fees are now $20/night.

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Classic Climbing Routes at Pine Mountain

Mountain Project's determination of the classic, most popular, highest rated climbing routes in this area.
V0 4
Peerless Plates
V0 4
Fifteen Years On Ice
V1 5 R
V2 5+
Stone of Gethsemane
V2 5+
Dirt Bag
V2 5+
New Ways to get from A to B
V2 5+
Quiet Soul
V3 6A
Painted Carnival
V3 6A
Happy Hunting Grounds (a.k.a. Heaven…
V3 6A
Hueco Problem
V4 6B
To Die For
V5 6C
Gardez l'eau
V5-6 6C+
Sock Hop
V6 7A
Dissing Euros
V10 7C+
Welcome to the Darkside
Route Name Location Star Rating Difficulty Date
Peerless Plates Enlightenment Ridge V0 4 Boulder
Fifteen Years On Ice Happy Hunting Grounds V0 4 Boulder
Rapunzel Enlightenment Ridge V1 5 R Boulder
Stone of Gethsemane Happy Hunting Grounds V2 5+ Boulder
Dirt Bag Happy Hunting Grounds V2 5+ Boulder
New Ways to get from A to B Happy Hunting Grounds V2 5+ Boulder
Quiet Soul Enlightenment Ridge V2 5+ Boulder
Painted Carnival Picnic Area Boulders V3 6A Boulder
Happy Hunting Grounds (a.k.… Happy Hunting Grounds V3 6A Boulder
Hueco Problem Lower Ridge V3 6A Boulder
To Die For Enlightenment Ridge V4 6B Boulder
Gardez l'eau Enlightenment Ridge V5 6C Boulder
Sock Hop Lower Ridge V5-6 6C+ Boulder
Dissing Euros Happy Hunting Grounds V6 7A Boulder
Welcome to the Darkside Enlightenment Ridge V10 7C+ Boulder
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Prime Climbing Season
San Diego, CA
TeleRoss   San Diego, CA
Who's been up there this season? Whats the deal with these BULLSH*T new fees for camping and day use? May 23, 2017
Davi Rivas
Ventura, CA
Davi Rivas   Ventura, CA
Yeah, there are a few issues the new concessionaire will need to address; campsite sparsity and the inevitable dispersed camping that follows being the greatest challenge IMHO. I must of scattered that (illegal) fire-ring beneath Dissing Euros a half dozen times this season........ Dec 14, 2016
Joe Garibay
Ventura, Ca
Joe Garibay   Ventura, Ca

Although this could help mitigate trash and destruction in our forest which is becoming more and more popular every year. Dec 14, 2016
Davi Rivas
Ventura, CA
Davi Rivas   Ventura, CA
Yes, the Forrest Service will throw the gate on Saturday Dec 16th. It will remain locked until May 1st 2017.

Also, there have been some changes in Los Padres NF. As of Nov 1st,, a new SUP (Special Use Permit) went into effect for the entire Los Padres, thats Monterey to Fraiser Park, 52 campgrounds and trailheads all told. What that means for Pine Mountain is that from now on, camping on PM will cost $20/night. The Adventure Pass will no longer be accepted. I am not sure how this will be enacted or enforced (an "iron ranger" or live-in campground host?), but its something that visitors to PM should be aware of.…… Dec 14, 2016
Joe Garibay
Ventura, Ca
Joe Garibay   Ventura, Ca
Dec. 16 maybe it closes. You get one more weekend. No beta needed, explore and enjoy Dec 12, 2016
Anyone know when the road closes this year? Also where can I look up or find this beta. Much thanks. Dec 12, 2016
Davi Rivas
Ventura, CA
Davi Rivas   Ventura, CA
The sign for Pine Mountain CG (aka Picnic Area)is missing at present, but the parking/camping area is so large its hard to miss.
And there is one pit toilet there. There is another pit toilet at the Reyes Peak CG, and then one more at the Reyes Peak trailhead/end of the road.

Speaking of which, the Reyes trailhead is closed presently. There is also a temporary restriction on campfires and BBQ stand use in all campsites on the mountain. Camp stove use is OK. These are common post-fire restrictions/closures and should lift before the season ends.

Perfect temps and very few bugs on Labor Day weekend. and its only getting better.

Come get you some. Sep 7, 2016
Ar Py  
Some bugs and little to no breeze but when it starts cooling down it should be nice. When the descriptions says "2-wheel okay the whole way" it sort of implies the road is sketchy but it isn't. Just go slow and watch out for oncoming traffic and drainage channels in the turns because it's paved all the way to the campsites. Picnic area turnout isn't obvious for first timers. It is lower than the road and has a grill on the south east side. Only shitter I saw was in front of campsite one (the one after picnic area). Amazing place. Aug 23, 2016
Ida Noe  
So many flies... Sep 21, 2015
Beau E.
Fort Collins, CO
Beau E.   Fort Collins, CO
Anyone know where I can get a guidebook for this area? Aug 29, 2015
Pine is back open. Glory! Rain about right now though, let those rocks dry!

Anyone know any history/knowledge of this problem? It's in the gully between the Groupsites and the First Site, by the Smokey the Bear sign.

May 14, 2015
Davi Rivas
Ventura, CA
Davi Rivas   Ventura, CA
As of May 1st 2014, the gate to PM is open.

Its been a really dry year all over California, so everyone PLEASE be careful w your fires if your camping. May 20, 2014
Jon Hartmann
Ojai, CA
Jon Hartmann   Ojai, CA
Pine Mountain road is now officially closed for the season and the gate is locked. Time to start hiking up Chorro Grande. Dec 7, 2013
Just saw a raccoon send Whiplash while wearing your Miura. It had a Mocc' of unknown origin on its other foot. Dec 5, 2013
Nathan Adams
Ventura, CA
Nathan Adams   Ventura, CA
LOST La Sportiva Miura climbing shoe Oct 25-26

My left foot Miura mysteriously went missing over night while camping at the last campsite near Enlightenment Ridge area. I think an animal must have taken it. It's probably long gone by now but thought I'd post it just in case. Oct 27, 2013
Thank you Andy and thank you Tim... Another quick question. Should i be worried about ice on the guardrailless road? Oct 10, 2013
Just got back this morning, some nice cold misty fog moving in...

The gate is open, saw small posted signs at the first few lower campsites saying something like "This area closed due to the Government Shutdown" but all the upper sites had no such signs. Camped last night with no issue. Oct 9, 2013
andy patterson
Carpinteria, CA
andy patterson   Carpinteria, CA  
Road is open... according to my buddy Logan. He went there last weekend. Oct 9, 2013
I was on the USDA page for pine. It says they are open. Can anyone verify that in fact the gates are open. I would really appreciate it. Oct 8, 2013
Jordan Collins
South Lake Tahoe
Jordan Collins   South Lake Tahoe
Thank you so much. I will definetely check that website out. Oct 3, 2013 Oct 2, 2013
Jordan Collins
South Lake Tahoe
Jordan Collins   South Lake Tahoe
What is the best site to check this places weather. Oct 1, 2013
Sean Crozier
Oxnard, CA
Sean Crozier   Oxnard, CA
Just drove up in my lowered El Camino¬Ö. Sep 1, 2013
I just called and now the road isn't opening until September 30th! Yikes! Aug 12, 2013
Sean Crozier
Oxnard, CA
Sean Crozier   Oxnard, CA
If you'd like an "estimated" date of the gate opening you can call the ranger station.
(805)646-4348 Aug 4, 2013
Still closed. I heard it was opening up in a couple weeks. If they've done as much work to the road as the time it's taken to do it, you should be able to creep through in a lowered El Camino. Aug 4, 2013
andy patterson
Carpinteria, CA
andy patterson   Carpinteria, CA  
Currently (as of August, 2013) the road is closed (I think). Apparently, they're doing some road repair. Your Camry should be fine. I've driven up there countless times in cars with low clearances. Aug 4, 2013
Alan Zhan
Seattle, WA
Alan Zhan   Seattle, WA
Planning on making a visit here soon, but noticed that there is a dirt road. I was wondering if anybody knows if the dirt path is suitable for a camry since it's only 6 miles. Aug 2, 2013
What a beautiful place. I've been up twice now before the road opens, hiking in on Chorro Grande trail, once in snow w/40mph gusts and once in 90 deg baking sunshine. Very pleasant under the shade of the pines on a hot day. -7,200' at the top. The rock is quite good, and some areas are very SHARP! Harsh on the tips, due to all the large angular sand grains and pebbles. You really want to stick every move, or it will shred your fingers after a few goes.

Truly an endless boulderfield. Good stuff to be found everywhere, on relatively steep and loose (pine needles) hillside terrain. May 20, 2010
JJ Schlick
Flagstaff, AZ
JJ Schlick   Flagstaff, AZ  
I had a day up here a few years back and did a handful of excellent problems in a kick ass forest setting. Some people there were scetched by the rock quality but it is rather bomber sandstone. Bring your own water, tent and everything else for a good time... Nov 11, 2006

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