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Shared By: Dennis Horning on Jul 10, 2011
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Getting There

Road Closures:

call 307 326 5258 for latest info::: From the Forest Service...

This summer(2014) the Forest Service will be clearing dead trees along the road shoulders in sections of the French Creek Road 225 & Rd 227. The zone they are currently working will have no public entry until that zone is finished. To find out whether your route of travel is currently open either call 307 326 5258 (the Brush Creek Ranger Station) or from the webfs.usda.gov/mbr and View information about road/area closures and delayed openings[too vague].

The other normal alternative was to take French Creek Road FS 500 (all gravel) west from Albany, WY because it had no scheduled clearing/closure earlier this month but it is now closed for serious downfalls.

To get to Albany, WY take a left at jct 11 at MM 21.62 off highway 130 west of Laramie. Drive thru Albany onto FS 500 (French Creek Road). After some dozen miles? you will meet the open other end of FS 225. Follow 225 north for few miles and park at the bridge on South French Creek.

Brush Creek Road Alternative -- The Brush Creek Road leaves highway 130 southward about 7.75 mi. west of the Ryan Park turnoff which is in the forest land about 4.67 mi west of the FS 227 exit(near mm 49). From WY 230 the road is about 7 miles east on WY 130. The turnoff is on a grassy ridge/hilltop. After driving about 7.5 mile south and crossing the North Platte River take a left on French Creek Road FS 660 which shortly goes part way around Bennett Peak and then crosses the North Platte River. At the French Creek Campground take a left onto FS 206 and drive until meeting FS 225. Take a right on FS 225 and stay on it until reaching the trail head/parking across the the South French Creek Bridge. See the map photo Roads leading to 4 Stories from the West

The other end of the Brush Creek Road is picked up at a turnoff on WY 230 about 4.1 miles east of Riverside, WY. Initially the gravel road heads north from the highway and then goes eastward and in in a few miles meets FS 660 and then follows the route described above.

Regular Way(may be closed): Take highway 130 west of Laramie, WY for 52 miles, turn left(south, just west of MM 49) on Forest Rd 227 for 4 miles and then left on Forest Rd 225 (French Creek Road) for 8 miles. Cross the bridge on South French Creek and park on the left adjacent to the creek. The 250 Ft cliff is visible from here when looking upstream to the right side. The approach trail begins 80 ft SW of the bridge. Follow it South 100 yards on a flat and soon meet a closed logging road. Go left on this shelf/logging road for 300 yards. When below the rock face take a trail uphill south that begins at an obvious black boulder. This trail ends at the 1st story or face of a set of four.


The weather forecast shown above is not very accurate for this area --far too hot. See NOAA link below and subtract 6 degrees from daily high. Cool air draining from the Medicine Bow Peak (12,000 ft) into South French Creek Canyon makes this north facing glacial canyon wall the coolest sport climbing wall in WY during the summer. Come here if you like continually difficult climbs near the level they are rated. The climbing area and trail lie entirely on public (Forest Service)land. The climbing is all Sport Climbing on near vertical and overhanging marble. All routes are north facing--cool. The season is late Spring thru Labor Day with temps 58 - 74. The climbs range from 5.4 to 5.12 and are 50 to 80 ft long.

Safety: Safety trumps Leaving No Trace in this Area. You will find hangers on bolts.

Camping: This is Wyoming. Sleep wherever you dam-well please. The nearest FS campground is 5 miles downstream on French Creek.

Main Problem: "The area seldom gets warm enough for women climbers to take off much clothing", Woody Barmore.

The 4 Stories Rock outcrop (250 ft) consists of four overhanging marble (meta dolomite) faces(each 50-60 ft.) that stack offset-wise on top of each other with sloping grassy horizontal like ledges between each face. From a frontal view looking south this rock cliff has a triangular to trapezoidal shape with each higher story or face shorter in length than the lower one. The climbs of each face or level end below the sloping grassy ledge above. Hence the name 4 Stories. All the climb tops are equipped with Ramhorn open cold shuts.

At 4 Stories an area of routes consists of the climbs on a given story. The first area presented is Story One-The Blue Marble Face. It has 36 climbs.

NOAA Grid Point Forecast

37 Total Climbs

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Classic Climbing Routes at 4 Stories Snowy Range Sport Climbing Area

Mountain Project's determination of the classic, most popular, highest rated climbing routes in this area.
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Brent Kertzman
Black Hills, SD
Brent Kertzman   Black Hills, SD
Dingus, It's sweet that you're revealing some secrets! Letting the cat out the bag in hopes of luring Colorado sporto hotties as you've exhausted all of your Laramie options?

We need too come down and climb there next month then ride mtbs at Gowdy. Jul 12, 2011
Thanks Dingus, can't wait to go back! Jul 12, 2011
There are "zeros" by all of the walls in the listing. how about adding the routes. Aug 31, 2011
Allen Simons,

Please find a photo sheet in each area that is a list of routes/difficulty and sometimes a topo. Most people can make this work when they arrive at the area. If you are looking for points feel free to write a route description (story) for each route and thus conform to the format you seem to expect? Sep 7, 2011
Rich Connors
Salt Lake City, UT
Rich Connors   Salt Lake City, UT
The beta sketches are great, but I'm wondering if this area is described in any local guidebook? May 14, 2013
Laramie, WY
Petsfed   Laramie, WY
No. If Dingus is still developing it, then he and (I assume) Zach have not yet reached the point where a worthwhile book could be attempted. May 14, 2013
R Connors,

so far no guidebook. As of last summer the Blue Marble Wall gained 6 new routes. L to R. I do not know the names of any but ratings are as follows: 10b Woody Barmore, 12b S. Babits , 12c Griffin, 12c Griffin, 10b Barmore, & a 5.3 Nolan Babits. These routes are dispersed along the eastern half of the 1st Story.

Also Story 3 has 6 new routes. L to R with ratings: 10c Mc Gee, 11a Mc Gee, 11b/c Mc Gee, 11c/d Mc Gee, 11a/b Mc Gee, 11c/d Archer. May 16, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO
sandrock   Colorado Springs, CO
would you or anyone be able to provide some sketchs of the upper stories? The ones for the first are great. I'm heading out to the snowy range in a few weeks and would love to have some beta before hand.


  • Edit*
sorry, my bad. looks like you have some nice info for the two three wall. If you could add some ratings for the other walls that would be great! Jul 10, 2013

Please find under story 3 some more info about the climbs on the 3 wall. The first 5 climbs are next to each and it is easy to see their features. Jul 12, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO
sandrock   Colorado Springs, CO
Thanks Dennis! Jul 12, 2013
. . . CO
nruea   . . . CO
Did you all actually spray-paint rocks to mark the trail? Dec 21, 2013
Yucca Valley, CA
Locker   Yucca Valley, CA
"Main Problem: The area seldom gets warm enough for women climbers to take off much clothing."

Well shoot! That sucks! Jan 10, 2014
Just so you all know this is hardly a newly discovered climbing area! Traditional ground up and top roped routes on some of the lower formations have now been retro-bolted (convenience bolted) and the area, rock formations and routes have been renamed without prior consulting first ascent party's or local Platte Valley climbers, to my knowledge? Oct 24, 2014

You sound like a genuine trolling wind bag. It is interesting to see you just joined this internet show on Sept 30, 2014 and have 1 point to your name.

How about some real climbers names, dates, location, pictures & descriptions?

Do you have any standing with your comment of such shallow substance?

You say, local Platte Valley climbers. Some of these sport routes were put up by Woody Barmore then of Walcott Junction and his domocile location is no doubt of the local Platte Valley you are referring to. So, how about some names from you so we will all have more specifics on the issues you are whining about?

...have now been retro-bolted begs the question in that you say, without prior consulting first ascent party's [route naming]. Perhaps you could learn of my trad climbs in that area before you spout. I have had and do have some gear placing skills and as of yesterday could still lead ground up.

The real question is: Where did you get what you call "to my knowledge."

Just so you all know this is hardly a newly discovered climbing area!

Just to let you know this area was rap bolted, discovered if you will, some time before Jeb the whiner noticed it and my posting of this area is quite recent in it's life that now bears some 60 sport routes. He seems to think his mere whining tells the story and his domain equals the claims of the Conquistador's extent .

Please Rollingrock, present your case I'd love to hear the details. You know the naming of the Formations, TR problems and of course the trad lines. Oct 27, 2014
Jesse James
Knoxville, TN
Jesse James   Knoxville, TN
Kudos to the developers for the great work on this crag! The access trail, thoughtful bolting, and lowering hooks make it a really neat place to visit. Didn't do any of the routes off the upper ledges, but they look great.

Still some loose holds around, so best to wear a helmet. Maybe these will clean up over time, or maybe its just the nature of the rock. Jun 1, 2015
Finally, a personal email from Rollingrock: How about you prove to me! I called, show your cards.

Horning replies:

This isn't poker dude. But for the record I called you first. Can you remember?

From Rollingrock: No I put a post on forum saying that you weren't the first to climb here. That's the call ! I called you out ! So you going to sit there and and not tell when you first claimed there? You going to tell me you climbed all those routes without bolts, say back in the day? I've got a 50/50 chance of being wrong but so do you. But I feel confident your the new guy here.


I presume you really have a legal name? Most people reveal themselves to me when personally emailing me but are you chicken to do so?

Upon stating my starting date you could easily state a starting date a few days earlier. I know this game.

New guy? Old guy:? What is your claim? It looks like you lost the first documentation of having done routes in this area.

If am to continue in this discussion, my words and your words will be posted in this forum under 4 Stories.

Let's hear. Which ones were the TRAD LINES? Some substance, please.

Otherwise, a 50/50 chance is a pretty weak argument for whatever point you are trying to advance. How about some 90/10?

Dennis Horning Jul 11, 2015
From Rollingrock's words, You going to tell me you climbed all those routes without bolts, say back in the day?

I get the feeling he (Rollingrock) thinks climbing these routes without bolts is somewhat unlikely? When I first visited the 4 Stories Cliff there were no bolts and a lot of loose rock.

I will apply Rollingrock's line of thinking that he applied to me but ask him, "You['re] going to tell me you climbed all those routes without bolts, say back in the day? " Jul 15, 2015
um yeah who are you talking to here? your fans? trying to get the ball rolling against me? I see they are all just writing in droves to tell me what that it's not o.k. to post on here and inform everyone that this area was already an established climbing area? thanks for informing on how to play the game you've never put down the dates on here claiming when you first climbed here. So I guess that way you can just say you climbed it before my dates, thanks for the lesson. I am not claiming to be the first to climb here but I remember it when there were no bolts there. I do know who I believe to have climbed there first and people after them. Not all of them have been informed and i'm not sure you are going to want them to find out. So I haven't put out there names because like me iI don't know if they want there names plastered on the internet. I sent you a private email and you couldn't keep it private. You can not be trusted. My original post followed guidelines 1 through 3 I broke no rules, used no bold lettering, did not name call or attack. I have every wright to just sign up and post on here without posting my name or how many points I have. You ripped on me and people I know. Pissing of the locals is not going to win you any favors here. The people that climbed here before you are not part of the internet show at least one of them? They might have the documentation you so seem to demand and if they do and your wrong you going to come over here and remove those bolts? My next post will be to the general public not to you. Any more discussion with you will be in not as nice. Oct 5, 2015
ryan laird
Denver, CO
ryan laird   Denver, CO

Your statements and accusations are baseless and without merit. You are acting like a coward by posting anonymously and without providing substance. Have fun trolling the internet.

Thanks to the route developers who put up the sport climbing at 4 Stories. Keep 'em coming. Oct 14, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO
sandrock   Colorado Springs, CO
Great area and awesome climbing! Oct 23, 2015
Scott Hunt
Golden, CO
Scott Hunt   Golden, CO
Excellent crag. There were a pair of raptors(?) nesting on one of the ledges midway up the 2-3 wall that were making a lot of noise over the weekend. We stayed below on the Blue. Jun 20, 2016