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From Mountain Project and Black Diamond: Ask Adam Ondra
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General Admin
Oct 7, 2016
Hey MP community!

Black Diamond just gave us a jingle to tell us that they will be doing a Facebook Live session with Adam Ondra next Tuesday morning.

What's awesome is they want to start the interview with questions from you, the core climbing community. List your questions here, and if yours gets picked, BD will send you a beanie.

It's a public forum, so ask whatever you want, but questions about training, travel, real life, and climbing hard certainly stand a better chance of reaching Mr. 5.15b. As of now, timing for Tues is TBD--we'll update this thread once Ondra is pinned down. Ask away!
Rock Climbing Photo: Photo by Jan Novak
Photo by Jan Novak
Shannon Davis
Joined Sep 15, 2015
96 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Wunsch's Dihedral
Adam, what's the best Trad climb you've ever been on?

Also, Dawn Wall in a day? Any chance of that?

Best regards.
Don Ferris
From Eldorado Springs
Joined Nov 27, 2012
143 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: MUSHROOM
How frequently, if ever, do you find yourself in a motivational slump. Do you have advice for working through these slumps and boosting motivation? apoet
From AZ
Joined Oct 2, 2015
120 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Viking helmet cover, yep.
What do you think its the hardest move on any route you've done? I ask this because it seems like often when you hear that there's a new 9b route, it's an extension of an easier route where, for example, it earns its grade of 9b because you have an 8c+ followed by a 8c followed by some 8b at the top, etc. which all add up to make the total grade 9b. I haven't really heard of a route that's mostly a lower grade, but is 9b because of a single stopper 9b move. So, have you ever done a route with a single move that you would consider to be 9a+ or 9b all on its own? Abram Herman
From Golden, CO
Joined May 23, 2009
42 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Conjoined Twin Myslexia (10d)
Us mortals are curious, what's the easiest route you've ever established? Syasorus
Joined Jun 11, 2013
64 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: At the base of 'Chicken Rock'.
Do you get tired of answering the same stuff over and over? Daniel H. Bryant
From Colorado Springs, CO
Joined Sep 5, 2013
312 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Maple Canyon - Pipedream
Hi Adam-

After balancing school and climbing (Travel, training, etc), how do you plan on going forward in the future? Do you plan on going to work using your education, or focusing on climbing and route establishment? (or both)


From Flagstaff, AZ
Joined Mar 17, 2013
23 points
Oct 7, 2016
climbing friend,

do you ever get tired of having the forearms refreshed during the satisfaction of the bold flash?

i'm asking, you know, for a friend
Andre H.
From Boulder
Joined Nov 8, 2012
16 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Tezcatlipoca, Moab Utah
Adam "The demon" Ondra,

What do you practice away from the rock in order to maintain mental composure during moments of extreme fear or doubt? (i.e. meditation, reading, yoga, etc.) And when you are on the rock and the fear grips how do you overcome it? what goes through your mind? And how do you regain control over your body?

(I understand these are multiple questions, yet they are interrelated, so essentially it is like asking one giant question.)

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Laronicus Lehmanold
From Salt Lake, UT
Joined Feb 19, 2014
281 points
Oct 7, 2016
Hi Adam,
Who is your favorite original member of the Wu-Tang Clan - limited to only those who appeared on the 36 Chambers Album.
Joined Apr 11, 2011
16 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: REtro
It's the ODB as you Can see! You made me look it up and he was born in Feb of 93. 36 Chambers came out in Nov 93. The more you know! R. Moran
From Moab , UT
Joined Mar 18, 2009
144 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Coffee after freezing our asses off near James Pea...
Adam, my friend Zuzana Smitkova is Czech and lives in Praha. She says she has met you a few times, or even has climbed with you before. I don't think she has gone outdoors to climb in quite some time. Would you please get her outside soon? Stich
From Colorado Springs, Colorado
Joined Jan 1, 2001
1,669 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Belaying 2nd (or was it 3rd? 4th?) on Turk's Head ...
Uh...isn't it Mr. 15c now?

Anyways, to Adam: I'm really curious about your choice in shoes. I've noticed that you put up a lot of your hardest stuff in the old school Miura laces and recently worked on a redesign project for La Sportiva. What has kept you in the Miura LU over the many more aggressive options Sportiva has to offer, such as the Testarossa, Solution, Genius, etc., or even the Miura VS ? What do you look for in a shoe when climbing 5.15?
Ted Pinson
From Chicago, IL
Joined Jul 11, 2014
183 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Aleks
climbing friend,

how is your life as smaller climber?

1) strength to weight ratio most satisfactory, but are you ever wishing that you are having big body and large, meaty, beveinified, spectacular guns so mighty as mine?

2) my friend beavis njordlund climbs 5.8 in the gym, and he hears about your training 6+ days per week hard boulder, violent campusing, and angry hangboarding, etc. Do you have advice for him on how to avoid injury when starting this program with no climbing or training experience?

3) do you believe sexual frustration is important for training motivation or sending next level route, and do you utilize it in your own cycles?
Aleks Zebastian
From Boulder, CO
Joined Jul 3, 2014
162 points
Oct 7, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Summit of Tiffany Mountain, Okanogan County, WA.

Do you think that there is a limit to how hard people can climb, or will climbing continue to advance? Obviously the advancements are getting smaller, but will the sport eventually reach a limit as far as difficulty is? If so, what grade do you feel that would happen at?

Gavin W
Joined Feb 19, 2015
129 points
Oct 7, 2016
What is your process for finding/establishing a new route? Do you immediately see a potentially climbable route on a wall or is there is great deal of time and consideration that goes into scouting out the perfect route? Chad Manigan
Joined Oct 7, 2016
0 points
Oct 8, 2016
What climbers do you most admire?
Joined Dec 28, 2014
105 points
Oct 8, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: black Orpheus

How do dangerous routes (R, X, or ropeless ascents) affect you? Does the mind game matter or do you crush that with ease?

What's the hardest route you've done on gear?

Also, I know it's belated, but the footage of you flashing Jade was one of the most impressive climbing feats I've seen. Totally badass!
From Santa Rosa, CA
Joined Jun 11, 2010
407 points
Oct 8, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Old Lady H
Why do you just rate a beanie for a prize, when the others had gear, ropes, etc.? Don't answer. I don't want a beanie, unless maybe Cecil comes with it. Old lady H
From Boise, Idaho
Joined Aug 24, 2015
73 points
Oct 8, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Belaying 2nd (or was it 3rd? 4th?) on Turk's Head ...
Probably because it's Adam Ondra. I've heard that just talking to him raises your climbing a V grade. Ted Pinson
From Chicago, IL
Joined Jul 11, 2014
183 points
Oct 8, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Sitting on Rock
This 'community ' is such a rag tag bunch of freaks!

And to think this is where they came for some serious questions!!! Haha!!! It took 5 posts to descend into madness!

... but I love it!
From LI, NY
Joined Jan 1, 2015
35 points
Oct 8, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Old Lady H
A real question, then.

Climbing seems to attract a lot of bright, creative types, lots of STEM majors. Do you have a geeky interest that would surprise people? A star wars Lego collection? Add columns of numbers for fun? Argue metric versus imperial? Wait, scratch that last one.

And I still am not excited about a beanie.
Old lady H
From Boise, Idaho
Joined Aug 24, 2015
73 points
Oct 9, 2016
Hi Adam,
What's your favorite hometown (and/or Czech Republic) climbing area and why?
Marek Sotola
Joined Oct 8, 2016
0 points
Oct 9, 2016
Rock Climbing Photo: Red Rock
How often do you get tired of dealing with all the notoriety and just want to go climb and be left alone? ViperScale
Joined Dec 22, 2013
201 points
Oct 9, 2016
Dear Adam
As a young beginner climber, what are some essential skills or training techniques to learn in order to become a better climber down the road?
Chandler Yen
Joined Oct 9, 2016
0 points
Oct 10, 2016
Hey Adam,

I'd love to see what you call a great basic training program that someone who works full time could follow to stay in 5.12 to 5.13- fitness.

Seth Weinert
Joined Aug 29, 2013
10 points

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