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Ivan Szlngwcz V10
Duke Lettieri V10
Bobby Dalbeez V10
Josh Lowy V10
codebrooks V10
Kyle Queener V7

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Andy Liu
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michael rowell
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Christian Cota
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Jason Akua Makana Petty
Nick Collins
Rich Liang
Will Tam
Kyle Love
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Reese Stanley

Ticks 11

Troy Fauteux Jan 20, 2018 · 3rd session 3rd go. One of the best V10's in Bishop. Such a heroic all points off dyno!
codebrooks Jan 7, 2018
Marco Giacomangeli Dec 26, 2017 · Lead / Redpoint.
Josh Lowy Dec 22, 2017
Jason Akua Makana Petty Nov 21, 2017 · 5 falls...that jump move is gonna be real hard...
Bobby Dalbeez Nov 18, 2017 · Amazing!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Patridge Jan 1, 2017
Ivan Szlngwcz Mar 1, 2016
Kyle Queener Nov 20, 2015 · Flash
Michael Day! Feb 15, 2014 · Few Burns. Almost set up for the big move to the top. No Send.
Jared Brown Mar 24, 2008