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GunksApp Trapps Guide

FEATURED: GunksApp: Trapps Routes

GunksApps: Fracchia, Igoe, Salo, Chervenak

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Both IOS and Android versions are available.

Dick Williams' new Trapps guidebook.

FEATURED: The Climber's Guide to the Shawangunks: The Trapps

Dick Williams, Vulgarian Press, 2004.

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A new comprehensive edition of Williams' Trapps guidebook. Includes detailed route descriptions, photos of the routes, drawings showing access trails, quality ratings and protection grades.

Bonus material includes: detailed history section, geology, new descriptions, new ratings, new variations, link-ups, rappel stations, and new routes.

The definitive guide to The Trapps; referred to by Gunks locals as the "Grey Dick".

New York : The Gunks




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The Gunks Apps are a phone app available for Android and IOS.
You can purchase separate licenses for content to Trapps Routes, Nears Routes, Trapps Bouldering, Nears Bouldering, and Peterskill Bouldering ... and areas across the country.

Each guidebook includes route details, a tick list, filtering, and GPS/compass navigation.
Each route has a high-res base photo, high-res aerial topo and/or maps, and pitch-by-pitch description including descent info.
Search the list by grade, protection, ticked status, or stars.
Unlike print books, the apps are kept up-to-date with new climbs, photos, closures, and condition information.

Greene / Russo Bouldering Guide

Bouldering in the Shawangunks

Ivan A Greene and Marc E Russo, Jefe Publication, 2003.

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A complete bouldering guide

Todd Swain's Gunks Guide.

The Gunks Guide, Third Edition

Todd Swain, Chockstone Press, 1995.

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Swain's all-inclusive guide to The Trapps, Near Trapps, Sky Top, and Millbrook. Route descriptions, photos, quality ratings, and protection ratings. Not as detailed as Williams' guides, but has everything in one volume.

Be aware that the Swain guide, especially, is regularly inaccurate in its route descriptions. Visitors, and even locals, who attempt to navigate via this guide frequently "get Swained". That said, it's extremely convenient to have all the routes for ALL the Gunks areas in a single volume; it's up to the climber as to what they want to carry.

New York

An Ice Climber's Guide to Southern New England and Eastern New York by Todd Swain. Published September 2020.

FEATURED: An Ice Climber's Guide to Southern New England and Eastern New York

Author: Todd Swain/ Publisher: K. Daniels & Associates/ Date Published: September 2020

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This guidebook covers 200 ice climbing areas in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern Maine, southern New Hampshire, southern Vermont and eastern New York.