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Racking Advice... Harness or Sling?
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Oct 23, 2012
I have been trad climbing a few months now and have started leading some easy 5.6-5.7s. When I was seconding everything I only had a limited amount of gear on my harness but now that Im leading (especially multi-pitch) my harness is feeling very weighed down. I tighten up my harness but it still feels like a lot of weight on my hips. Granted I am probably carrying way too much gear but Im at the point where weight isnt the end of the world and I would rather have what I need than find placements that I dont have the gear for. So here is my real question. When your climbing multi-pitch, I would say at least 3 pitches or more, are you racking everything on your harness or do you use a sling? I definitely want to reserve my harness for some things, like equalettes, ATC, prusiks, etc. But for my pro I was thinking about getting a sling. I like the metolius shoulder sling but I also like the big wall style sling that fits like a backpack and you have loops under both arms like the BD zodiac or metolius big wall. Is this just overkill for multi-pitch or are there people who use these backpack type slings when climbing? I just feel like my harness gets very weighed down and would feel better with some of that weight over my shoulders. photocodo mcclung
From Hendersonville, NC
Joined May 15, 2012
35 points
Oct 23, 2012
Have you read through this thread?

As with most forum posts, some good advice and lot's of bullcrap, lot's of "me too" posts. You'll have to wade through it.

I do both. Rack most gear on my harness, some gear on a BD sling. I like having the sling for times when I want to get gear off one side of my harness: laybacks, chimneys, etc.

Oh, and you're probably carrying too much gear....

Edit: I have a partner who uses a backpack type double sling. He seems to like it. IMO, it's overkill.
The real answer is: try it with a 60cm runner to see how you like it before buying a 'gear sling'. You can criss cross one sling over each shoulder to make a double sling if you want.

Try it yourself. No need to read any further.
Joined Mar 3, 2012
317 points
Oct 23, 2012
Heeee-re we go! This question seems to come up every couple of months. Ready? Go... FrankPS
From Atascadero, CA
Joined Nov 19, 2009
15 points
Oct 23, 2012
I usually rack all the gear on my harness and slings over my shoulder. It's definitely a matter of preference, but I like having the gear on my harness and I can carry a double rack without too much trouble, my friend with a silly harness that only has 3 gear loops on the other hand...

I use a gear sling on aid climbs, and if I'm going to be swinging leads and want to move fast (because it's faster to swap a sling than each individual piece) I like to climb in blocks though so I usually rack on my harness. It's easy to experiment with a piece of webbing as a gear sling, it's super cheap and will give you a good idea if you like climbing with a sling or not.
John D
Joined Nov 24, 2010
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Oct 24, 2012
Learn to climb with either. csproul
From Davis, CA
Joined Dec 3, 2009
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Oct 24, 2012
just take one #6 cam and bump it as you go! problem solved K Blase
From Salt Lake City, UT
Joined Nov 9, 2011
15 points
Oct 24, 2012
If you hang your gear on your harness this will happen.

Rock Climbing Photo: Why you don't hang gear on your harness
Why you don't hang gear on your harness
From North Kingstown, RI
Joined Sep 27, 2001
465 points
Oct 26, 2012
I use both. Michael C
From New Jersey
Joined Jun 9, 2011
190 points
Oct 26, 2012
csproul wrote:
Learn to climb with either.

Best response.
Jake Jones
From Richmond, VA
Joined Jul 30, 2011
703 points
Oct 26, 2012
I really think we should add a "Guidline #2". It should say "Have you done a forum search to ensure the question you're going to ask hasn't already been asked a million times?"
Anyone agree?
Nick Stayner
From Billings, MT
Joined Mar 6, 2006
2,260 points
Oct 26, 2012
Nick Stayner wrote:
I really think we should add a "Guidline #2". It should say "Have you done a forum search to ensure the question you're going to ask hasn't already been asked a million times?" Anyone agree?

I think if that was done this forum would go under over night. Almost everything has been discussed at one time or another. If everyone just came to this forum to do searches it would be called Wikipedia just my .02.

To the OP, when im not dizzy as hell and can climb I use both.
ian watson
From Albuquerque, NM
Joined Apr 27, 2010
200 points
Oct 26, 2012
For us "older climbers" with bifocal glasses, racking on the harness helps with the depth perception. Racking on my shoulder throws off my looking down distance judgement.

Harness cinched tight above your belly button so you don't end up like the cartoon.

Free climbing on leads with multiples of gear, I'll add slings and draws on an over shoulder sling and rack gear on the harness. Chimneys, I am figuring which side will be in most of the time and rack on the shoulder or waist appropriately.

Big wall rack...that is a whole other story
Thomas Beck
From Las Vegas, Nevada
Joined Feb 5, 2006
660 points

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