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Nevada : Southern Nevada

FEATURED: Mojave Limestone, A Rock Climber's Guide

Jerry Handren / Handbook Publishing / 2021

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'Handbook Publishing is pleased to announce that "Mojave Limestone" is now available.

This book covers 2500 rock climbs (mostly sport) in the areas around Las Vegas and Mesquite in Southern Nevada, with some of the crags being in California, Arizona, and Southern Utah. Information on the scope of the book can be found at

The cover (which includes a table of contents) and the full introduction are available in the "excerpts" section of the website.'

Southern Nevada Bouldering

FEATURED: Southern Nevada Bouldering II

Tom Moulin / Snell Press / 2015

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The bouldering guide to complement Handren's route guide. Southern Nevada Bouldering (2015) describes over 2000 problems in full detail with high quality color photographs of nearly every boulder. The guide covers a vast array of as-yet unpublished areas as well as the popular spots such as Kraft and Red Springs. This book is fast becoming the de facto standard for bouldering guides through its in-depth information, detailed maps, extensive history section, and overview of the natural environment of southern Nevada. Written by Tom Moulin.


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Limestone Bible

Misty Murphy and Bill Ohran (2015)

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In this forum post Misty and Bill announced their new book: "The Limestone Bible of Southern Utah and Nevada Available... a guide to limestone sport climbing for SOUTHWESTERN UTAH, ARIZONA STRIP, VIRGIN MOUNTAINS, ARROW CANYON..."

Islands in the Sky

Islands in the Sky

Dan McQuade, Randy Leavitt,Mick Ryan/Rock Fax

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Although dated this covers the goods for La Madre Range, Mount Charleston, Mount Potosi, Clark Mountain, VRG and much more. Detailed topos and action photos throughout