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Diamondback, Wall of the Nineties.
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Jul 25, 2008
Diamondback, Wall of the Nineties.  
Mainly because Western Diamondbacks aren't indigenous to this area and the picture has the markings indicative of a Prairie which are common in our area; also gets called Western or Prairie Western (Crotalus viridis).

The Western Diamondback (Crotalus atrox), you won't see those in CCC unless someone brings it there; and it probably won't make it for very long. The diamond markings are more defined, and, though Diamondbacks have a patternless species, you don't get those brilliant contrasting blotches of the Prairie. Both can have the ringed tail markings.

Anyway, there's never a Felis catus around when you need one. Apr 15, 2009
Kaner   Eagle
Thanks for the clarification Cory. How can you tell? Mar 18, 2009
Cory Tanner
Cory Tanner   Murfreesboro,Tn.
That is actually a Prairie Rattle snake. Not that it matters much, It is still venomous. And mean! I use to have Diamondbacks and Prairie's and the Prairies were just nasty mean. Feb 26, 2009

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