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William Kramer
Jan 24, 2014
So wished I had read the comments on finding this wall before going up there! We followed the directions ou… View Comment
William Kramer
Jun 20, 2013
Great top rope route! The first 10 feet are tricky, believe I was sticking to the wall with two fingers and… View Comment
Maria Garcia
Jul 11, 2010
This wall is indeed difficult to find. To make the above directions clearer you can reach the wall one of… View Comment
Jul 3, 2010
Since the wall is a little difficult to find, here are the GPS coordinates for the base of the wall: 40° 4… View Comment
Aug 25, 2008
You do go left at the first lake, but we thought it was closer to a 30-35 minute hike up. The hike down wa… View Comment
Aug 16, 2005
You're right, the beta on the book is completely wrong. The book says you turn right well before you get to… View Comment
Jake Richens
Aug 15, 2005
The Uinta rock book had bad beta on this climb, we took the trail that points to scout lake and followed it… View Comment

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