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The 1.6 mile Twin Pinnacles Trail starts beside the Visitor Center and meanders past Little Pinnacle and Big Pinnacle, with incredible views from the highest points in the park, before looping back and returning to the Visitors Center. Grab a Twin Pinnacles visitors guide at the Visitors Center to learn a little history and about the plants and animals that inhabit this area.

While there are many small blocks and fun craggy sections here, please tread lightly and respect the flora and fauna. The boulders along the trail are mainly chossy, and what blocks are not chossy will surely covered in beautiful mossy patches, lichens, and plants. Visitors and park employees would like it to stay this way.

If you are going to scramble around, please do so carefully! Some sections of the pinnacles have a few fun, easy climbs on the exposed weathered stone. Enjoy the area, and for more avid climbing pursuits, please opt to head downhill from the same parking area to the wonderful boulderfields of the LRT.

We have opted not to list any specific climbing here to avoid further impact.

Getting There

After entering the park, follow the signs to the Visitor Center, marked "VC" on the signs, approximately 4 miles to the top of Haw Orchard Mountain...this is the same parking for the Listening Rock Trail. Follow the steps and walkway up to the Visitors Center, where the well marked trailhead is located to the left of the building. To get to the Little Pinnacle area, turn left at the loop junction at .1 miles and follow another .3 miles to the beautiful views.

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Aaron Parlier
Boone, NC
Aaron Parlier   Boone, NC  
The Twin Pinn area/trails are amazing for hiking and light climbing, but the quality of rock just isn’t there when faced with the decision to hike there, or down to the amazing LRT boulders from the exact same parking lot. The oppinion on bouldering here has changed significantly since 2011. I should really update the thread and description here, so thanks for bringing this to light. I would stress avoiding brushing or cleaning anything right on the trail or loop. The impact to the flora and fauna would be great, and the bouldering overall would not be. These trails are also a park naturalist favorite for guided hikes and kids educational plant programs. While yes, there might be a handful of fun climbs scattered about (I have hiked throughout every ridge and ravine of the Twin Pinnacles and there are a few cool things) and even a few classics hidden off trail, we have avoided listing any real climbing along the TP trail and loop for these reasons. With access to over 1000 much higher quality boulder problems elsewhere, it isn’t worth if for rock quality and the impact that would be had along the TP trail. I would recommend the Upchurch trail if you really want to clean and climb something new (and chalk isn’t a very good benchmark for whether a climb in “new” or not, but I would gladly point you to something new). Sorry if this is a bummer. Feel free to message me for a topo and description of Upchurch. You would be psyched to see those blocks.
Aug 3, 2015
Winston-Salem, NC
Benandstuff   Winston-Salem, NC
Any status update on the boulder development along the trail? The little pinnacle and massie gap walls were mostly clean (except for the landings), but a bit underwhelming. On the other hand the great looking routes we saw on the loop trail were covered in moss and dirt. I didn't even bother looking around the big pinnacle area for routes because of the dense rhododendrons around the base of the rocky outcroppings. It looked like there were a lot of boulders around though.

I didn't see any chalk.

Apologies if I sound impatient but understand my excitement; this hike is wonderfully pretty, convenient, shaded and has a wonderful climate (highlands temps and humidity without the sun or high winds). I would love to do some guided, concentrated bouldering here some day. Aug 3, 2015
Aaron Parlier
Boone, NC
Aaron Parlier   Boone, NC  
Brad: Sorry I missed you guys out there... But Im happy you got to check out this area for sure. I would agree with calling this as a "beginners spot", but its an amazing place to visit and a crashpad makes it even better. The ecosystem is different and the views are magnificent. Even though some of the faces are less quality than whats found in the rest of the park I would recommend it for the whole experience.
I probably wont include this in the first edition guide, but the second will have it for sure. And there are some hidden gyms up there that are pretty high quality too:) Jul 7, 2011

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