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multi pitch
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Jun 16, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: stone depot
My climbing partner and I have recently ventured into multi pitch routes. We have a trip planned in a couple of weeks on a 5 pitch climb that sounds like a classic at this particular crag. I have heard of other parties climbing through and passing slower groups. My question is what is acceptable and what is not? We always try and use proper etiquette while climbing around other groups. By the way the route we are doing has bolted anchors at each belay and I am guessing if we did climb through this is where we would pass them but like I said I want to do what is right it may not be the right thing to do.

And for an example of people who are not as courteous to other groups we came a cross a group of climbers last weekend and one of them had pissed in the middle of the trail that is more of a scramble that requires using your hands. Luckily for us they let us know but what an ass to do this in the first place
Jon Powell
Joined Jan 23, 2012
115 points
Jun 16, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Magic Ed
Slow team should allow fast team to pass. Fast team should pass in a respectful manner without endangering slow team. Ed Wright
Joined May 14, 2006
332 points
Jun 16, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Myself placing a a blue/yellow offset MC to protec...
What are you getting on ?? Get there early and you won't have a problem rock_fencer
From Columbia, SC
Joined Dec 20, 2009
311 points
Jun 16, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Russ Just off the block
general rule #1
Don't be a jerk (you sound like a nice guy)

general rule #2
Only pass a party if it will actually save the faster party a reasonable amount of time.

going through all the trouble of passing folks at a belay, or getting passed is not worth it if it only saves the passing team 10 minutes. Just my 2 cents.
Danger-Russ Gordon
From Tempe, AZ
Joined Nov 30, 2011
423 points
Jun 16, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Linville
I remember your post about stone depot a while back. If you are talking about anything there you will be there alone, there is never anyone there honestly. wpfister
Joined Feb 7, 2013
53 points
Jun 16, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: stone depot
Thanks guys and who knows we might be the ones getting passed. Just curious. we do go out of our way to stay out of the way of more advanced groups and lend a helping hand less experienced groups. Jon Powell
Joined Jan 23, 2012
115 points
Jun 17, 2013
unless it´s a hugely long route I rarely bother to pass anyone, I find it pleasant to meet new climbers at belays and have a chat while our respective partners do their thing. Jim Titt
From Germany
Joined Nov 10, 2009
365 points
Jun 17, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: me
The worst thing is when you are sitting on a belay station and some other party comes up to share it. Already cramped, then one of the dudes decides to take off his shoes! Phew!
I had a good experience when two girls were decendign the route and landed on the station sharing beta and were just awesome inspiring people. One dude lit up a cig on belay... We met a british couple who were pretty cool actually. So, experiences vary as you may cool and just take it as it comes. Safety first, don't feel rushed and politely speak up if you have to.
Ellenore Zimmerman
Joined May 25, 2013
75 points
Sep 5, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Somewhere in Tuolumne, sometime early 80's
Add to the mix:

If you ever pass someone...
You becaome ten fold more responsible for other's safety below you.
You passed, they didn't choose to climb behind !
From Las Vegas NV
Joined Aug 18, 2007
112 points
Dec 23, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Linville Gorge!
If you pass, you BETTER not climb slow afterwards!

And yes, if you are slow, let groups pass. It's only polite. Kind of like driving a car. Be aware of the fact that others need to use the road.
Russ Keane
Joined Feb 8, 2013
512 points
Dec 23, 2013
If you were first to start the climb, you've earned the additional safety of not having a party climbing above you. Don't give it up lightly. Bill Lawry
From New Mexico
Joined Apr 16, 2006
1,718 points

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