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Iain McCrory
Apr 23, 2018
Who changed this to 10c? No way the bottom 5 or 6 bolts would go at that at crazy horse View Comment
Thue Madsen
Dec 11, 2017
I found 11 bolts and no threads on the first pitch. Really fun route. View Comment
Thue Madsen
Dec 11, 2017
I agree that it is easier than Sideshow. It also has 11 bolts now and no threads. View Comment
Tyler Wellman
Jan 9, 2017
In contrast to the above description, I thought the first few clips were easy, then the slabby black rock h… View Comment
Apr 4, 2014
Old beta on this. This route doesn't share bolts. Also, easier than Sideshow, the ratings should be switche… View Comment
Apr 4, 2014
A good one to improve balance moves at this grade. Moves that make you think around the 3rd-4th bolts. Very… View Comment
Apr 4, 2014
I just discovered this route after doing most of the other routes at the Furnace over the last few months.… View Comment
Dean Kure
Mar 5, 2012
there is a new route to the left of the rightmost route. it goes at 5.11b-ish. fantastic! 30 meters, 14… View Comment

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