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Which climber inspires you to climb the way you do?
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Nov 5, 2011
Sam Lightner, Jr. wrote:
Petro. He could kick the shit our over every climber on this list even if they ganged up on him.

Every time I fail and want to blame my build, I think of him.
Mike Lane
From Centennial, CO
Joined Jan 21, 2006
210 points
Nov 5, 2011
Josh Olson wrote:
Had the privilege to belay Nick Rhoads send a super impressive route,

That would be the greatest day of my life.
Phil Lauffen
From The Bubble
Joined Jun 20, 2008
1,645 points
Nov 5, 2011
Without a doubt Ueli Steck Evan Sanders
From Westminster, CO
Joined Dec 10, 2010
10 points
Nov 5, 2011
I don't try to climb like any of the great climbers, but over the years I'd have to say Lynn Hill and Tommy Caldwell both inspired me to see things from a different perspective. GMBurns
Joined Jul 15, 2008
300 points
Nov 5, 2011
Where is Royal Robbins in this discussion? "Its not about what you climb, its how you climb it"

The man invented style
Jim Reynolds
Joined Mar 7, 2011
35 points
Nov 5, 2011
I've always been inspired by Ron Kauk. he seems like just an ultimate all around climber. He's done it all. His footwork always seems so precise and he makes everything look so effortless. Also Steph Davis is great, who wouldn't love to be that proficient at crack climbing? Tanner Wise
Joined Oct 25, 2010
10 points
Nov 5, 2011
Sonnie Trotter and Jim Erickson. Andy Hansen
From Longmont, Colorado
Joined Sep 26, 2009
2,068 points
Nov 5, 2011
My earlier point was that who we admire and what we climb like are probably very different things... I do buy into the Honnold hype though. Reardon's irreverent attitude earned its detractors but he knew what climbing was about. The control of Croft, Bachar and the aforementioned are mind blowing, pure and simple. I also like the Robbins edict to rise to the challenge of the climb. Of course, I usually fall far short of the standards they represented... My own personal style has been gutting it out with the occasional moments of technical mastery. But, mostly, just yoking up the oxen and refusing to fall. Colonel Mustard
From Sacramento, CA
Joined Sep 13, 2005
1,055 points
Nov 5, 2011
Tom Gilje budman
From Moab,UT
Joined Mar 20, 2008
0 points
Nov 5, 2011
The Larry wrote:
Skip Guerin "Tough Feet"

another vote for Skip. hard partying, superstrong, underrated and always under the radar. sooooo strong back in the day, and for a long time.

edit- thanks Josh, I'm the most phsyched person about me and what I'm doing I've ever met!
Hank Caylor
From Golden, CO
Joined Dec 9, 2003
175 points
Nov 6, 2011
Conrad Anker and Peter Croft- for their awesome attitudes, Tommy Caldwell, Steph Davis, Dave Macleod, and Sonnie Trotter- because they push their limits Drew McWilson
Joined Oct 19, 2006
115 points
Nov 6, 2011
JOHN BACHER. Steve Sangdahl
From eldo sprngs,co
Joined Mar 25, 2002
705 points
Nov 6, 2011
Royal Robbins, Peter Croft, Yvon Chouinard Addison
From Boulder, CO
Joined Sep 20, 2010
10 points
Nov 6, 2011
I dunno, I seem to draw a lot more inspiration from whoever I'm climbing with than I do with anybody I've never met.

Nothing but props to the pros who climb hard, and nothing but admiration for the guys like Fred Beckey who pioneered so much, but I think the most inspiring thing I saw this year was my friend leading a 5.8 pitch on gear, really scared at a cruxy bit, pull it through. Goddamned if that wasn't a profile in courage.
Joined Jun 8, 2009
70 points
Nov 6, 2011

Rock Climbing Photo: Okiegirl
From Boulder, CO
Joined Mar 26, 2007
0 points
Nov 6, 2011
Too many to name...

Derek Hersey, Layton Kor, Bob Horan, Kelly Cordes, Harry Kent, Douglas Snively, Craig Lueben, EVD... Basically all the awesome Colorado guys! And guys like Paul Glover and Matt Sammet terrin' it up in the Flatirons.
From Front Range, CO.
Joined Mar 9, 2008
563 points
Nov 7, 2011
Hank Caylor Russ Walling
Joined Oct 5, 2004
3,015 points
Nov 7, 2011
Mark Twight Zach Cole
From Edwards, Colorado
Joined Aug 10, 2010
0 points
Nov 7, 2011
Jim Erickson, Jim Garber, Eric Aldrich, Roger Briggs, Brett Ruckman, Sarah Watson, Bob Siegrist and his son Jonathan are some people I know who inspire me... some people I don't know who inspire me include Beth Rodden, Tommy Caldwell, Paige Claassen, Steve Hong and Emily Harrington. They all have very different styles and specialties, so the inspiration I draw varies, from the types of projects they pick to certain movements I think are cool and/or think I might be able to use myself at some point. Oh, and (almost forgot) Chris Bonnington. Peter Stokes
From Them Thar Hills
Joined Apr 30, 2009
0 points
Nov 7, 2011
Lynn Hill - because she could see beyond what was considered possible and free the Nose. Hamlet73
From Boulder, CO
Joined Aug 30, 2007
135 points
Nov 7, 2011
I don't think there is much more of an inspiring story than Mr. Scott coming off of the Ogre with 2 broken legs!

Rock Climbing Photo: Doug Scott
Doug Scott
From Santa Monica, Ca.
Joined Aug 7, 2003
240 points
Nov 7, 2011
YDPL8S wrote:
I don't think there is much more of an inspiring story than Mr. Scott coming off of the Ogre with 2 broken legs!

Joe Simpson.
Sir Wanksalot
From County Jail
Joined Sep 29, 2011
0 points
Nov 7, 2011
Great thread!

Alan Watts - inspired me to pursue sport climbing a an end in itself, as well as the value of the first ascent

Jeff Lowe, Todd Skinner, Paul Piana, Rob Miller - taught me that the style of ascent matters (to you at least)

Dale Goddard & Tony Yaniro - Made me believe that I didn't have to settle for my present level of ability, and got me started learning how to train.

Doug Robinson, Eric Perlman, et al - for making those great climbing films, "moving over stone" and "masters of stone"...a corny as they are now, those were my bible when I started out.

My brother Mark - Many people on here know he is one of the most dedicated and hardest-working climbers out there, but he also inspires me with his integrity. He absolutely does not exaggerate about his accomplishments, and more specifically, he doesn't seek out soft routes to pad his resume, in fact he seeks out the hardest routes that have a strong pedigree. He is not afraid to fail on a route. Few climbers at his level have the self confidence and lack of ego to do that.
Mike Anderson
From Colorado Springs, CO
Joined Nov 15, 2004
2,670 points
Nov 7, 2011
dave graham is a piece of sh*t for his "girl talk" incident at rifle... what an embarrassment to american climbers in the world theater, americans should look out for americans: very george w. bush in terms of worldwide shame...

tommy caldwell is the best, all-around climber on the planet earth!

Jon O'Brien
From Nevada
Joined Apr 21, 2009
390 points
Nov 7, 2011
Mike Anderson wrote:
My brother Mark


for both you guys. especially that you both work full-time and are daddies. That is more inspiring than any pro.
Darren Mabe
From Flagstaff, AZ
Joined Dec 12, 2002
2,810 points

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