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Hobo Greg
Mar 30, 2019
This shot embodies what climbing is all about!! View Comment
abandon moderation
Oct 3, 2018
I climbed it from Right to Left (consolation prize for too many climbers on Oz) We decided to top out on… View Comment
Karl K
Aug 13, 2018
This is a quality climb for those looking for the grade or easier. Pitches were long - we simulclimbed jus… View Comment
Skyline Lau
Jul 12, 2018
This climb should be renamed to "Fern Gully" • Didn't rope up on the 1st pitch. • Can't remember 2nd pitc… View Comment
Mike Womack
Mar 5, 2018
One of the coolest climbing pictures ever right here View Comment
Oct 29, 2017
Only 1 bolt on the last pitch, easier than the previous ...but-- heads up!! View Comment
Backwards Eric
Oct 13, 2017
Here are some coordinates: parking - GPS 37.8689092, -119.4289938 - google maps start at base of left si… View Comment
Josh Lowy
Sep 10, 2017
Outrageous feature which makes for a stellar climb. Finding the start was trickier than expected, after… View Comment
Brianna Chrisman
Aug 28, 2017
To the party (follower was named "Ahnkor") who climbed this ahead of us on 8/26, we have an AMAZI… View Comment
Mike Citellus 1
Jun 9, 2016
It is good to safe some gear to make an anchor at the start of this var. in the crack of On the Lam. Making… View Comment
Anthony H
Sep 29, 2015
Agreed with BruceB and kenr, it definitely needs a 70m to TR/rappel. Although there is always the 3rd class… View Comment
Max Supertramp
Sep 19, 2015
take! View Comment
Freddy Brewster Brewster
Sep 15, 2015
i found a pair of shoes here on friday. Describe them and they are yours View Comment
Jason Albino
Sep 4, 2015
(calling p1 the first traverse pitch, as opposed to the vertical approach from the base of the dome, which… View Comment
Aug 14, 2015
60 meter rope definitely does not make it to the ground for rappelling or top-roping. The two-bolt ancho… View Comment
Aug 14, 2015
Rope length: There's a new bolted route (Silent Shout?) next to Little Sheba to the west, so we thought we'… View Comment
aaron hope
Jul 28, 2015
This was a great knob pinching/crimping climb. Fairly sustained up the steep part to the bulge and then pul… View Comment
Michael Schneiter
Jun 27, 2015
I was pretty sure we were on the third pitch of Five Ten, You Wuss, after climbing Tectonomagmtic. Where I… View Comment
Jun 30, 2014
Great route, more to it than it looks. #2 BD worked for the top. Unless my rope suddenly shrank, I'd say… View Comment
susan peplow
Jun 28, 2013
Actually Josh is using a cinch which would certainly catch Greg should he slide off.... seems unlikely cons… View Comment
Benjamin Chapman
Jun 26, 2013
"Slack," Nick, "Slack!" View Comment
Benjamin Chapman
Jun 26, 2013
And the photographer said to the belayer, "you know he's not on belay when you do that?" View Comment
Benjamin Chapman
Jun 26, 2013
Great shot, Mike. It is a stellar route, but anxiety inducing for the leader and the 2nd. View Comment
Hamik Mukelyan
Nov 9, 2012
I think the rating was fair for Tuolumne slab climbing. Besides, the title says it's 5.10! :-) View Comment
Clayton Knudson
Nov 2, 2012
Super good route for beginners in the 5.10 range. Not because its easy, much more because it isn't but prot… View Comment
Greg Barnes
Aug 27, 2012
What did you think on the rating? The reason I ask is that last year someone told me that they'd broken… View Comment
Colonel Mustard
Jul 9, 2012
I like Slim's story. Yes, this climb looks casual from the base, but it packs a bite. Not only is it longer… View Comment
Morgan Nutting
Jun 16, 2012
So much better to do this route from Right to Left then back Right again. You get to do the Crux pitch twic… View Comment
Colonel Mustard
Aug 3, 2011
Just cool. We were racked for OZ, so I had a lot of easily removable small cams to fire in at the crux for… View Comment
Jul 13, 2011
we did this as the very last route of the day, at the end of 16 days of climbing. we had just a little bit… View Comment
trying hard
Aug 6, 2010
This is such a unique climb. p1. Solo the first pitch of 4th class crack to a small ledge where I woul… View Comment
Chris M
Oct 17, 2009
Good as far as Tuolumne crack clibing goes View Comment
Chris M
Oct 17, 2009
Awesome and unique. Crux is for real with no feet so make sure both parties are solid at the grade. Going… View Comment
L. Hamilton
Aug 19, 2009
Agreed, the "bushy ledge" you should start traversing from (drawn with three little trees on SuperTopo) isn… View Comment
Andy Laakmann
Jul 20, 2009
Wow, what a cool route. We did it left-to-right. Finding the route was pretty straightforward with th… View Comment
mark kerns
Mar 27, 2009
i did this climb from left to right. there are a couple great approach pitches that you can do if you star… View Comment