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The Wasatch BIG ONE
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Jul 24, 2014
Around the SLC we all know that the area is due for a big ol earthquake. Wanted to open up the debate as to what would happen if you were climbing during this unfortunate event. In talking with buddies I'm gonna list my/our predictions with lil cottonwood being the baseline example. 1. Nothing happens, the granite is solid, heavy, anchored, and sits above the fault (in this scenario i imagine the rock would be hum'n like a mofo though) 2. Rocks fall off the ridge tops crushing you and any other unfortunate climber in the area. 3. Disaster style, cracks either open up or pinch down. Basically you as a climber either get squished or all your gear falls out and you fall into a gaping chimney getting mega gnarled. Im imagining school room chimney closing in and me exploding like a packet of stepped on ketchup. Would love to hear from others/experts as to what could be expected. Even better if you can break out impacts of the wasatch fault line "going" in regards to different crags/canyons. Shakes the Clown
Joined Dec 4, 2012
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Jul 25, 2014
My prediction? (To quote Clubber Lang)


The largest volcanic eruption this planet has seen

Yogi n Booboo go bye bye

Pants will be shat then consumed by liquid magma.

Then comes the Zombies.

Are you prepared?
From trollfreesociety
Joined Feb 15, 2010
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Jul 25, 2014
yeah, but La Garita is extinct, Yellowstone is very much alive--that's the one that's going to get us.

Anyway, a number of years ago a couple of guys were climbing on Mt. Yonah, a granite dome in GA, when a tornado came up the valley behind them and passed through a gap to the north; judging by the tree destruction at it's closest it was probably about a 1/4" away from them while they were about 200' up. As one said afterwards, 'I just clipped as many bolts as I could (the Army has inconsiderately, but maybe fortunately in this case, machine gunned in many) and prayed like hell.'

As to your question, you'll be swept away by falling rock and probably have time to contemplate it. Better to be squished suddenly.
Jim Corbett
Joined Sep 19, 2008
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Jul 29, 2014
Well I would predict some rock fall and a number of smashed bolts but Cali gets a pretty bumpy ride at most every crag once a decade and they haven't changed too much.

I think rock fall in a big downpour like July 2013 is far more a danger. One of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had climbing was watching a party rappel the Kor-Beck Route in the Valley during a down pour which turned the route into a massive water/rock fall. I hungout and hid behind a 48" sequoia until they made it down. The truck noticeably shook a few times as it was struck by rock. Man Devil's Castle and Hellgate are probably one crazy spot in a down pour.
Ken H
From Granite, UT
Joined Jan 1, 2006
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Jul 29, 2014
Ask Knuckle Buster, Old Reliable (ha!), and Catalyst.... Brian in SLC
Joined Oct 6, 2003
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