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Indian Creek (mostly) number 2 Size Cracks?
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Apr 5, 2012
Is there a wall at Indian Creek that has routes like this one:

but more than one at that wall? Shorter routes are fine as well.

#3/3.5 is not a good size for me and it would be my first trip, so I'm trying to stick to what I'm more solid at for now.

Or if that's a pipe dream also let me know.

Thanks much.
From Casa do Cacete
Joined Jul 22, 2005
915 points
Apr 5, 2012
Don't know about a complete wall of #2 size cracks, but Generic Hand Crack in Donnelly Canyon is about that size. So is Incredible Hand Crack over on Supercrack Buttress. Robert Buswold
From Longmont, CO
Joined Jul 5, 2010
20 points
Apr 5, 2012
Go climb where your friends are climbing. Make the best of whatever crag you're at. There are hand cracks everywhere and you are doing yourself a disservice by only climbing the 2's, even on your first trip. Do the climbs that have varied sizes. It's good for you. Indian creek is the best training if you do it right. S Denny
From Aspen, CO
Joined Sep 25, 2008
15 points
Apr 5, 2012
your right ankle will be cursing your soul for all of eternity if you do bunny slope as your first hand sized crack. I'd recommend shorter things too for a first trip out. Supercrack buttress really is a great place to start if you can avoid the inevitable crowds. you have Incredible Hand Crack, and a bit to its left, just to the right of 3AM crack is a stellar unnamed 5.10 handcrack through some slots and pods. The crux is wriggling your way out of the big one, but it is SLAMMER hands in the back of it. theres Supercrack too, but its certainly wider at the top. Twin crack is a great baby start crack with a bit of everything and just about zero stress. Across the way you have Generic, but its a sandbag and a half at '9+'. the pods at the bottom are pretty damn tricky and if you dont fly past them, you will be gassed for sure for the rest of the route.

have fun, wear shoes you dont mind getting trashed that have your toes totally flat, and get ready to be humbled!
Phill T
Joined May 5, 2008
30 points
Apr 5, 2012
Check out chocolate corner and binou's crack for starters. They are 9s and one or both has some thin hand sections to get you comfortable with the thought of doing something other than perfect hands. Then I would branch out to the 10s. Wavy gravy is fun and for the most part good hands and I think a route called the "thing" (near the drainpipe was a fun 10 that has a couple cracks in a corner that I enjoyed. Branch out and you may surprise yourself and end up having more fun. And yes generic is perfect hands and worth doing. Bring MANY #2s and a 70 to get you down. And Incredible really is incredible. Have fun. Those two routes are popular so expect to wait in line. Adam Paashaus
From Greensboro, North Carolina
Joined May 20, 2007
578 points
Apr 5, 2012
johnL's got a pretty valid point. the majority of the cracks that i can think of with significant sections of slammer hands tend to have some sections of more difficult climbing.

neat and hayutake at optimator - tricky entry moves with slightly tricky gear. jagged wedge at the gash - a small section of OW. rock lobster at broken tooth - significantly harder finish. unnamed handcrack at broken tooth - a couple wider sections and awkward changing corners. unnamed handcrack at the res - funkier start. unnamed crack on R side of petrified hornet - spooky finger start w/ detached block and harder finish. deseret moon at cat wall - jumbled low quality start or difficult start that has a reputation for spitting out gear (your choice).

nothing in life comes for free son. at some point you will learn to appreciate the 'different' sizes.
Joined Dec 1, 2004
885 points
Apr 5, 2012
The most perfect gold splitter, with no hard sections, no wide sections, in all of Indian Creek, is Crack Attack:

Oh, you meant Indian Creek in UTAH?
From Vandalia, Appalachia
Joined Jun 27, 2006
1,190 points
Apr 5, 2012
the most fun cracks i've ever done at the creek are the climbs i wasn't planning on doing! following a friend up their project or coming around a corner to discover some obscure climb that inspires me. i'm no 5.12 climber like JohnL or some of these other guys so trust me when i say you can have fun on every size of crack in the creek at a moderate grade. have fun! Greg G
From SLC, UT
Joined Oct 3, 2008
523 points
Apr 6, 2012
3AM and Neat are heavy on #3 camalots IIRC. that being said, don't hesitate jumping on them or The Supercrack, because the feet are so good! I'm more comfortable with 1s but still enjoy them. it's closed till Aug, but if you could deal with some chimneying for a bit, The Slot Machine opens up to the longest #2 handcrack. As was stated, the pods on Generic are more like #4 - yuck doligo
Joined Sep 26, 2008
212 points
Apr 6, 2012
Let me know if you need any cams. Will not need them for a day or two. 1Eric Rhicard
Joined Feb 15, 2006
7,510 points
Apr 6, 2012
Two timer; far left Second Meat Wall. Bryan Gall
From New Castle, CO
Joined Sep 15, 2002
255 points
Apr 19, 2012
Phill T wrote:
your right ankle will be cursing your soul for all of eternity if you do bunny slope as your first hand sized crack.

HAHA so true, was my first lead in the creek/ever and my ankle felt terrible. lllong route but easy and fun!
From Akron, Ohio
Joined Feb 6, 2011
0 points
Apr 19, 2012
are you kidding me...whats happened to poor Indian Creek Keith Beckley
Joined Oct 21, 2011
100 points
Apr 19, 2012
+1 to johnL and S Denny.

You don't go to IC to climb what you're good at, you go to climb what you suck at. It's the best training you'll ever get. Just go wherever your group is going and get on everything that you possibly can. If there is a TR around and you don't get on it, you've missed the whole point of going to IC.

You're going to be standing below 2 and 300 foot walls that have bolts at the top of every crack, usually less than half way up the wall. It's the most sport influenced "traditional area" on earth. The area has been developed as a training ground for towers and big walls.

Sure, once you get addicted you can search for those route that have your locker sizes, but in the beginning it's better to just get crushed by anything and everything. You'll have a lot more fun if you throw all expectations out the window, and take everything as a learning experience. The more you fall, the more you will learn.
Ryan Williams
From London (sort of)
Joined May 10, 2009
1,215 points

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