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Bobby Wheat
Jan 17, 2024
Started low on the slope-y feature and jammed the leg as far up and in as possible. Two variations both th… View Comment
Elle Delesky
Jan 5, 2024
my understanding of the beta View Comment
jisu hong
Nov 21, 2023… View Comment
Ryan A
Oct 9, 2023
not FA's (not even the run and jump style) cmon guys its the first boulder in kraft View Comment
Bryan K
Oct 8, 2023
Hi Raymond. Since you and Sam both posted "FA's", I figured I'd post the same thing I said for his submiss… View Comment
Bryan K
Oct 8, 2023
Sorry to burst your bubble Sam but it's a dubious claim to say you did an FA on these. People have been cl… View Comment
Sam Rubenking
Oct 8, 2023
Beta… View Comment
Sam Rubenking
Oct 8, 2023
Great warm-up dyno… View Comment
Raymond Chaing
Oct 7, 2023
Beta video… View Comment
Justin Montgomery
Mar 11, 2023
A play on girdle traverse, a eureka moment dawns in bright smiles when abundant holds leads to fun climbing… View Comment
Donny Crabill
Aug 25, 2022 View Comment
Paul Ahnn
Dec 12, 2021
Pretty tough with the low start - establishing/first move were pretty tough for v3 then the rest was alright View Comment
Eithan Maler
Nov 8, 2021
Route is still do-able, I would say it is probably a harder v2 or easy v3. The crux is holding on with your… View Comment
Eric Swanson
Mar 25, 2021
Is there a problem that traverses all the way around the boulder? Was messing around on it and it could go,… View Comment
Ales Kobrle
Apr 3, 2020
Hard V3-4 for taller people with long legs, if you stay really low on the rail avoiding better holds higher… View Comment
Eric R
Jan 27, 2020
Makes sense hearing that the right crimp broke a little, because moving off that one is hard as hell View Comment
Elizabeth Took
Feb 28, 2018
The right crimp broke a bit February 21, 2018. Sorry world. View Comment
Cody McAndrew
Feb 20, 2018
Much more enjoyable to skip the crimp rail, IMHO. We kept hands low-there is a positive sloper/jug for the… View Comment
Andre H.
Nov 28, 2016
Got lost trying to find this; directions unclear. View Comment
Kristen Fiore
Mar 14, 2015
It really is a mystery how photos like this make it to the front page of MP... sigh* View Comment
Clint Walker ATX
Apr 8, 2013
V3 variation: Start with left hand on circular crimp and right hand slightly higher on the other logical cr… View Comment
Edward Pyune
Mar 11, 2013
Staying high is V1. Using the crimpy rail for your hands is V2-3 View Comment
Jan 6, 2011
Tom Moulin's guide referrers to this and the boulder to the left as The Black Warm-Up Boulders. View Comment
Oct 29, 2008
Sit start on the bottom left of the face, use the arete, then move across, following the obvious flakes dia… View Comment
Oct 29, 2008
These are roughly the hands that will get you across the face. Improvise on the feet. View Comment

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