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LRC camping
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Jan 12, 2012
Going to Little Rock City at the end of January and tryin to figure the place out a little bit before i get there. Never been before so dont really know what the camping situation is or if there is even any camping located near the boulder feilds. I've heard about a hostel near by, but dont know if it would be better there or finding a campground. Any info on this subject would be helpful, thanks. D.Arnold
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Jan 12, 2012
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No good camping that is close to LRC. The guidebook lists your options, but roughly, here they are:

T-Wall parking lot: free, usually a crew of climbers to hang, bonfire, drink beer with, but no facilities. Also a solid 45 minutes from LRC.

Chester Frost State Park: pay sites, toilets, 30 min from LRC.

There's also a hunter's check station parking lot with free camping that I have heard is less trashy than T-wall. It's up Suck Cree5k Canyon, again, about 45 mins from LRC.

The final option is, if you have 4 people, just go in on a cheap motel room. That's my preferred option. It usually comes to like $10/person/night, which is less than the Chattanooga hostel.
From Vandalia, Appalachia
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Jan 12, 2012
There is camping close to LRC...North Chicamauga Pocket Wilderness is at the base of the mountain before you head up and past Leda on your way to Montlake golf course. Last I heard, you can camp there, although sometimes its closed and folks have mentioned the same meth head problems with cars parked over night as cars parked at T wall during the day have...break ins and thefts. Anybbody know about camping on the Cumberland trail over at or near Deep Creek? I know the SCC mentioned that this purchase was going to open up the possibiities for camping only 3 miles from LRC. I think the hunter's check camping mentioned in the previous post is near Davis Pond (I think) up above T Wall and near the Pot Point boulders (another set of less developed/talked about boulders on game land). Its about a 30-45 minute drive to get from the camping area to LRC (about a 20 minute ride on dirt roads plus about 15-20 minutes to get to LRC once on paved roads), but the camping is free and Pot Point actually has some good boulder routes to send too. I have an old Dr Topo of Pot Point, if you need some beta on the place, shoot me an e-mail and I can send it in a reply. After travelling around and bouldering in several different countries and a dozen or so states, I still think that LRC is one of the top 3 boulderfields EVER (Fontainebleau and Squamish are up there on my list too). Enjoy the primo sandstone and incredible variety of killer routes! Brad Caldwell
From Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
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Jan 12, 2012
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The idea of camping at Deep Creek has been abandoned due to conflict of interest with neighbors. The only authorized campsite at the North Chick Pocket is a 4 mile hike in from the parking area. Your best bet for camping is Chester Frost. It is really only 20 minutes max from LRC. Here is a link.
Swamp Cookie
From da Bayou
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Jan 13, 2012
Rock Climbing Photo: Beau on Sahale Peak in N. Cascades, Wash
Wow. Is LRC still limited to 35 climbers a day? Racoon Mtn campgroud could be an option too. We have stayed there when climbing at TWall. Although, it is quite the drive too. The hostel is pretty freaking awesome and in downtown chatty Beau Vignes
From pensacola, fl
Joined Apr 17, 2007
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Jan 13, 2012
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No LRC isn't limited, but there is a small day fee.

If you are into camping, ya, the options above are pretty much it. It's pretty much a PITA to get to LRC from any "freeish" camping.

Chester Frost seems kind of pricey, $21 bucks in a tent area with water yikes... basically you can stay in the hostel if you are going to pony up that kind of cash, ($27) plus you get breakfast and coffee at Crash.

Place great, not an old creaky house like so many are. The guys that work there are out at LRC a lot this time of year and can provide all kinds of great info for other areas like rocktown and hp40.
James Arnold
From Chattanooga
Joined Dec 21, 2008
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Jan 13, 2012
Rock Climbing Photo: voodoo
It all depends on your money situation and how many people are with you to split the bill. If I were going alone, I would hit the Crash Pad. If I had no money, I would sleep in my car at Walmart. A tent area for $16.00 split between 4 buddies is not a bad option. Who needs running water. Just walk to the restroom. Swamp Cookie
From da Bayou
Joined Jun 24, 2009
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Jan 16, 2012
Thanks for the infor guys. Looks like the hostel will be the most convienent with a group of folks.

p.s. Beau, you should make the trip with us if you can. I know Nam, Jenny, and Jimmy are definately goin plus Will, Marshall, Sam, and Collin are possibly goin. Haven't heard anything from F.J. and Danielle yet. Let me know if your interested.
Joined Feb 8, 2011
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Feb 19, 2012
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If you drive past the Montlake signs (the turn to go to the golf course) you can find a gravel parking lot and trail access. There are a few spots to camp along the trail. ChillFancy
From Chattanooga, TN
Joined Feb 7, 2012
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Apr 15, 2013
Rock Climbing Photo: Deciphering the top!
If you are getting into town late, Chester Frost stops renting sites at 9:00 sharp and closes the gate at 10:00!

We stayed at Possum Creek RV & Campground this trip. It's about 25 mins out and they were totally relaxed. We had a group of 7 plus two kids, three tents and a hammock for two nights and they charged us $30!

They have showers and a lot of campsites. I did not see electric other than in the bathrooms.
Jay Shultis
From Oneonta, NY
Joined Apr 29, 2010
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Apr 20, 2013
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ChillFancy wrote:
If you drive past the Montlake signs (the turn to go to the golf course) you can find a gravel parking lot and trail access. There are a few spots to camp along the trail.

Are we sure that's legal Davis? If so then hell yeah. But honestly, it'd be ashame to not spend a night at The Crash Pad, it's probably the most climber friendly establishment in the known universe.
From Golden, Colorado
Joined Jul 20, 2010
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