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Aug 3, 2018
Never can be too safe.... View Comment
Don Morris
May 24, 2018
Twenty feet up a block is loose. I chalked it with double Xs. View Comment
Josh Levell
Apr 9, 2018
The starting slab section of this climb offers one small nut (not too bad) for pro if you want it. The gear… View Comment
Jake Web
Jun 4, 2017
There is a roof flaky thing that is very loose, I placed a 0.3 cam underneath it, and the whole entire flak… View Comment
Marlee Peters
Nov 8, 2016
The shelf is loose. Please be careful! View Comment
Jay Eggleston
Oct 22, 2013
It seems easiest to go left of the bolts. View Comment
Jay Eggleston
Sep 27, 2013
This would be a good climb for someone just breaking into the grade. There are good rests between the few… View Comment
Alex A
Aug 8, 2013
FYI, this is not a new route, climbed it along time ago, and I don't think if was FA then. View Comment
Jul 25, 2012
As it says above, there is a loose block just below the overhang. There is also a loose flake about halfway… View Comment
Kevin Gillest
Jun 11, 2012
Metolius #0 (purple) protects the move past the 2nd pin. View Comment
Jay Samuelson
Nov 27, 2011
Hey Phill, did you notice Prestige Worldwide Wall? There's a couple of fun routes up there to be done, abou… View Comment
Phill T
Nov 27, 2011
Great little rock, if there were more routes in the vicinity these would very popular. View Comment
Rob Westfall
Mar 23, 2010
Lots of loose stuff on the hike up there. Ill advised spot for canines - but Hankdog got out unscathed. View Comment
Doug Redosh
Dec 18, 2009
Near the solstice, the bottom of the rock is in the shade, and therefore cold! View Comment
Leo Paik
Dec 18, 2009
After clipping bolt #4, you can go left (long reach) or right with a hold or two near the arete (less reach… View Comment