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Painful Planters Wort, Any Ideas?
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Aug 1, 2010
For the past 4 weeks or so I have had a very painful planters wort on the bottom of my left big toe. For the past two weeks I have been treating it with an acidic cream specifically designed for this purpose that seems to do nothing but create dead skin around it. I leave for CO in 11 days and would like it to be treated then. Short of a trip to the doctors, any Ideas?

Kevin Brooks Henry
From Iowa City, IA
Joined Jan 9, 2010
20 points
Aug 1, 2010
Used to get these suckers deep when I lived in the Pacific NW. Outpatient application of liquid nitrogen by a qualified nurse worked great for me. Hurt for a day or two but was good to go after that. Crisco Jackass
From Grand Junction, CO
Joined May 27, 2008
0 points
Aug 1, 2010
not to sound negative but good luck on getting it resolved in 11 days. all are different. i had one several years ago on the pad of my foot and i would get freeze treatments for about a month or so and it didnt do anything so i had to go to a dermatologist and get this really strong acid treatment which lasted for maybe another month. if freezing isnt helping you may have to go to a dermatologist. also, it helps to get those little donut type bandage rings that relieves pressure off of the wart so you let it grow out instead of pushing it in. CJ Coccia
From Denver, CO
Joined Apr 29, 2010
25 points
Aug 1, 2010
I had a couple before and also got some on my cuticles on my hands as well (both of which I think came from the climbing gym). The topical cream stuff doesn't seem to work that well, and the liquid nitrogen freezing takes multiple visits. I don't know if I should recommend it but tow things I did on my own to get rid of them were:

1. For the planters wort, I VERY CAREFULLY cut out as much of the wort as I could, then I applied the acid stuff to it for a couple of days, and it went away.

2. For the ones on the hands I used a combination of the acid and "at home freezing" (hold a can of one of those aerosol air dusters upside down and it sprays out really cold air) several times a day. I resorted to this after probably two months of going in once a week to get them sprayed with liquid nitrogen and still not getting rid of it all.

Also moleskin is nice to have if your foot is still tender for your trip, so get some of that and it may help cushion and protect it.

As for the above methods do so at your own risk. Good luck my experience has been worts are not easy to get rid of.
Brett Brotherton
From Arvada, CO
Joined Jun 29, 2008
80 points
Aug 1, 2010
compound W (unless it's on your johnson) and a wrap of Duct-Tape. No shite, the sticky stuff on Duct-Tape must be acidic. Has always worked for me, and was the only trick for one on the bottom of my foot. Bryan Gilmore
From New England
Joined Nov 7, 2005
870 points
Aug 1, 2010
I had limited success with treatments for warts until I tried clear finger nail polish. At the risk of sounding like a complete moron, I think it cuts the oxygen off. Completely cover the wart and a bit of the surrounding tissue. Make sure to reapply as needed. Stucker
From Centennial, CO
Joined Aug 1, 2006
20 points
Aug 1, 2010
I had those suckers on my feet for the better part of two years a while back, despite constant anti-wart acid, duct tape treatment, leaving it alone, freezing methods. Basically I tried everything except getting a doctor to remove it.

what ended up working was quite radical. I literally filed at them for fifteen minutes, then applied as much heat from a lighter as I could handle. Over the course of a few days they died and then disappeared. Obviously only do this in extreme cases. And I by no means accept responsibility for any permanent damage from this method.
Phil Lauffen
From The Bubble
Joined Jun 20, 2008
1,645 points
Aug 1, 2010
I cut one out of my hand once with a knife. I had to do it twice before it "took." I don't really recommend that strategy though. :S Chris Plesko
From Westminster, CO
Joined Oct 18, 2007
245 points
Aug 1, 2010
cut the effer out, exact-o knives work pretty well.and cut deep under it. it'll hurt and bleed a bit but it will go away... Keenan Waeschle
From Bozeman, MT
Joined Feb 8, 2010
165 points
Aug 1, 2010
I would like to see a wart doctor's reaction to these replies. Phil Lauffen
From The Bubble
Joined Jun 20, 2008
1,645 points
Aug 1, 2010
LOL, I can tell you the doc's reply to some of it.

Had one for a couple years, doc froze it, came back later. Repeat. Came back.

Got the acid stuff,compound W and the pads both. Ate up a bunch of skin around the wart. Clipped the wart down with nail clippers. More compound W and dead skin around the wart. Saw the doc, and he told me I was digging too deep, bad for my foot, too many layers of skin gone, and too far into muscle. Froze the wart again and told me to skip the other stuff and see him if it came back. But the frozen stuff fell out and it healed up fine with no wart.

The freezing all times was the fastest, even though it came back, so if your in a hurry, see the doc or doc's assistant today.
From Superior, CO
Joined Jul 5, 2007
5 points
Aug 1, 2010
Wart Removal Recipe:

1 bottle of your favorite booze (must be over 80 proof)
1 exacto knife (or other razor sharp edge)
1 set of tweezers

Sterilize exacto knife and tweezers. Consume alcohol. Have at it! Good luck on having it healed in 11 days though! Mine took a week or two before I was happy walking on it again. Never had another though.

BTW: My doctor did not approve of this procedure...
Eddie Brown
From Tempe, Arizona
Joined Aug 13, 2009
990 points
Aug 1, 2010

I used a pair of pliers and a thick curtain pin...loosened up the root with the pin (dug all around the side into the underside), then, yanked the whole shootin' match out.

Bled alot. Never came back.

The above is only for historical reference and not to be takin' seriously. Ha ha.

Good luck.
Brian in SLC
Joined Oct 6, 2003
12,055 points
Aug 1, 2010
Long before I was a wealthy communist community organizer, I was a poor grad student in NYC with a planters wart. Living on the upper west side, as did the Weather Underground at the time, there was no reason to own a car. Walking was everything and this wart was cramping my style. But alias I had not spent the extra money so as to be able to use the Columbia University clinic, what to do? I bought a bottle of Compound W and a razor blade at Zabars Market. For one month I dried that wart up with the acid, applying twice daily. I must have gone through three bottles. Finally it detached and was held to the bottom of my foot by it's single root. I bought a bottle of fine French Chablis, pulled it back in a single lefty slug and cut that root with the razor. It worked and never came back.

If I were you I'd go to the doctor. But boy that was fun to write.
Allen Hill
From FIve Points, Colorado and Pine
Joined Jun 12, 2004
1,065 points
Aug 2, 2010
At home freeze method worked for me. Probably your best bet given your time frame. Buddy of mine had a couple dozen lasered off recently. Took a long time for everything to heal up. PTR
Joined Aug 31, 2009
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