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David Kish
Dec 26, 2019
Beta: View Comment
David Kish
Dec 26, 2019
Beta: View Comment
David Kish
Dec 26, 2019
Beta: or View Comment
Preston Oakes
Jan 15, 2019
As a crack boi stuck in BR climbing slab, I prefer to take this crack with no placing the hands or feet out… View Comment
Jordan Mitchell
Dec 18, 2013
This is an excellent problem. Some pull, some balancy moves, high smear, committing top out. It's got it… View Comment
Greg Berry
Sep 16, 2013
Not a one move wonder. Good problem. Fair at V3. View Comment
Feb 16, 2013
The problem is a one move wonder and probably doesn't deserve a V3+. View Comment
ClassiCityCreeper Adams
Nov 2, 2012
Far Left Problem all the way to Fire Woman. Vulcan Grip, Gaping Crack, Tits ( V1-), Mantle in the Sky… View Comment
ClassiCityCreeper Adams
Oct 9, 2012
Wouldn't really call it a "one move wonder" per say .... Start left on crimpers in the crack, trend right a… View Comment
Nov 19, 2009
This one is a one move wonder but deserves four stars. Use the sloping slot as an under cling or crimp to g… View Comment
Joey Wolfe
Feb 11, 2009
I believe what i was calling tits is in fact 'underfling'. View Comment
Feb 6, 2009
whats tits, from gaping crack to the right you have spiderman, then high henry, then mantle in the sky and… View Comment
Joey Wolfe
Jan 21, 2009
you would know better than I. Also, when some one showed me 'tits' they told me it was a v3, i down rated i… View Comment
Jeff Mekolites
Jan 20, 2009
It is left of "Mantle in the Sky", has crimpy holds to smear up to, then a crimpy rail/seem/crack at the to… View Comment
Joey Wolfe
Jan 17, 2009
Jeff, is this the same thing as the problem 'tits', between gaping crack and mantel in the sky? View Comment
Joey Wolfe
Jan 3, 2008
Yeah, I heard from a few guys that it is called Tits V0, I think it is a little harder than that though. Wh… View Comment
Justin Dansby
Jan 2, 2008
Also, anyone know the name of the new problem to the left. Seems to be in the V6-7 range. And is the one… View Comment