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Radio Show today: Risks of Climbing
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Dec 29, 2006
Just noticed this will be on 'Here and Now' with Robin Young today at 12pm Eastern. You can listen from the web:

Risks of Mountain Climbing
In the wake of this month's desperate search for three climbers lost on Oregon's Mount Hood, we talk with David Roberts, a life-long climber whose book "On the Ridge Between Life and Death: a Climbing Life Reexamined" examines the risk of mountain climbing on family, friends and rescuers of climbers.
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Dec 30, 2006
National Propaganda Radio shamelessly promoting irrational emotionally charged response that boils down to equivocation, AS USUAL! Are we being shamed into avoiding risk here because other people will potentially suffer a loss if we are killed?? Risk is part of life. Death is part of life. Aren’t some things worth dying for? Apparently there are, since our government has no problem sending soldiers to die (sarcasm intended here). David Roberts dismisses the analogy of crossing the street being more risky than climbing. He says it depends on how you cross the street, from crossing recklessly to exercising caution. His implication seems to be that crossing with caution is somehow just fine, but recklessness will get you killed. Mr. Roberts then goes on to say people like Ed Viesters are wrong to claim mountain climbing can be done safely by being as cautious as possible and mitigating risk factors. What kind of reverse horsepoop logic is this!? One can exercise great caution and still trip and fall down on the street, only to be run over by a reckless speeding vehicle beyond your control. Just as with mountaineering and can be experienced, conservative risk taker doing all the accepted safety precautions and still get killed by rock fall, an unfortunate slip or other unforeseen hazard. Mr. Roberts and everyone who listens to him might benefit if he registered for a logic course.

Personal responsibility is at issue here, not shared responsibility between the individual and society. If you do things such as solo or climb in risky situations, then YOU accept the consequence – pretty simple. The problem is when you do risky things and expect to be bailed out if something goes wrong. Your family is free to question your actions or lobby for you not to engage in behavior that endangers the family unit, but ultimately the risk analysis and decision to climb rests with that individual. David Roberts acknowledges at one point that people who mountaineer without expectation of rescue is an admirable way to approach the sport. Yet the subtext of this interview appears to be somehow that responsibility involved in a decision to mountain climb is somehow spread to society and family. How exactly does this work? I could be off base, but isn’t this just typical of societal tendency to make an outcast of someone who chooses a lifestyle which does not conform to mainstream views, practices or social norm?

“A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.”
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
From Boulder, CO
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Dec 31, 2006
tradsplatter-I listened to the broadcast and Roberts is full of it-if he wants a safer life, he should just shut up and go live one. Here's another Emerson-

'A man's reach should exceed his grasp, else what's a heaven for?'

'What's a heaven for?' is my battlecry(no, it doesn't mean I will die if I exceed my grasp-it means heaven is the repository of our greatest dreams, and our greatest dreams always take us past what we are familiar and comfortable with).
Joined Sep 28, 2006
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