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V7 7A+
Bonsai New FA
Mar 19, 2021 by Mark Ulbrich
V6-7 7A+
Karate Kid Direct
May 9, 2020 by Logan Haddox
V3 6A
Wax Off
May 8, 2020 by Matthew Cargill
V3-4 6A+
Wax On
May 5, 2020 by Dylan Griffith
V8 7B
Karate Kid New FA
May 5, 2020 by Matthew Cargill
Route Name Location Star Rating Difficulty Date
Bonsai New FA
V7 7A+ Boulder Mark Ulbrich Mar 19, 2021
Karate Kid Direct
V6-7 7A+ Boulder Logan Haddox May 9, 2020
Wax Off
V3 6A Boulder Matthew Cargill May 8, 2020
Wax On
V3-4 6A+ Boulder Dylan Griffith May 5, 2020
Karate Kid New FA
V8 7B Boulder Matthew Cargill May 5, 2020

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