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Most Memorable Dihedral You've Ever Climbed?
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Jan 24, 2012
Ryan Williams wrote:
...Thin Ice at the Needles...

Huh, I didn't think of TI as a dihedral. First pitch, you start off in a bit of a dihedral for a second and then it's straight-on. I thought of the second pitch more as a squeezing v-slot.... I guess it depends on how you look at it. Awesome climb, nonetheless.

An unmentioned dihedral I thought was memorable is Don Quixote at El Potrero Chico. Pretty good sport route anyhow.

OZ is memorable for me as well. That was an unrelenting pitch the day I climbed it, not the casual 10- Fossana found it ;).
Colonel Mustard
From Sacramento, CA
Joined Sep 13, 2005
1,055 points
Jan 24, 2012
+1 for the Book of Solemnity! Also, Partition on Upper Washbowl in the Adirondacks, Earthly Nights @ Poke-O-Moonshine in the Adirondacks, and Slim Pickins @ The Web in the Adirondacks. Chris Duca
From Havertown, PA
Joined Dec 16, 2006
1,955 points
Jan 24, 2012
Good thread; I like these topics that make you reminisce a bit.

Most memorable one for me was Triple S at Seneca Rocks; memorable because I first climbed it very early on- I think I was 15, and had just started leading. It is a long, sustained corner with a mostly thin-hands crack, but lots a feet keep it at 5.8+. Awesome. I think it was the second 5.8 I ever led.

Some others that have been particularly noteworthy and good:

Tomato (Seneca Rocks)- Also something I led early one, so memorable for that reason.

Pitch 8 (the Enduro Corner) on Freeride (Wallface, Adks)- My favorite pitch on a hidden classic in the Northeast.

Bonnie's Roof (Gunks) and Ant's Line (Gunks)- Two incredible steep corners with gigantic holds.

The Split Pillar on the Grand Wall (Squamish)- How has no one mentioned this one yet? Way classic, and one of the most aesthetic features I've ever climbed. Squamish holds a good number of other great corner pitches, especially on the Chief.

Layaway Plan (Indian Creek)- A corner that turns into a roof! Many other corner pitches at the Creek deserve recognition too, but this was my favorite among them.

Not My Cross to Bear (Penitente)- There are some great dihedral sport climbs out there too!

Open Book (Tahquitz)- Already mentioned several times. Not only is it historic, it is also just really good.

And many more to come... I haven't been to Devil's Tower yet, and I expect that I can find me some corners there.
From Seattle, WA
Joined Jun 9, 2008
5 points
Jan 24, 2012
Chris Duca wrote:
Partition on Upper Washbowl in the Adirondacks.

Oooh, forgot that one- so good!
From Seattle, WA
Joined Jun 9, 2008
5 points
Jan 24, 2012
+1 for Nightcrawler. Superb rock.

-1 for getting ropes stuck at the top as a snowstorm rolled in. I spent a few long, cold hours on top of that pillar while my partner learned to prusik 35m of icy ropes.
Alex Whitman
Joined Sep 30, 2009
250 points
Jan 24, 2012
High Times at Calaveras Dome:

Wailing Banshees, the Needles:

+1 for Nightcrawler, Red Rocks. Too many to name in the Valley - but my vote for most memorable easy dihedral pitch is the awesome 5.9 hands corner on p3 of the Rostrum.
Greg Barnes
Joined Apr 10, 2006
1,410 points
Jan 24, 2012
+1 for the Red Tower pitch on the Timebinder in Montana. Sustained, thoughtful moves in a perfect corner that goes from hands to fingers.

Other favorites are Hospital Corner at the leap, smooth granite with nice hands. And Oh My God Dihedral at Old Rag in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. This thing is steep and sustained the whole way. Clean granite makes for tricky footing, it will give you a run for your money at 10c.

Oh, and Coarse and Buggy at J-tree, which I think is pure corner climbing.
Steve C
From Missoula, MT
Joined Apr 18, 2007
35 points
Jan 24, 2012
The last pitch of recompense on cathedral ledge. I pulled around the overhang to find a peregrine falcon sitting on the horizontal jug I was gunning for.

Michael Dupont
Joined Sep 5, 2008
25 points
Jan 24, 2012
This thread needs more pictures:

Arcturus, Half Dome:
Rock Climbing Photo: Arcturus

Lowe Route, Zion:
Rock Climbing Photo: Lowe Route, Andy Burr Photo
Lowe Route, Andy Burr Photo

Not My Cross To Bare, Penitente:
Rock Climbing Photo: Penitente, Keith Ladzinski Photo
Penitente, Keith Ladzinski Photo
Mike Anderson
From Colorado Springs, CO
Joined Nov 15, 2004
2,670 points
Jan 24, 2012
This thread needs more photos (funny, Mike A and I apparently had the same thought at almost the exact same time)!!
Sunspot Dihedral on the Hulk, for sure. Take your pitch of any pitch after #2. They all have particularly amazing sections. Featured granite offering up rad smears, often a crimpy, stemmy crux to bypass a fused section of seam. There's even a little runout! So rad. Just thinking about this route (or any on the Hulk) makes my pulse elevate a bit... But don't just take my word for it! Photos:

Miranda following the delicate corner atop pitch 3
Rock Climbing Photo: the "scary" pitch. Scott said he had off...
the "scary" pitch. Scott said he had offsets. I had none.

Me following p4, which begins with the crimpy, stemmy crux protected by some tiny stoppers! (M. Oakley photo)
Rock Climbing Photo: Amazing corner climbing on p4 of sunspot.
Amazing corner climbing on p4 of sunspot.

Me topping out p4, surrounded by rad featured granite (M. Oakley photo)
Rock Climbing Photo: Up high on the awesome corner, pitch 4.
Up high on the awesome corner, pitch 4.

Others: El Matador at Devils Tower (!!!), the underrated Handbook in Tuolumne, some of the rad and delicate stemming on the Moratorium in the Valley... so good!
Nick Stayner
From Billings, MT
Joined Mar 6, 2006
2,260 points
Jan 24, 2012
probably black uhuru in the creek or gordons direct in little cottonwood. Greg G
From SLC, UT
Joined Oct 3, 2008
523 points
Jan 24, 2012
So hard to pick just one!

+1 for Open Book @ Tahquitz. Sure, it's historical, but it's also fantastic climbing!

Unfortunately, another of the best corners I have ever led is now closed on private property:
I only ever knew it as "The Classic Dihedral (5.9)" at the Crest Boulders in San Diego. This IS still closed right?
Christian "crisco" Burrell
From PG, Utah
Joined May 18, 2007
1,530 points
Jan 25, 2012
Plenty of primo corners in Eldo. Over the Hill comes to mind, Green Spur is pretty good Lucas79
From Asheville, NC
Joined May 25, 2010
145 points
Jan 25, 2012
Mr. Clean is at the top of my heap along with the second pitch of Cynical Pinnacle's Center Route. At a more humble level, but still superb, little ol' Star Wars in Eldorado: 20 feet of perfection leading to almost-as-good-but-easier terrain. CP and SW were landmark leads for me. Mr. Clean I followed free, clean and chalkless; still a proud occasion many years later. flynn
Joined Feb 9, 2002
25 points
Jan 25, 2012
The Good Book. As a side note, I remember almost puking up purple vomit during that last pitch...

Black Uhuru anyone?
Mark Vogel
From Lander, WY
Joined Sep 9, 2008
0 points
Jan 25, 2012
Anyone notice weird coincidences on the Mountain Project home page lately?

--- Invalid image id: 107449470 ---

And last week:

--- Invalid image id: 107449471 ---

What mind-reading technology are you using, Nick?
Joined Jul 9, 2007
12,225 points
Jan 25, 2012
T Roper
Joined Mar 31, 2006
730 points
Jan 25, 2012
Rock Climbing Photo: Dave ripping up the Perfect Corner on Freerider. Y...
Dave ripping up the Perfect Corner on Freerider. Yosemite.

Perfect Corner on theSalathe/Freerider was a top contender for me. Soo much exposure up there not to mention a few hard moves.
Kevin Stricker
From Evergreen, CO
Joined Oct 20, 2002
325 points
Jan 25, 2012
Not My Cross to Bear. One of my favorites.
Doug Lintz
From Kearney, NE
Joined Apr 19, 2004
900 points
Jan 25, 2012
Perfect pink granite
From In a van down by the river, Ne
Joined Oct 9, 2010
90 points
Jan 25, 2012
Cenotaph Eric Engberg
Joined Apr 28, 2009
0 points
Jan 25, 2012
Rock Climbing Photo: Bob Kamps high up on "Ant Killer" 5.9 Dr...
Bob Kamps high up on "Ant Killer" 5.9 Drapers Bluff, SoIl
jhn payne
Joined Oct 27, 2009
13 points
Jan 25, 2012
Read wrote:
Perfect pink granite

Followed by Return to Forever - best linkup!
Joined Sep 26, 2008
212 points
Jan 25, 2012
Wow great pictures and inspiration. This just means even more routes for my never ending to-do list. Thanks everyone!

My memory sucks, so as usual my most memorable dihedral is the one I have been jazzed about most recently, which is The Watchtower in Sedona, AZ. I wish I had some great photos of it to really add to this thread, but will have to settle for a link to the route description.
From Phoenix
Joined May 16, 2006
2,540 points
Jan 25, 2012
Milk Run in Squamish is pretty memorable -- once you get to it, anyway. Brad Leneis
Joined Sep 5, 2009
38 points

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