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Ashley Swenson
Feb 24, 2019 View Comment
Apr 2, 2017
This is more like v1+ View Comment
Oct 27, 2016
*eye roll at Benji* View Comment
Benjamin Chapman
Dec 24, 2015
Indeed, that little black item in the top left corner is annoying and the exposure is rather dark.. Nice pi… View Comment
James Cranston
Apr 24, 2015
Getting off the ground was pretty hard. Committing if you want to go to the top. View Comment
karl schmidt
Apr 1, 2014
To make a fun variation, start with a yabo sit start. Turns it into a V0+/V1 climb. Fun stuff View Comment
Mar 23, 2014
<3 View Comment
Mar 23, 2014
..there's a secret gripper to the Str8-Up instead of traversing left to the good footholds and arete..é. View Comment
Will S
Dec 7, 2011
Cruxy greasy and glassy smears off the ground to a committing move at the top. Great line, but the climbing… View Comment
Max Johnson
Dec 5, 2009
Thats awesome! The little black thing in the corner bugs me though... but i'm kinda a perfectionist when it… View Comment
Tavis Ricksecker
Jul 11, 2007
Beauty... View Comment