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Harry Harpham
Dec 31, 2020
Josef: follow the instructions for The Palace. After crossing the river, follow the well-traveled trail, wi… View Comment
Josef Lovin
Dec 30, 2020
How do you even get here? Asking for a friend who is local and for sure deserves the beta. View Comment
John L
Dec 22, 2020
The anchors have been fitted with durable lower-off hardware courtesy of the Northern Colorado Climbing Coa… View Comment
Aug 9, 2020
This is a cool feature! View Comment
Teli Stathopulos
Jul 21, 2019
Getting to this route requires crossing the river. This can be considerably difficult if the runoff is high. View Comment
Tim K
Nov 21, 2017
What a cool route! Good movement, well-protected and what a summit, felt 10a/b. Get on this thing! View Comment
Conor O
Jan 6, 2017
Very well-protected, amazing views, the crux is at a hard clipping spot. I thought this was 5.10b for sure… View Comment
Clayton MacBride
Dec 22, 2016
Tavis, you are correct the post processing needs work, and I appreciate your opinion. This was my first eve… View Comment
grog m
Oct 21, 2016
Tavis, this isn't community college art/photography 101. Cool picture. View Comment
Clayton MacBride
Apr 16, 2016
Thanks, Ben. View Comment
Apr 8, 2016… View Comment
Apr 7, 2016
Is there an established route on the other tower in the background? View Comment
Guy H.
Oct 15, 2015
This is Hantavirus (5.10d) around the corner on the right. Fun climb with cool finish.... View Comment
Ben Scott
Sep 17, 2015
Classic. Nice pic. View Comment
Cale Farnham
Sep 29, 2008
Great route and sweet moves! Scotty, great lead, man! Thought the view was amazing! 2 thumbs up! View Comment
Scott Matz
Sep 29, 2008
Great views of all The Palace. Maybe a 10b. View Comment
mattnorville Norv
Nov 1, 2007
The Scepter is a fun route with plenty of protection. All falls look fairly clean (I say "look" because I… View Comment
Brett Stiefken
Aug 3, 2007
As is common up the Poudre, some new routes follow what where old routes, and I've been told the right face… View Comment
Spencer Anderson
Apr 21, 2007
Did this route for the first time today and noticed that it had bolts on the right face (east). Did seem li… View Comment