Nice place close to Denver. Mostly boulder problems but some high ball problems that could be top roped. Rock is very rough in some places but the farther down the hill you go the better it gets. Be sure you visit the Barbwire Boulder where there are 4 killer routes. Be sure to brush chalk off so those who go to see the view and not climb don't have to look at it. Most routes are barely marked so look [closely].

Getting There

To reach Daniels Park from Denver, travel south on I-25 to exit 188 (Castle Pines Parkway), and go west to Daniels Park Road. Turn right (north) and travel 2 miles through the park. One may also go south on Santa Fe Drive through Sedalia and turn left onto Daniels Park Road. The main parking lot has the majority of the problems. Go down the cliffs and you will find some high ball problems. Going farther down the hill you will find Barbwire Boulder (wraped with old barbwire fence). There are other places yet undiscovered here so do some exploring.

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Jeremy Monahan
Fort Fun, CO
Jeremy Monahan   Fort Fun, CO
Great Area! Keep the impact low. I still don't know if climbing is even allowed here. Watch out for people at night. Also, the park closes at 11 PM and the cops enforce it because of the teenagers that come to party. I realize i am a teenager, but I don't have to trash a place to party. There are broken bottles and cans everywhere, so watch out. Also, some jackass kids spraypainted all over the big cliff. There is another badass problem on a big boulder about 50 feet below the big cliff. It starts on a sloper and tops out. Multiple pads and good spotters are required, as the landing sucks and bushes are waiting to grab you. Awesome area, just keep it clean because we are the locals here. Apr 16, 2003
This place is a complete pile. I am not sure what manner of desperate disillusionment you are suffering from, but you need to check out some real bouldering if you think that this is even a semblence of climbing. See FRB for more commentary. Apr 17, 2003
When places like this pop up, they can only help alleviate crowding at the popular places so I wouldn't complain too much about people being excited (and wouldn't tell people to stop going there). Apr 17, 2003
Jeremy Monahan
Fort Fun, CO
Jeremy Monahan   Fort Fun, CO
Dude, chill out, AC. This is 10 minutes from our houses and its better than climbing in the gym. No one forced you to go to this place. It is climbing outdoors, and that is all that matters. I would rather go here on a week day than drive 45 minutes to an hour to go to boulder and put up with people like you. It is quiet, and there are some decent climbs if you look. Barb wire boulder is pretty nice if you look for chalk. It may not be the cleanest place ever, but I would not consider boulder crags spotless. There is a lot of trash at Flagstaff. I have gotten shit before for putting up BS places, but I will continue to put up climbing I consider decent because I bet someone out there will agree with me. Also, grow some balls and post under your name. Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of grouches, who have no name, bitching about climbing. I think we should all just stop complaining and go climb a damn rock! Apr 19, 2003
The thing about Daniels Park is that you have to look hard to find the good stuff. Visiting only the parking lot with the picnic shelter will may make you want to never come back. If you visit some of the other parking lots there are areas that look better and undeveloped. It is unfortanate that it is so trashed but that is due to it being the local place to drink. On many occasions I have gone up there after school with Jeremy. It is a great place for an that. It is defently not worth the drive if you live in Denver. But I live 10 minutes and it is worth the drive. Apr 20, 2003
Paul Hassett
Aurora CO
Paul Hassett   Aurora CO
I will post under my name (aforementioned AC - see above strings). I, and at least one other person have checked this place out, and as I posted on FRB message board, this place is a complete and utter pile of crap.

To rephrase my posting on FRB, the rock is "pre-Castlewood", in that it could have been cool had it formed properly. It has the trademark pebbles, slopers, and slots, but this should be put into the context of extremely sharp and crumbly rock. This, coupled with the enormous amount of broken glass, trash, drug testing vials, and who know what else, make this place less than desirable.

To be perfectly frank, if you live 10 minutes from this place, I would drive the extra 5-10 minutes more to go climb at Morrison, or the extra 15 to go to Castlewood. As far as the problems, ratings, and quality of the routes is concerned, I did not see anything out there that would be harder than V1 at best. If there are any three star problems of merit, they must have been carried away by the handful by the first ascent parties. Regarding potential, I have no idea what you are speaking of. I wandered around the brush for a good 45 minutes plus, and never saw any signs of much more than what we have already described, sans the excess of broken bottles.

I appreciate the pioneering spirit, and divulging "hidden" areas with the community, but if you are going to post about areas at least make sure they are worth going to, as this place is obviously not (unless you are underage and are looking for a place to drink cheap beer and feel up your girlfriend - once again, watch out for that glass as it would be hard to explain to the ER). Apr 24, 2003
A forest fire broke out at Daniels Park on 10/29/03. The entire park is pretty much burned to a crisp. Nov 6, 2003