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Moving to CO Springs
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Nov 12, 2012
I just finished paramedic school in Salt Lake and just landed a job with AMR in Colorado Springs (the pay in Utah is horrible). I am moving over in January with my wife and 3 y/o son. We were thinking about the Manitou Springs or northern CO Springs areas.
I have been reading the post about the guy from the east coast and mostly concerned about getting a place with a nice school and neighborhood for my son and family.
I love climbing, hiking, camping and pretty much anything else outdoors.
I was told to stay north of Platte/Hwy 24.
I'm oroginally from WA and love the snow so I was also wondering how much snow CO Springs usually get? Also how is the ice climbing?
From St. George
Joined Aug 1, 2010
116 points
Nov 12, 2012
I live in Manitou and love it. Originally from the east coast (NYC) and moved here about 11 years ago. Our son is in the Manitou School district and we love it. Small town feel and if you're into the numbers they rank tops. There are many that try to choice in even from the wealthier Cheyenne Mtn District. It's a hidden gem. Manitou has an interesting mix of people and is pretty safe. Lots of stuff to do for the kids. (we have a 4 yr old and a 10 yr old)
Close to climbing and at the base of pikes peak. Lots of outdoors stuff to do. Red Rocks which is a sport area is 5 minutes from Manitou. Not a destination climbing spot. Garden of the Gods is maybe 10. I stay away from there unless I climb on grey rock due to the insane amount of tourists in the other areas. 11 mile canon is about 45 minutes away., South platte is about the same depending on where you're headed. I head out for trail run most mornings right after I drop my son at school. Lots of hiking around here and there's a waterfall just on the edge of town. Traffic is practically nil, and 24 gets you out of town to destinations West.
Most of the houses in Manitou are old to very damn old. Drafty etc. but quant. There are rentals available. I would stay away from anything on Ruxton as that's where people head to get the cog rail up to the summit of pikes and the incline is up there as well, along with Barr TH. It can get crowded during the tourist season. It has progessively gotten more crowded during that time over the years but not overbearing.
Some decent restaurants to. Some really healthy like Adams Cafe and some not like Marylins.
Drugs yes, it's a hippie town, mostly weed. There are some real crunchy people here for sure. We rarely head east of i25 which is the main north/south highway.
As far as snow goes, CS is a high desert. We don't get jack shit for snow here. Kinda sucks. What we do get is generally gone the next day. It's sad that with most snow storms I can use a broom to sweep away the snow.
"H" Lampasso
From Manitou Springs
Joined Feb 13, 2006
114 points
Nov 12, 2012
Accurate description H Olaf Mitchell
From Paia, Maui, Hi,
Joined Mar 16, 2007
4,277 points
Nov 13, 2012
I'm not sure who said N of 24, but I can tell you they probably don't know much about the city.

The Cheyenne school district that H mentioned includes Cheyenne Canyon, so you may want to check out housing in that area or in nearby lower Skyway. There's some OK climbing in the canyon. There is some decent ice nearby; hit it on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds.

I also would check out the downtown area, though it's mostly older homes. Downtown is within district 11, and if you're there for the long haul, presumably your son would go to Palmer High School, which has an IB program.
Step hen
From Fort Collins, CO
Joined Jul 6, 2010
98 points
Nov 13, 2012

I have a very good friend who lives in CS. I'll see if I can get him to post up, or at least PM you. He's an avid rock and ice climber, skier and kayaker.

He's got some good perspectives on the area.
Nick Barczak
Joined Oct 9, 2008
133 points
Nov 13, 2012
Congrats on finishing P-School. I worked for AMR for quite a few years, its pretty busy place and you'll end up learning a lot. AMR is located on Powers but DO NOT even think about living over there! The drive across town isn't too bad, especially once you learn the shortcuts.

For locations, I think west of I-25 is the best- Manitou, Old Colorado City, etc. I think whoever told you to stay north of Platte meant more of central COS where you can definitely see the differences; South and SE are a little on the ghetto side.
The NW isn't too bad. older community but not quirky like Manitou
I used to live in Divide (45 min west), but the commute was killing us, so we're now in Manitou (again) and its a great compromise of being closer to town but not TOO close.
Also, Manitou can be a little pricey. You can find some deals though- I used to live near the garden of the gods trading post and although it was technically manitou, it was cheaper then the "center" of manitou springs. I loved that spot because we were so close to GOTG and it was fairly cheap to rent.

You're learn to either love or hate the sandstone at Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods. Pleanty of better stuff within two hours. SPlatte for granite and Shelf for limestone.
For Ice theres a few places locally, but you'll have to drive bit more to get to the good stuff (ie, Lincoln: 2 hrs, Vail: 3 hours, Ouray: 5 hours)
Steven N
From CO
Joined Dec 26, 2004
91 points
Jan 3, 2013
Thanks everyone for the tips! Ill be moving down for a month before the family comes down to find a place to live the end of this month.

I was wondering how the commute was from castle rock or maybe a little further north down to colorado springs? Do you guys have a train or light rail that you can commute to work on? Also how are the roads during the winter?

Ill be staying at the Vallue Place next to CO Springs airport for a month until I decide on where to live. I know its not the nicest of area but its right next to work.

Any more tips on where to live would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking at Northwest and West CO Springs mostly. I was also thinking about Peyton area but still not sure.
From St. George
Joined Aug 1, 2010
116 points
Jan 3, 2013
+1 for Manitou and the old north end near Colorado college is nice as well David Taft
From mostly Colorado
Joined May 17, 2011
6 points
Jan 3, 2013
I live in Rockrimmon and love it. Has a quiet feel...Close to GOG and Ute Valley Park. Easy access to freeways/city. Good luck with you're move. Joshua1979
From Colorado Springs, CO
Joined Apr 14, 2010
33 points
Jan 3, 2013
I grew up in the Springs but left for smaller towns 20 years but still go back.I have always hated Manitou Springs and this goes back to the late 60's. Hilly narrow streets with no parking and too many tourists.It used to be cheap to live there not so much anymore.Iknow people that live there and love it. The west side from I-25 is the best place although it has grown pricey since it got discovered in the 90's.The north west from Fillmore /Fontmore west of I-25 on top of the mesa is nice.Holland park is up there.Some areas n.w.of Garden of the God's road got hit pretty hard by the fires last summer.I still like the Springs but don't like the traffic and the head up their ass tea bagger mentality get's a little old. Kevinmurray
Joined Dec 20, 2012
5 points
Jan 5, 2013
Wow,I haves similar story. Moved from Seattle area to take a Paramedic job with AMR. Colorado Springs this time of year appears horribly brown, and if you're anything like me, you'll probably think you made a bad choice at first. You didn't. My wife and I chose to live on the far west side.(not quite Manitou, out was too expensive) We currently live within walking distance of two climbing areas, Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks. Its awesome. There are several AMR folk nearby and some hospital friends as well, all within a 5 block radius. All climbers. PM me and I'll show you around if you want, from the climber/AMR perspective. Danimal. Young
From Colorado Springs, CO
Joined May 15, 2009
1 points
Jan 5, 2013
+2 or 3 for Manitou. I live in the Crystal hills neighborhood , which is a decent compromise. Not in the middle of downtown Manitou with the tourists and crowds and easy to get to Colorado Springs proper. Red Rocks and various trails are right out the door too.

Ice climbing is minimal although Hully Gully is a moderate 2 pitch classic. Pikes Peak has excellent mixed lines in the spring and fall.
erik wellborn
From manitou springs
Joined Apr 3, 2008
386 points

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