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Jun 4, 2010

Please forgive me for making a scene. I may have inherited bipolar disorder from my Mom. She takes medication to control her symptoms. Thoughts of suicide have been something I've lived with every day for several years now, and making them public may have been a way of asking for help. Anyhow, I'm getting the help I need and I _deeply_ appreciate the support that has come from everyone who has reached out to me. Again, please except my apology for making a scene on the forums. This will not happen again.

Joined Jul 9, 2007
12,225 points
Jun 4, 2010

There's no need to apologize. Many of us MPers/climbers make scenes on-line, at home, at the base of crags, on the rock, and throughout our lives; we're all pretty passionate, and deep people in one way, or another- comes with the territory. : ) Not a bad thing. There's no shame in seeking help, whether it be from an awesome site like MP, from climbing rocks, or elsewhere. Many of us on this site were concerned about you, and are glad you are getting help.
Dirty Gri Gri, or is it GiGi?
From Vegas
Joined May 25, 2005
1,315 points
Jun 4, 2010
Hey Spencer, nothing to be sorry about. We're all in this together. I'm glad to hear that you found help, and are getting support. kBobby
From Spokane, WA
Joined Oct 5, 2001
1,245 points
Jun 4, 2010
Hey Spencer,
No need to apologize. Glad you are doing better. Have a great day man.
J. Albers
From Colorado
Joined Jul 11, 2008
1,228 points
Jun 4, 2010
youre one of the strongest climbers on this site, to be so vulnerable and genuine. can i consider you one of my new virtual friends? Darren Mabe
From Flagstaff, AZ
Joined Dec 12, 2002
2,810 points
Jun 4, 2010
Spencer - You did the right thing by asking for help...Stay strong, man. My offer stands if you ever need an ear to listen. 508 320 1767... or send me a PM if that is easier for you. I am glad you are getting some help and I look forward to more of your contributions to this site! John Maguire
From Boulder, CO
Joined Nov 23, 2008
25 points
Jun 4, 2010
YOU did good Spenc'. We all screw up on stuff, and there apparently is no better place to announce it than here at MP. Good people out there will always look after you, no matter if on rope in the mountains or skirting the perils of life itself. Woodchuck ATC
Joined Nov 29, 2007
505 points
Jun 4, 2010
Hey Spencer,

Good to hear from you man. Send me a message if you need anything.

Mark Kauz
From Madison, WI
Joined May 11, 2009
55 points
Jun 4, 2010
Man, I'm bookmarking this time I'm feeling down I'm coming back here to check it out! Total strangers reaching out to total strangers - not sure it gets better than that.

From Boulder, CO
Joined Mar 4, 2008
0 points
Jun 4, 2010
Glad you're back brother.
No need for apologies.
Remember, all emotions come in waves and the toughest moments don't last.

Hope to see you out on the rocks,
Brad Brandewie
Joined Apr 29, 2001
2,820 points
Jun 4, 2010
Glad your feeling better, I'm in Ogden if your interested in getting out, send me a PM.

Bawls E. Climber
Joined Apr 17, 2009
25 points
Jun 4, 2010
No apology needed and glad to see you're on a healthy road.

SLCA's havin' a trail day at Ferguson Canyon tomorrow. If you're up to it, come on down, meet some new friends, enjoy the day!


-Brian in SLC
Brian in SLC
Joined Oct 6, 2003
12,055 points
Jun 4, 2010
Thanks for the update spencer.

I'm glad you are doing better.

Joined Feb 28, 2007
0 points
Jun 4, 2010
Glad you're back man. Get any help you need and hit us up if you need to chat. Hang in there. Chris Plesko
From Westminster, CO
Joined Oct 18, 2007
245 points
Jun 7, 2010
Hey Spencer,

Glad your back on MP. A few of my close friends and two family members suffer from bipolar disorder, and I know how tough it can be day to day. I think its pretty clear no apology is necessary, like all the MP regulars have stated before me.

I've been thinking about you the past few days, and I'm glad I found this post. Like everyone has said, I'm really glad you've got some help. If you ever want to come relax and climb in Colorado, give me a shout.

phone: (four four oh) 821- five914 call me anytime
Joined Sep 5, 2007
25 points
Jun 8, 2010
Hey Spencer, my son was diagnosed his junior year in high school. He went through a lot of the same stuff you are going definitely helps! He is now going to be a junior in college and living an exciting life in NYC. I'm not saying that his problems are gone, but with an understanding of the problem and using the help available, he is doing great things.

There are so many famous successful people that have the same problem, it doesn't have to be any kind of a barrier in your life.

Tim Burton, artist, director
Francis Ford Coppola, director
Ted Turner, media giant
Winston Churchill
Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States

Just to name a few.
From Santa Monica, Ca.
Joined Aug 7, 2003
240 points
Jun 8, 2010
Runs in my family as well and I remember how difficult it was for my aunts and uncles....

BUT things have gotten better for all of them!! I mean really really better!! It was a long hard road, but with the support of others things seem pretty darn sunny!!!

Keep your head up man! There's always something better right around the corner!!
Scott McMahon
From Boulder, CO
Joined Feb 15, 2006
105 points

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