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Oct 1, 2011
location - N43.03617˚ W090.08337˚ View Comment
Oct 1, 2011
401 Parking Lot - N43.03452˚ W090.09017˚ 401 Boulder - N43.033610˚ W090.08340˚ View Comment
Sep 28, 2009
you should have probably used the toe hook here View Comment
Sep 27, 2009
With some new beta found this goes a little easier than first thought. View Comment
Apr 18, 2009
damn, how excited were you to see this!? looks great. View Comment
Apr 18, 2009
Yea! Awesome work on the new lines Remo. Good day gov. boulder looks sweet! View Comment
Tony Brengosz
Apr 11, 2009
You can walk straight up the trail that start across from the further driveway, and it meets up with the ho… View Comment