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Is the 'Rado better than CA?
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Feb 5, 2014
So I was reading a thread over on ST a few months ago and some guy satirized a lot of 'rado-centric behaviors,b ut actually lead to me the 'rado better than CA as a place to live for cli;mbing? CA has more tall stuff, but the 'rado has more scrappy routes. :)

What say you?
Andre H.
From Boulder
Joined Nov 8, 2012
16 points
Feb 5, 2014
I've lived in both states. Colorado is definitely better, unless you live within 1 hour of Yosemite, Joshua Tree, or the High Sierras. Not sure what you mean by scrappy routes. TBrumme Brumme
From denver, co
Joined Dec 14, 2011
234 points
Feb 5, 2014
I have also lived in both states. IMO, Sierras > Rockies. That beautiful, flawless, white High Sierra Granite runs laps around the choss lumps that exist over here, scenery and climbing wise. As for actual living, Colorado is better if you are anywhere west of the Front Range cluster f*ck of suburban facelessness. That said, it's still better than the Bay Area/LA/San Diego mega metropolises.

Living in the CA central valley would most definitely suck, but proximity to amazing climbing wouldn't make it too bad.

Living in way eastern Colorado wouldn't be too good for a climber.

Living in the actual Sierras/anywhere on the East Side would trump anywhere in Colorado though.
David A
From Boulder, CO
Joined Oct 23, 2008
162 points
Feb 5, 2014
living in rado sux, stay in ca Buff Johnson
Joined Dec 19, 2005
1,511 points
Feb 5, 2014
ShredDogs from the RADo are SCRAPPY compared to the softies from Cali… ;D Cor
Joined Mar 6, 2006
1,488 points
Feb 5, 2014
Weeds legal in CO. . . GhaMby Eagan
From Heaven
Joined Oct 2, 2006
426 points
Feb 5, 2014
David A pretty much sums it up.

Adding a few additional benefits to the Sierra:
  • the high concentration of phenomenal alpine routes within ~150 miles of the range from Bridgeport to Lone Pine with Yosemite intersecting the middle of the range
  • far less frequent t-storms
  • most of the trailheads are on National Forest (versus National Park) land so no one cares if you bivy at the trailhead

Having lived both on the E Side and the Front Range, I will add that Eldo provides a better local option for winter trad than what you'd get in Bishop, but you still have sport, bouldering and places like J-tree and Red Rocks within ~4.5 hrs.
From leeds, ut
Joined Apr 30, 2006
13,068 points
Feb 5, 2014
This must be a troll..... Guy Keesee
From Moorpark, CA
Joined Mar 1, 2008
368 points
Feb 5, 2014
End of discussion right there for many. Norm Larson
From Wilson, Wy.
Joined Jan 26, 2008
60 points
Feb 5, 2014
Boulder isn't CA??? That's news to me. Ryan Kempf
From Boulder, CO
Joined Jul 26, 2011
265 points
Feb 5, 2014
Western Colorado ain't bad knowbuddy Buddy
Joined Jul 19, 2010
241 points
Feb 5, 2014
fossana, you must be referring to RMNP. Damn near all trailheads in rado are on National Forest land. s.price
From PS,CO
Joined Dec 1, 2010
1,385 points
Feb 5, 2014
I went to grad school in SoCal. Been in Denver 9 months now.
If you have a job that requires you to be near a large city, then living in Boulder, Denver, or Golden is a much better situation that living in LA, the Bay, or San Diego. I do not miss driving 6 hours to Yosemite, 4.5 to Bishop, 4 to Red rocks or 2.5 to Jtree or 2 to Tahquitz. Plenty of long and back country routes in CO, if you get out to the Black canyon, RMNP, and South Platte.
Only thing I miss about CA is the more consist weather for winter rock climbing in JTree. If I could work out of my car or from home, I would say CA and CO are equivalent.
Jack Ziegler
From Golden, CO
Joined May 6, 2010
66 points
Feb 5, 2014
live in western Colorado. it's the best of all climbing worlds. you get all that 'rado has to offer plus all the best of Utah is just as close. george wilkey
From travelers rest sc
Joined Jan 23, 2013
258 points
Feb 5, 2014
Arizona beats both states and we are nihilists so it does not matter loboski. We care about nothing. Robin like the bird
From mountain center ,CA
Joined Jun 17, 2008
315 points
Feb 5, 2014
Having lived in both southern and northern California and in several areas of Colorado IMO, Cali has way more exploring and climbing than in Co. Colorado is beautiful, but actually kinda kinda monotonous. One of my my favorite sayings is Wyoming is Colorados best kept secret. Ryan N
From Bellingham, WA
Joined May 21, 2009
178 points
Feb 5, 2014
It's difficult to live/work anywhere in California that has a ton of fantastic climbing 10 minutes away.

And, if you look at a 6 hour radius in Colorado, you include some areas in Utah and Wyoming.

California has amazing climbing, fer sure, but it takes a lot more time and driving to access it.

Which is better? I'd say it depends upon your lifestyle.
Alan Doak
From boulder, co
Joined Oct 1, 2007
131 points
Feb 5, 2014
I think the general idea here is that it's all about where you live in each state.

I agree with disgust at the urban sprawl, and truly world class ice climbing opportunities within a 2 hr are more limited than in SW Colorado. But honestly, I just can't imagine any area in California competes with the Front Range in terms of Liveability for a climber.

The Denver-Boulder area has a booming economy with varied job opportunities and a great social scene. With all of the major pro sports represented, an unlimited number of quality microbreweries and well, legal weed. Your time off the rope is never going to be boring.

Then there's the climbing. At my last count there are ten climbing gyms in Denver/Golden/Boulder, the SPlatte, Eldorado Canyon and Lumpy ridge have enough world class multi pitch cragging to last a lifetime, Clear Creek Canyon has sport climbs galore and while not as splitter as the High Sierra, RMNP has plenty of killer alpine climbing to keep you busy. Then in the winter you're never more than a 2 hr drive to awesome skiing/snowboarding (even if you take the I-70 mountains out of the equation, because well, traffic sucks). Not to mention all of the killer places to simply take a hike if you're feeling burned out on climbing. (With five 14ers to peak bag within an hour and a half of Denver.)

And that's all without mentioning all of the Bouldering in Morrison, Boulder Canyon, Mt. Evans and Flagstaff Mountain, or the more or less serviceable ice climbing at Lincoln Falls and in RMNP.

The answer to a topic like this is generally finding the balance where the climbing/working/lifestyle options all converge. And on that Venn Diagram, the Colorado Fromt range hits that sweet spot better than any place in America.
The Blueprint Part Dank
From FEMA Region VIII
Joined Jun 21, 2013
474 points
Feb 5, 2014
Dank, I agree with a lot of the things you said but I would not say that just because X activity is within a two-hour drive away makes the FR a great place. That's why everybody in Colorado is on the road all the time to do what they want (hence our horrible traffic problem), though I guess the same could be said for the California metro areas. Step hen
From Fort Collins, CO
Joined Jul 6, 2010
98 points
Feb 5, 2014
Front Range Summer/Fall -> Joshua Tree Winter/Early Spring.

Problem solved.
Ryan Watts
From Bishop, CA
Joined Apr 15, 2013
47 points
Feb 5, 2014
Hmm. Flip flops or snow shovel. Flip flops or snow shovel. Tough decision. Will S
From Joshua Tree
Joined Nov 15, 2006
1,377 points
Feb 5, 2014
The surfing is sure better here in CA. NorCalNomad Blank
From San Francisco
Joined Oct 6, 2011
127 points
Feb 5, 2014
s.price wrote:
fossana, you must be referring to RMNP. Damn near all trailheads in rado are on National Forest land.

You're right S. Price; I should qualify this as my frustration with the Park. The bivy situation anywhere within 30 min of trailheads like Glacier Gorge is dismal.
From leeds, ut
Joined Apr 30, 2006
13,068 points
Feb 5, 2014
I like chocolate. NC Rock Climber
From The Oven, AKA Phoenix
Joined Dec 6, 2009
71 points
Feb 5, 2014
Ryan N wrote:
One of my my favorite sayings is Wyoming is Colorados best kept secret.

Kirk L
From Fort Collins, CO
Joined May 9, 2010
109 points
Feb 5, 2014
Northstar Tahoe 18" base, Breckenridge 78" base Ross Hokett
From Little Rock, AR
Joined Jun 19, 2011
210 points

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