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Rid me of my smelly shoes...please?
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Feb 23, 2013

- No sprays, no powder, no residue
- Fragrance-free
- Uses non-toxic activated charcoal from coconut husks and zeolite, a natural ammonia absorber
- Keeps shoes odor-free for about a year
- 100% made in USA
Chad Jarvis
Joined Nov 15, 2012
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Feb 23, 2013
Fire cleanses, ya know? Start over.
Tucker's shoes don't stink.
Kirk B.
From Boise, ID
Joined Feb 13, 2013
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Feb 23, 2013
I wear an ultrathin silver liner sock from REI. Silver is a natural odor inhibitor and is woven into the threads. This works best though if you start with a new pair of shoes and never let them get funky. I'm on my second set of soles with funk free TC Pro's. adam winslow
From Santa Barbara, CA
Joined Jun 29, 2008
1,100 points
Feb 23, 2013
spray apple cider mixed with vinegar and that should do the trick! Nukem
From Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Joined Jul 29, 2012
295 points
Feb 24, 2013
Woolite + stiff toothbrush in the shower, toss em in the yard to dry in the sun or blast em dry with a hair dryer. This has worked for 4 iterations of anasazis, evolv prime slippers, evolv evos, shamans, lace up muiras, solutions, a pair of galileos, a pair of dragons, a pair of scarpa vapors, some madrock slippers and a pair of blackwings. frankstoneline
Joined Apr 23, 2009
20 points
Feb 24, 2013
if you have legendary foot funk - do they smell like a brooklyn garbage can in august? Can you smell them from 5 feet away?- many of these remedies might not work. As noted, odor comes from bacteria and their waste products. Keep your feet washed first. No matter how many days I go in the field for our beloved army, I baby wipe my feet every day. sometimes twice. Allow all of your shoes to air dry, every day, so you dont cross contaminate. use cornstarch foot powder.

last ditch effort, start ingesting a probiotic. yogurt, kombucha, kefir, whatever. No joke. probiotics are credited for all kinds of remedies. good luck. Im glad I dont climb with you;0
Joined Jan 29, 2007
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Feb 24, 2013
This thread is 5 years old, BTW..

Foot powder, applied liberally after every session, has kept my shoes to a mild funk- more like a burnt popcorn smell than foot or dead animal. Totally acceptable, next to the putrescence radiating from other guys' shit.
Ben Beckerich
From saint helens, oregon
Joined Jun 24, 2011
205 points
Feb 24, 2013
Switch shoe companies...


"My final solution was throwing them in the garbage and buying different shoes. That did the trick."


Best solution!

From Yucca Valley, CA
Joined Oct 13, 2002
1,635 points
Feb 25, 2013
Matthew Prom wrote:
The shoes I am using now are the Evolv Defys.

Defys were my first pair of shoes, and once they started stinking (a couple months) it was a downhill battle. I tried everything, but the stink always came back worse than before. My final solution was throwing them in the garbage and buying different shoes. That did the trick.
Ian Stewart
Joined May 17, 2010
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