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Josh Janes
26 mins ago
I agree with Colin. I’ve led this placing the gear (the smallest cams) in the wedged flake (and other poor… View Comment
José Flovin
27 mins ago
Old 5.9+. This was my first-ever attempt at a gear lead years ago. I remember bringing crash pads, making i… View Comment
Michael P
3 hours ago
Clipping the 2nd draw was the crux on this one excellent climb great movement . View Comment
Laurent Perez
4 hours ago
Travail au top , lignes incroyables beaucoup de nouvelles lignes équipées entre 5 et 8a une falaise à décou… View Comment
Charles Yang
5 hours ago
Right kneepad useful View Comment
Minh Lam
8 hours ago
Option of rappeling from top of pitch 2 to beginning ledge (ground) with 70 m rope. Don't forget to tie rop… View Comment
Scott Doering
9 hours ago
Easy climbing above and below the crux but I do believe the crux itself earns the grade. I jammed to get st… View Comment
Brayden L
9 hours ago
Holmes, I grabbed your solutions from under snaked today Wednesday 5/22/24. Message me on here and I can ge… View Comment
Rope Byrne
9 hours ago
Definitely don't forget to bring a 4. There's a spot for a 5 as well but it isn't as imperative. View Comment
Jake Dickerson
10 hours ago
As of 5/22/24 this route has been re-cleaned and is now excellent and very safe. View Comment
Andrew Richardson
10 hours ago
Good 5.11 if you climb 5.12. Not sandbagged per say but a serious endeavor ... would recommend View Comment
Benjamin Chapman
10 hours ago
Actually, the best way to identify the bird species is by their call or cry. A bird’s unique vocalization c… View Comment
Alex Mitchell
10 hours ago
Soft View Comment
Alexander Gorobets
10 hours ago
I was leading pitch 9 and was above bolt 6 or 7 when the hold broke and I fell. There was a small incline l… View Comment
Aaron Wait
10 hours ago
Does Rear Admiral climb the exact same boulder problem as Honorable Discharge in that it climbs through the… View Comment
Kevin McGuire
11 hours ago
FYI don't follow directions to Second Grotto. Go to Lower Grotto and hike up road from there for a couple m… View Comment
11 hours ago
Parking and trail beta is to to adjust odometer when you get to the granite slabs on the left then go .4 mi… View Comment
David Mehr
12 hours ago
I have climbed a number of 12.Cs before Doritos. The shortest took 2 tries, and the longest took probably l… View Comment
Tim Hamersly
12 hours ago
V3/4 mantle right off the deck sets the tone for this route. Lots of high feet, and somewhat insecure feeli… View Comment
Joe Senderson
12 hours ago
Has there ever been a second ascent of this route? Dose anyone have any idea if this has ever gone clean be… View Comment
Daniel Batson
12 hours ago
lol I'm almost positive this is me!! it was also my first time leading outside with my wife on our own with… View Comment
Brian Spiegel
12 hours ago
I would stick clip the first dedicated bolt for Booty and extend the next two. Also extend the 5th bolt of… View Comment
1Eric Rhicard
12 hours ago
Still one of the best little areas in the state of AZ. View Comment
Jim B Phillips
12 hours ago
The name of this route is Quartz Cubes ( plural ) View Comment
Dave Irwin
13 hours ago
Third last hanger was spinning. Fun climb but unnerved by the hollow flakes only to arrive at the spinner. View Comment
brent b
13 hours ago
@Gaar Could you please refrain from posting self promotional material on mountain project comments. I g… View Comment
Liyuan Hao
13 hours ago
While I enjoyed the climb, I have to say it's too sandbagged for the grade. Pretty nails from the very star… View Comment
Tim Kemple
13 hours ago
James has just rebolted his route. It is now a modern sport route with 8 bolts. I think I speak for the v… View Comment
13 hours ago
The standing start is 5.9 if you traverse the entire Boulder. The sit start with your butt on the ground i… View Comment
Connor Hale
13 hours ago
I don’t know where the crux is supposed to be but I did not think there were any 10c moves. Maybe you are s… View Comment
Connor Hale
13 hours ago
The route was excellent, a lot of fun. View Comment
13 hours ago
This route is V1. And that is being generous. This v4 nonsense is exactly that. The sitstart to the face… View Comment
Gantt Miller
14 hours ago
Absolutely amazing line. Old school 11s feel a lot closer to the next grade. I'd put this at 11b or c. At… View Comment
Ian Katz
14 hours ago
IMO, a #3 is a better fit, very fun climb! View Comment
Camdon Kay
14 hours ago
Called "Miller Time" in the OG Fransen & Casper guide. View Comment
Jeff Scheuerell
15 hours ago
I remember the rock at the start being questionable??? View Comment

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