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Adam Fleming
Jul 11, 2019
There's a fixed line on the Left Route belay station as of 7/11/19. I highly recommend using it to get dow… View Comment
Andrew Park
Oct 28, 2018
-Gear: 0, .1, .2, .3, (2) .4, (3) .5, (2).75, #1, (2) #2, #3-6, slings sew it up pretty nicely -Can use a… View Comment
Spencer Weiler
Nov 5, 2017
Pitch 1 was fun and well protected with a short OW section with no big gear needed. Belay anchor was a slu… View Comment
Tofu Brain
Nov 2, 2016
Nice, love the tape holding the hanger down on the far left. View Comment
Nov 2, 2016
BOMBER ^^^^^^ View Comment
cdawg lion
Nov 1, 2016
Lower rap station Status update on the anchors (10/28/16). They held... View Comment
Climber 4
Oct 26, 2015
This is an awesome route! Great variety and fun cruxes. And a super short approach (less than 15 minutes fr… View Comment
Climber 4
Oct 26, 2015
As of Oct 4, 2015 this bolt is still nutless... well, it has a nut made out of climbing tape - bomber! View Comment
Wade Plafcan
May 15, 2013
Awesome route, very interesting climbing for the area especially the 3rd pitch. 2nd pitch felt more cruxy t… View Comment
Nov 17, 2011
Is this some sort of way to poke fun at Lance Armstrong? He had cancer, man. View Comment
Daryl Allan
Sep 15, 2011
God, I love climbing. View Comment
e Dixon
Jun 11, 2011
Agreed that it's surprising how little this quality route gets done. Thought that all pitches offered fun c… View Comment
Sep 3, 2006
If you are not comfortable running it out with hard squeeze chimney-offwidth moves, you may want to bring a… View Comment
Mike Carnes
Apr 25, 2006
This route is really good, and it makes a great afternoon outing around Moab. Considering it's closer to to… View Comment