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joshua crawford
May 13, 2020
Does anyone know where this thing actually is? View Comment
joshua crawford
Oct 1, 2019
If you know more about this route, let me know so we can correct the name and FA. View Comment
Aug 6, 2012
I'd rather land on the pads than those guys:-) View Comment
Jamie Estep
Aug 6, 2012
I think the R is just due to the height. View Comment
Cass GunnyClimber
Aug 5, 2012
The initial crux, getting off the ground into the groove, is technical and more than a V3. Is that what the… View Comment
Mar 27, 2012
That sounds right to me. View Comment
Bradley Mark Edwards
Sep 12, 2011
Thanks for the info. My hope is that folks who know the area like y'all can post all that stuff so folks li… View Comment
May 24, 2010
We used to call that "broken beer bottle rock" for the obvious reasons of what was on top. The move off of… View Comment
May 12, 2009
Wow, Highball indeed! I've done that on toprope, but you guys are pretty bold. Do you boulder Penis Rock? View Comment
May 6, 2006
Hey, Luke, sorry the guide wasn't up to your standards, you try and make one next time. To everyone, it's j… View Comment
Taylor Haring
Nov 7, 2005
I work at All Sport's Replay, and my boss, Andy, gave me a copy of Uknown, the bouldering guide to Hartman'… View Comment
Anonymous Coward
Feb 10, 2005
This problem was done years ago, how could you even think that in an area as chalked as the roof that other… View Comment
Mike Carnes
Feb 10, 2005
I hate to burst your bubble but Courtney Scales and I did this problem in the early nineties before the day… View Comment
Jorge Calhoun
Apr 17, 2005
Luke??? Who put out this guidebook? Ryan C. put one together when he was busy developing out there.… View Comment
Luke Cissell
Sep 20, 2004
The guidebook, I thought as someone who has been climbing at Hartmans for 5+ years was very poor and not re… View Comment
Terry Fisher
Mar 3, 2004
The bouldering guide mentioned above was put on the market by me and a buddy Michael Roper. It can be pick… View Comment
Anonymous Coward
Apr 16, 2005
Hartman's has a lot of potential, but the main turn off for me, is slabby Joshua Tree like rock. You won't… View Comment
Anonymous Coward
Oct 7, 2003
Gunnison locals have informed me of a bouldering guide to Hartman's. I haven't checked it out. I would gues… View Comment
Eddie Bruzdzinski
Sep 2, 2002
The bouldering here has good potential, although a visitor of the area may be better off at some of the dev… View Comment
Terry Fisher
Aug 17, 2002
Hartman's Rocks is located outside of Gunnison, Colorado. Directions to the park can be found at the first… View Comment
Anonymous Coward
Aug 8, 2002
Where is this area located, and what kind of stuff are we talking about? Is this all an undeveloped area wi… View Comment