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V3 6A PG13
Silly Little Bulge
Aug 17, 2007 by Ricky Newman
V7 7A+
Mighty Arete aka Dicey Prow
Jul 3, 2002 by Orphaned User
V3 6A
Regular Route [Mighty Wall]
Apr 8, 2001 by Jesse Ryan
V3 6A
West Corner
May 13, 2001 by Michael Komarnitsky
Route Name Location Star Rating Difficulty Date
Silly Little Bulge
V3 6A PG13 Boulder Ricky Newman Aug 17, 2007
Mighty Arete aka Dicey Prow
V7 7A+ Boulder Orphaned User Jul 3, 2002
Regular Route [Mighty Wall]
V3 6A Boulder Jesse Ryan Apr 8, 2001
West Corner
V3 6A Boulder Michael Komarnitsky May 13, 2001

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