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Free Gear Thread
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Jan 31, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Me
Anasazi Arrowheads, size 9. Awesome shoes, but definitely well used, definitely need a resole, small hole in the bottom of the right shoe near the toe. What can I say, they're free.
Rock Climbing Photo: Anasazi Arrowhead, size 9
Anasazi Arrowhead, size 9

Rock Climbing Photo: Toes

Rock Climbing Photo: Bottom
Joined Sep 1, 2014
35 points
Jan 31, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Silverton, CO
PM'd ya Josh Justin Calhoun
Joined May 27, 2014
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Feb 1, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: hello
Found these at Rumney a while ago and put them on lost and found and no one ever claimed them. So here they are. Free. You pick them up in Portland, Maine. Contact me for the address. I am home almost all the time.

Rock Climbing Photo: shoes

Rock Climbing Photo: size
From earth
Joined Dec 26, 2012
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Feb 1, 2015
PM'd O. Van Horn
Joined Oct 23, 2013
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Feb 5, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: My first belay certification.
Used Scarpa Veloce EU 40.5 USM 7 2/3 USW 8 2/3

Mine are used, but soles are in great shape. They perform really well, but too tight for me. (I usually wear 40.5 or 41, US size 8; these are definitely on the smaller side).

Actually, it looks like I had them resoled, so I suppose they came back too tight from resoling.

Free for pickup in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, or Winston-Salem/Greensboro next time I head out that way to climb.
Dylan B.
Joined Mar 31, 2006
971 points
Feb 5, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Rogue
Dylan, PMed you on the shoes. dahigdon
From phoenix, Az
Joined Jan 5, 2015
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Feb 8, 2015
3L insulated camelbak pouch for bladder.
Available for pickup in Louisville CO

Rock Climbing Photo: free insulated bladder
free insulated bladder
Craig Quincy
Joined Sep 30, 2001
326 points
Feb 11, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Why I do it...
kevinhansen wrote:
I also have Front Points for Charlet-Mosser M10 crampons. I am a mono-point kind of guy and never used the extra points. (I can cover shipping. Just PM me you address.)

On the flip side, does anyone have an un-used set of Charlet-Mosser LYNX front points they arn't using? I figure there have to be other Mono-point guys out there. I just bought a set of used LYNX and the front points are as round as my head! I'd pay postage.

I'm also posting a similar thread in the for sale section.
From Albion Idaho
Joined Apr 21, 2008
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Feb 12, 2015
Drew Hayes I would take the shoes if you still have them

charlie c
Joined Feb 4, 2010
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Feb 12, 2015
Free ice climbing gloves for a cross-dressing lady.

Got a pair of OR Alibi Gloves. The label says mens medium. However, my hands are small (green/yellow alien fingers) and these gloves feel real tight. I'd say unless you are a lady, don't bother with these.

NYC pickup preferred. If no New Yorker shows up by the end of this weekend, I will ship these to the first dibber.

PS. I can also drop them off in Las Vegas next week.
Rock Climbing Photo: old style gloves that i hate
old style gloves that i hate
Nivel Egres
From New York, NY
Joined Dec 10, 2014
21 points
Feb 12, 2015
ISO: FAILED GEAR! Carabiners,Webbing,Cams....

Trying to make some art.


Rock Climbing Photo: cara
From Alexander city, AL
Joined Sep 24, 2014
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Feb 12, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: The dangler
Dibs on the alibi gloves Andrewww
From Concord, NH
Joined Mar 19, 2014
527 points
Feb 14, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Horizontal in Skin the Cat (5.12-).
I don't know if I'm allowed to ask, but I'd gladly accept unwanted/old climbing holds. Eli Buzzell
From Lives in a 4runner
Joined Nov 21, 2010
4,378 points
Feb 16, 2015
Nivel Egres wrote:
Free ice climbing gloves...

Gloves are gone to a local climber, sorry if I raised hopes in vain.

However, in an effort to clean up my closets, a few pairs of climbing shoes.
Rock Climbing Photo: smelly shoes
smelly shoes

Red Chili Corona VCS, size 8
Red Chili Nacho, size 8
5.10s Anasazi VSC, size 7.5

5.10s are in a lousy shape - no holes, but well broken in and will need a resole soon. You might need a hazmat suit to unpack these, too. I love them, "but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet".

Both Red Chilis I got for free, please don't ask. Wore them in the gym a few times, used the slipper for gym crack laps, but overall the rubber is still brand new. For comparison, the 5.10s fit me tight and awesome, these are probably a half-a-size too big (I wear 38.5s in Sportivas and 7.5s-8s in 5.10s depeding on the model). I wanted to like them, I really did but they are a bit too loose and these shoes are just not me. Really would like to get rid of these, but my heritage does let me throw them away. Unlike the 10s, no hazmat suit nessesary for these.

Nobody local wants them, so first dibber (is there such a word, please?) gets them and I will ship unless you are in Las Vegas this week, then we can just meet.
Nivel Egres
From New York, NY
Joined Dec 10, 2014
21 points
Feb 16, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Horizontal in Skin the Cat (5.12-).
Dibs on the loosest Redchili's you've got. Eli Buzzell
From Lives in a 4runner
Joined Nov 21, 2010
4,378 points
Feb 17, 2015
Sent a pm about the red chili's if any are still around. Nic Harlan
From Turlock, California
Joined Feb 5, 2015
0 points
Feb 17, 2015
Rock Climbing Photo: Halfway out of the wormhole
Pm sent on anasazi hazmats. Ams
Joined Apr 1, 2013
41 points
Feb 26, 2015
Certain death nuts. These are all booty nuts that I found over the years or retired that are too good to throw out, but I don't care to trust them. Would be perfect for an aspriing big waller who needs to flesh out their nuts. The majority are older style Wild Country.

Rock Climbing Photo: free nuts
free nuts
Craig Quincy
Joined Sep 30, 2001
326 points
Feb 26, 2015
Craig that is some sweet booty. Sending good karma your way for offering those up. Mark Ra
From Mid-Atlantic/CO
Joined Feb 6, 2014
71 points
Feb 26, 2015
PM'd on booty nuts badmoonrising
Joined Nov 13, 2013
6 points
Feb 26, 2015
The third nut from the left is a straight sided Chouinard stopper... I think I might keep that one since it's probably from the seventies. :-) Craig Quincy
Joined Sep 30, 2001
326 points
Mar 2, 2015
FREE : Some evolv pontas shoes US 7.5 (new, but RIGHT shoe only for both velcro and lace)

Buyer pays shipping. Probably $6 for any of those items.

Some books are free if you purchase anything from that post.
Joined Feb 3, 2012
250 points
Mar 4, 2015
I've got an old beat up pair of plastic boots. They're men's 8 but fit large. I think it's an old Lowe Civetta model. They're functional w wool liners. Good as a loaner pair or to get your amazon girlfriend out ice climbing
You pay shipping + PayPal fees, it'll prob be @ $20-30 total
Joined Feb 17, 2009
6 points
Mar 11, 2015
Yeah. Nuts are gone. Craig Quincy
Joined Sep 30, 2001
326 points
Mar 13, 2015
Free Starbucks Barista Espresso machine. Prefer a local pick up, I live in Louisville CO. Essential equipment for alpine starts.

Rock Climbing Photo: Give me coffee or give me death!
Give me coffee or give me death!
Craig Quincy
Joined Sep 30, 2001
326 points

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