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Blue ridge reservoir and East Clear Creek
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Jul 31, 2012
Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

We were heading up our second route of the day when a ranger approached us and said we were climbing illegally. She said that the entire area was bolted without permission and that we weren't supposed to be climbing there. Interestingly though she was the third ranger to pass us in an hour, but the first to say something. I've already notified Access Fund of the issue. Just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else there?
From tucson az
Joined Nov 17, 2011
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Aug 2, 2012
never had this happen to me, where exactly was it that rangers were approaching and passing by you? definitely not winslow wall and most likely not deep in blue ridge... was it powerline crag or something? Mark Mueller
From Flagstaff, AZ
Joined Nov 4, 2011
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Aug 4, 2012
We were at this place called East Clear Creek ( not the Clear Creek near Winslow), Recreation Wall to be exact, off of the FR 95 just after the bridge. It's the road just north of the turn to Blue Ridge. I asked her if power line was off limits as well and she said yes. I've been in contact with A.F so im hoping that she is incorrect because we really enjoyed climbing at power line and would like to go back there hassle/worry free. TeresaG
From tucson az
Joined Nov 17, 2011
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Aug 9, 2012
That's BS. Don't let them push you around. Ask to see the regulation that requires permission to bolt. CJD
From Chino Valley, AZ
Joined Apr 5, 2007
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Aug 10, 2012
The only ranger concerns are climbing on the Roadside Wall. This is a blasted wall which is right on the road where climbers park in front of the wall on the road causing a bottleneck of curiosity to the boat trailer traffic.

Recreation Wall is not directly in the Blue Ridge Reservoir area and is up the road a few more miles north. The wall is steep sandstone and is in the East Clear Creek parking lot. The ranger is probably concerned about curiosity problems like the Roadside Wall. There has never been climbing issues in the past. Possibly a misinformed ranger throwing their weight around that is unfamiliar with rock climbing.
The Recreation Wall is a safe place to climb, but you will draw a crowd.

karabin museum
From phoenix. AZ
Joined Aug 5, 2009
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Aug 12, 2012
This caught my attention, since I have climbed at Blue Ridge many times, and I believe I met the same exact female Ranger you are referring to. She told us the same thing that we were climbing in an area that had been bolted illegally. I had my lovely Marty Karabin Route map and showed this to the Ranger who had apparently never seen it before. It is sad that there are so many rules and regulations regarding nature and the Rocks we all love and climb, we left to eat lunch and swim returning later with no problems for the rest of the day. I would like to also thank Marty for putting up some great routes here and for helping establish other climbing areas in the state. ScottieG
Joined Aug 12, 2012
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Aug 12, 2012
did the ranger in question dazzle you with bull shit, or were you truly in the wrong? how's one to know?

while every idiot in the woods thinks that they are entitled to do whatever they feel like they want to do, the truth is that there is no true restrictions concerning rock climbing on the blue ridge ranger district. however, if you block or restrict the use of a road (with your vehicle or gear or belayer or i suppose by creating a spectacle by climbing a road cut) you are not only being stupid but violating federal law 36 CFR 261.12(d).

simply being viewable by the non-climbing public from a road is definitely not illegal, nor is bolting at this time in the coconino national forest(provided you're not in the wilderness, but that's another thread isn't it.) and climbing on bolted routes is certainly not restricted, except by the MP ethics police. so, was the ranger in question incorrect in telling you that climbing there was illegal, yes. were you causing a potential hazard by climbing there, maybe.

there are rules and regulations regarding climbing, and nearly everything else you could think of to do in the "land of the free." take a little time to educate yourself on those rules and become a more informed citizen, its not very hard, the Coconino puts all its rules right on their web site.

for those of you who don't know (probably most everyone) TITLE 36, CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, 261 - SUBPART A, contains the laws applicable within every national forest in the country, though the collateral fine amounts differ by region. SUBPART B is also valid in all national forests provided there is a current order written for it. for instance, Coconino National Forest special order# 04-153 activates 36CFR 261.53(e), a special closure for "public health and safety" and pertains, in this particular case, to an area closed to climbing and rappelling at the overlook. additionally, a map of said order must, and is, included in the special order.

so go ahead and print yourself off a copy of Title 36 code of federal regulations and read it at night to go to sleep. inform yourself about all the things you have been doing wrong all these years you have been camping. just please remember that those rangers are out there trying to protect the resource and provide for the public safety of everyone using the National Forest, not just whiny rock climbers on roadside choss.

Joined Mar 2, 2008
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Aug 15, 2012
Bolters were taken to court for bolting in Coronado Natl Forest. Some other folks here probably remember it better but the case was dropped. The rangers were going after them for abandoning gear (bolts). It sets a precedent allowing bolts.

Now if we could just bolt some anchors at the Forks...
manuel rangel
From Tempe, Arizona
Joined Jan 27, 2006
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