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Best climbing towns?
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Feb 1, 2010
camhead wrote:
Salt Lake City really sucks. It is over 90%+ Mormon and there are no bars. Don't go there.

Ya, SLC really sucks. Cross it off your list and look elsewhere...
Tyler King
From Salt Lake, UT
Joined Jun 26, 2008
475 points
Feb 1, 2010
Definitely not Salt Lake. In addition to what Camhead and other have said, the locals have no sense of humor and can't detect sarcasm. Mike Anderson
From Colorado Springs, CO
Joined Nov 15, 2004
2,670 points
Feb 1, 2010
Let's hear from some more Durango folks, what makes your town the best? Matt McKibben
From Durango, Co
Joined May 21, 2006
0 points
Feb 1, 2010
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Salt Lake has it's up sides and down sides. Lots of great new choss being bolted into submission though..if yer into chossport heroics.
Joined Feb 10, 2006
210 points
Feb 1, 2010
Chattanooga, TN. Best climbing town for bouldering, sport climbing, and single pitch trad in the country. If you're a hater then you haven't been, or your a local trying to keep people away.

I was once told by a one time Boulder local that now lives in Chattanooga that TN has more "climbable" rock than the entire state of CO. He was a judge at the Triple Crown-Little Rock City comp and he drove my friend and I to the hospital after she pitched off a highball and broke her ankle. I didn't believe him at the time because I was living in NC. Now that I live in CO I understand what he was talking about, but it all depends on your definition of the word "climbable." Maybe not more rock, but definitely better quality.

I'm about to spend 10 days in TN on a climbing trip and I guarantee that it won't be crowded since everyone else is convinced the Red River Gorge is the only climbing destination in the Southeast.
From Westminster, CO
Joined Mar 23, 2008
260 points
Feb 1, 2010
Jhernand wrote:
Salt Lake is not as bad as cam head makes it out to be. Yes the Mormon religion is visible in salt lake, but that is nothing to take SLC off your list. Contrary to popular belief (camhead) bars do exist in this town. Strong statement saying there are none in town. I means its not NYC, but the local bar scene is not too bad. In fact there are a lot of good bars in town, and good atmospheres. Don’t like the weak beer UT has… well SLC has bars that serve regular strength beers. Look… slc does have its downsides, but all in all it is great. You have some of the best climbing around, and only minutes form the city. Not to mention Indian creek, and Moab a short dive down the road. Red Rocks, and city of rocks in a short drive… plus if you ski or snowboard SLC has numerous resorts within 20 minutes of downtown. Oh… and as far as the religion goes… think about it this way… they go to church all day on Sunday so getting on the slopes, crags on “gods” day is super easy.

Oh, I disagree ...

1. I'm mormon-lite, and my fellow religious freaks and I will fine you for trespassing on our precious cliffs which we give no climbers access to.

2. If you're black, jewish, mexican, or gentile(white, but not baptized in the holy fire of mormonism) we will generally parade you around the city in stocks so the pure can throw rotten fruit at you and condemn you to hell as they see fit.

3. Strong drinks are not for the belly, but for the washing of the body. So if you go to the liquor store, you better be able to prove that you're just going to wash your hair with that Ice 101. My hair smells like Captn' Morgan.

4. Those bars you see are really just bath houses. Refer to #3.

5. Inversion

6. Big cottonwood canyon climbing wreaks havoc on the average climber. Chossy garbage.

7. Republicans ....ooooooo .... scary!

8. The summer concert series sucks, I mean it's free, so really good bands end up playing, but you're surrounded by posers and music noobs the whole time.

On the upside, You can always climb at the Slips(incredible), and Rockappella in AF has yet to see a 2nd ascent. I've personally been projecting the roof for 3 seasons.
From SLC, UT
Joined Apr 29, 2007
240 points
Feb 1, 2010
The two hour circle around Junction is Mind Blowing, Cheap, and tons of rocks all over. Sick biking, Yosemite's evil twin an hour away. We've got everything but the scene; which in a lot of ways is a big plus. Airbiscuit
Joined Feb 17, 2006
915 points
Feb 1, 2010
If I had the choice right now I'd move to North Conway,NH. Although it's gotten crowded and the tourists drive ya' nuts, it's a cool little town. "H" Lampasso
From Manitou Springs
Joined Feb 13, 2006
10 points
Feb 1, 2010
Yeah Harold is right that N. Conway is a pretty sweet little town. I actually grew up in NH and spent a lot of time in the north country, however I don't see myself heading back east anytime soon, got away from the cold winters for a reason. If you ice climb it'd be a sweet place to be, but I think I'd rather head for some desert sandstone in the winter months. Matt McKibben
From Durango, Co
Joined May 21, 2006
0 points
Feb 1, 2010
Check out Gary, Indiana. Beautiful this time of year. CaseyK Erin
From Tucson, Az
Joined Jun 11, 2009
20 points
Feb 1, 2010
I say stay in boulder!! You will never come close to beating it for climbing. No shortage of Co-eds. Diverse community (to say the least). Darn near year round climbing. Air quality is good and the scenery is beautiful. Tucson is darn ugly in comparison (sorry folks from there) even though I like the desert. Jim Gloeckler
From Denver, Colo.
Joined Jul 7, 2004
20 points
Feb 1, 2010
I don't think Tucson is overrated as a climbing town at all - I moved out here three years ago looking for a good climbing town with jobs and good weather and I have been generally disappointed with it. There is no climbing that is really close unless you live right next to Mt. Lemmon (expensive), and there is certainly nothing that is bikable from anywhere in the city. The sport climbing on Mt. Lemmon is extensive but mostly mediocre in my opinion; there are gems here and there but you have to work your way through a lot of bolted choss to find them. The same goes for the trad climbing on Mt. Lemmon (minus the bolts). You do have relatively easy access to a lot of cool areas like Cochise, Hueco, Joshua Tree, and everything in Flagstaff if you are willing to make long drives (2 hrs. for Cochise, 4-5 hrs. for Flagstaff or Hueco, 6+ for Josh) on a regular basis to get to the good stuff. And while I've heard Tucson is cheap, I haven't found that to be the case (though I bet it's cheaper than Boulder). That said, it is sunny nearly every day, so often in fact that I find myself reveling in cloudy days and seeking out shady climbing areas. That's my $0.02 anyway - I haven't been that impressed during my time here. Jeremiah Johnson
From Contoocook, NH
Joined Aug 19, 2007
325 points
Feb 1, 2010
Gunnison Colorado

close to the black and the desert. Great ice climbing right now. Huge climbing community. It's hard to beat the black canyon.

I am almost done with school and when I finish I'm moving to my hometown of boulder But in the meantime I love it here.
From Boulder
Joined Feb 25, 2006
565 points
Feb 1, 2010
Chattanooga is great, but it puts you a long way away from mountains.
Sam Lightner, Jr.
From Lander, WY
Joined Apr 9, 2006
1,915 points
Feb 1, 2010
Las Cruces, NM has rock all around it, just not enough climbers to climb it. The Organs are 15 minutes from town and have endless unclimbed trad routes, Hueco is about an hour away, and there are numerous sport crags within an hour. Nate Moore
From On the road
Joined Oct 26, 2006
25 points
Feb 1, 2010
Awesome granite and limestone in LCC/AF, more mtn biking trails (park city) than perhaps anywhere else in a concentrated area. Oh yeah, the backcountry and resort skiing isn't too shabby either. You like sandstone splitters? Moab is 4 hours south, and city of rocks-3 hours north. There are plenty of like minded cool people here as well. Don't come here, it really really sucks. Woodson
From Park City, Ut.
Joined May 16, 2009
85 points
Feb 1, 2010
camhead wrote:
Salt Lake City really sucks. It is over 90%+ Mormon and there are no bars. Don't go there.

More like 50%, and there are some great bars in SLC. you need to get out more, and experience the wonders of Utah.
Tracy Ellingson
From Provo, Utah
Joined Feb 11, 2009
0 points
Feb 2, 2010
Re: Durango

I also forgot to add that Ouray is about 1 hr away if you're into that sorta stuff, the black is like 4ish hours away. Then there's tons of backpacking around, the Weminuche wilderness as well as the rest of the San Juans. Oh and there's a ton of biking (road and mtn.), super bike friendly town and there's kayaking on the Animas if you're into that too. Oh and 3 different kinds of stone all within like a 30-40 min drive.
Sam Feuerborn
From Durango, CO
Joined Aug 4, 2009
630 points
Feb 2, 2010
Sam Feuerborn wrote:
Re: Durango

There is also prime bouldering close to town, which is great if you only have a short lunch break from work. Summers revolve around climbing and biking; skiing and ice climbing are the winter focuses - very outdoorsey all year round. The town is pretty into being green and has a lot of sustainability projects. Durango is a hippie town similar to Boulder 20 years ago. Great town, great people, chill environment. A+!
Jessica Vose
From Durango, CO
Joined Dec 7, 2009
0 points
Feb 2, 2010
If you've got a nice trust fund Bend, Oregon is nice.

If you hibernate during the winter and only come out May thru Oct. Index WA would top my list.
Ian G.
From PDX, OR
Joined Apr 13, 2009
225 points
Feb 2, 2010
+10 for SLC. Everytime I visit friends there I am amazed at all the new bars, restaurants, and coffee shops that are popping up.
The city is big enough that you can always discover cool new places, but small enough that the mountains are less than 20 minutes away. Housing is cheap. The Mormon religion is a non-issue for most people.

The climbing is varied.
LCC,BCC,Ferguson and hellgate for after work specials; lone peak, american fork, maple canyon, city of rocks, the tetons, moab, the swell, canyonlands, zion and red rocks for weekend trips. Colorado and California are close.

Most importantly, Utah has squatter's IPA.

Yah i miss SLC.
k. riemondy
From Boulder, Co
Joined Oct 3, 2006
5 points
Feb 2, 2010
Anybody mentioned San Diego? Weather doesn't get much more temperate. (summer's a little hot but no humidity) Only thing is that you couldn't really bike to the climbing areas (unless you lived close to a local one like Mt. Woodson) but you'd be within a couple hours driving distance to WORLD CLASS climbing. (j-tree, tahquitz, etc.) Plus there are some phenominal local climbing areas and even some new stuff that is freakin' sweet.

San Dog is pretty stinkin' good for climbing.
From ventura, ca
Joined Apr 9, 2009
10 points
Feb 2, 2010
The Larry wrote:
toothless tweeker chicks to get you through the night.

Funny ass shit, The Larry.

Flag Rules.
Richard Fernandez
From Flagstaff, AZ
Joined Nov 23, 2008
510 points
Feb 2, 2010
If I could pick anywhere it would definitely be Durango. Unfortunately work isn't very easy to come by there. As it is, i'm in Denver now but i'm counting the days until I can move back to the Salt Lake/Park City area. Andrew Gram
From Salt Lake City, UT
Joined Jan 1, 2001
3,430 points
Feb 2, 2010
Sam Lightner, Jr. wrote:
Chattanooga is great, but it puts you a long way away from mountains.

I just got home from Chattanooga at midnight last night. It was freakin awesome. We went to T-Wall and LRC, and they are literally 20 mins. from town. I know those aren't 'mountains', but I think Western NC (Linville, Boone, Smokies, etc.) is fairly close to Chattanooga. There is apparently a ton more climbing right outside of Chattanooga.

Chattanooga was a cool town too. Got Lupi's pizza and then went to a bar that has 200 beers.

We went to Mt. Lemmon last April and had a blast. I really liked Tucson as a town too. I guess the down side to either Tucson or Chattanooga is they can both be hot in the summer. Also humid in TN.

With that said, I'm moving to Denver at the end of this month. But I am making a point to get back to Chattanooga for three or four days before I head out west. Again, awesome area.
Ben Cassedy
From Denver, CO
Joined Apr 23, 2009
295 points

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