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Benjamin Chapman
Aug 9, 2019
Nice! Love that wing nut. View Comment
Nov 12, 2018
A #5 is nice in a couple spots, and very nice on P1 to get to the 3rd bolt. Anchors all are good. Easy to g… View Comment
Rhett Burroughs
Apr 23, 2018
This is not C1. If this is C1, then King Fisher is A0. View Comment
Peter Lewis
Dec 5, 2017
That's just all see that, right? I wouldn't hang my cat off that....and it's not a big cat. View Comment
Chase Bowman
Sep 11, 2017
There is no way this first pitch will go free.. View Comment
Evan Wisheropp
May 1, 2017
Wild!! View Comment
Corey O.
Apr 24, 2017
We climbed this route on 4/22/17. P1 was no problem but it was hard to find the bolts. There is a piece o… View Comment
Stevie Nacho
Mar 21, 2016
Quite possibly Beyer. I really like the pee streak. The guy cant seem to escape social media. View Comment
Noah McKelvin
Apr 30, 2015
Climbed this with Derek Wolfe earlier this year. Fantastic route. Really enjoyed the first pitch and the ro… View Comment
Steve Anderton
Apr 19, 2015
When we got up to this belay in 92 it had only 3 pins and the remains of some braided yellow hardware store… View Comment
Steve Anderton
Apr 19, 2015
Climbed this with Bill D and Paul M thanksgiving week of 92. We thought the old bolts could use some help s… View Comment
Joe Forrester
Nov 12, 2013
I don't recall needing anything bigger than a #4 View Comment
Joe Forrester
Nov 12, 2013
It is pretty quick, 45 min or less. View Comment
greg miller
Nov 11, 2013
how long does the approach take now that the road is closed? View Comment
Evan Deis
Oct 7, 2013
The book gives this route 5.8 C2+. I didn't lead the first pitch but it seemed, to me, to be pretty damn c… View Comment
Joe Forrester
Sep 27, 2013
Yeah, it is pretty easy to rap down the route. View Comment
Sep 23, 2013
If you were to climb the Flow, do you rap the route? View Comment
Trevor Bowman
Dec 15, 2012
The bulk of P3 is mostly hand/cups with very little wide crack, I really wanted more than just two #2 and #… View Comment
Mar 23, 2012
I have that piton now--sits on the mantle View Comment
anant Asthana
Feb 21, 2012
Does this route have bolted Belay Anchors? View Comment
Feb 20, 2012
What Jeremy said.... 80 ft bolt ladder of rusted crud to muddy 5.4 chimmney. Although the ridge climbing… View Comment
Feb 18, 2012
Two wingnut rivits blew out on Feb. 12th. The first one was passed using a tomahawk in the dimple and the s… View Comment
Kevin Landolt
Apr 4, 2011
Thanks for the insight Crusher - I picked up a copy of your book and it's been a great source of (endless)… View Comment
Joe Forrester
Apr 2, 2011
Crusher, I don't think it has seen too many ascents. Did y'all have the 3/8th in bolts when you were on… View Comment
Steve "Crusher" Bartlett
Apr 2, 2011
"A large sawed off angle blew as I bounce tested it and a scary off-blance swing onto 2 stacked peckers..."… View Comment
Kevin Landolt
Mar 27, 2011
I gave it a drunken half/hearted attempt last fall... I was shut down by a lack of testicular fortitude, an… View Comment
Joe Forrester
Mar 27, 2011
I would say probably less than 5 based on how the rock looked but who knows. View Comment
Joe Forrester
Mar 26, 2011
I didnt see a register up top, and don't remember seeing one after we did The Flow or after I did with Merr… View Comment
Joe Forrester
Mar 25, 2011
Not sure how many ascents this thing has had, anyone want to chime in? View Comment
Bill Grasse
Apr 23, 2010
If you were sketched out with the one sling, why didn't you just re-tie it? just a thought :) View Comment
Dec 1, 2009
Worse View Comment
Andrew Caraballo
Oct 10, 2009
hmmmm sounds similar to gardon of the gods View Comment
Sep 28, 2009
I found that climb to be consistently scary. Anchors that move, holds that move, huge runouts on dirt. Grea… View Comment
Sep 11, 2009
looks solid to me View Comment
Apr 12, 2009
That far right piton is either no longer there or should be pulled. It was wiggling when we used it. Not su… View Comment
Apr 12, 2009
Pffft...piece of cake, right? My first aid lead and it was on a solid 130 feet of quarter-inchers with wing… View Comment