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Mike Roberts
Oct 1, 2020
Pitch 5 confused me, it's labelled as 40m, but I hadn't even got to the mid point on my 70m rope. I was a b… View Comment
John Serj
Oct 1, 2020
Fun route but when it says the first 5.7 pitch is very sustained it means it. Found it particularly awkward… View Comment
Katie Church
Sep 17, 2018
My partner, Myles, and I climbed this route in early August. In spite of our experience and the seemingly-d… View Comment
Brice Pollock
Jul 14, 2017
Tried to approach the lower slabs to add a couple more pitches to the day using the Banff Rock description.… View Comment
Jul 6, 2016
Amazing climb, don't approach from the ski area... View Comment