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May 1, 2009
Kill it, Lee! Stucker
From Centennial, CO
Joined Aug 1, 2006
20 points
May 1, 2009
Stu Ritchie wrote:
Dude what plannet are you living on...or err climbing on? At least 95% of his routes were put up before clean climbing had been contemplated and the gear had been invented. In his glory days he was a piton and braided rope kind of guy. (A super stud!)

I'm well aware of what/when/how Layton put up routes. I'm just happy to have a little piece of Kor history, even if it isn't from his early days.

Doug Lintz
From Kearney, NE
Joined Apr 19, 2004
900 points
May 1, 2009
Stich wrote:
It's interesting reading about viewpoints concerning profiting from one's own reputation. Ha ha ha. Is that not what sports stars do with product endorsements? I think most applaud this sort of thing. In Layton's case, he is profiting from the sheer good will he has amassed over his extraordinary body of work as a climber. His stories of his exploits in and of themselves are tremendously valuable as entertainment. So in a straight analysis, it's worth it to hear the guy talk. He does not have a lot of self authored books like say, Joe Simpson. Now Joe of course profits from his labors and adventures, too. Does that rub anyone the wrong way? The fact is, Layton was not all that sure people would even want to pay to listen to him talk, hence the one time venue. But he was amazed and pleased to be such a crowd draw. And a lot of people didn't make the original show. I didn't, for one. A friend of mine visiting from CA just got to see him on Friday. Way cool, I would say. Now to the issue of you. Yes, you! What if at some point people actually would go to a slide show to help you with your medical bills? Is that wrong? I hardly think so. If you create such VALUE in your life, just by living it and sharing it, then you deserve the respect and money that can leverage. Minnesota Fats certainly understood that. Uh, not that he and Layton have a lot in common. Hell of a pool player, that Fats. I hope in some small way this has helped add something worth thinking about to the discussion.

We are enriched when others write or speak of their past endeavors. Think of Bonington, Messner, Cassin, Alex Lowe, all who have put to paper their exploits. I for one, became interested in climbing from reading, 'The White Spider', 'Annapurna', and many other climbing books. I never would have known about climbing if it hadn't been for those books and how they stirred up the juices of adventure in me. And after having climbed for several years, reading 'Touching the Void' left me astounded by Simpson's evocative prose. So let them make the money so that we may read and be inspired.
From Phoenix, AZ
Joined Nov 13, 2007
0 points
May 1, 2009
It'd be cool if Gary Neptune recorded Kor's talks to document them! Gary, are you on MP? AJS
From Boulder, CO
Joined Mar 4, 2008
0 points
May 1, 2009
More power to him! What's wrong with making some money off of climbing? Espcially with his resume? Hell if I could cash in on climbing I certainly would. It's an expensive addiction that I have had to prostitute myself for!!!!!!!!!! "H" Lampasso
From Manitou Springs
Joined Feb 13, 2006
10 points
May 1, 2009
Hope Mr Kor makes a mint on this show , I would love to see it but I'm stuck in the spirngs today w/ prior arrangements I hope the turnout is so great he has another one!!!!

Mr Kor has always been an inspiration to me along w/ warren Harding
and a few other good old aid/trad folks.Every time I repeat one of there routes Im always left in awe at the balls they had

God speed Mr Kor wish ya the best...

As for FUNDOUCHE well ya know what they say doood
From Colorado Springs
Joined Oct 19, 2007
0 points
May 1, 2009
Apparently some people have the right to ask questions on MP but others are advocating unAmerican activities when they ask a question or make a request. It's not about censorship. The diference is I'm not asking a government agency to crack down on a public forum by force of law the way people did on the Super Bowl. The man simply deserves a lot more respect, especially at this stage in his life. It's about what kind of a place you want MP to be. The same way you wouldn't let your family be abused in your own home. If he can't get respect here, then where? Maybe some people just don't care that much about it. Personally I hope he doesn't hear about this. I don't think he was the one who used the term 'Once in a Lifetime'. I saw the first show and it was a great scramble to put together so maybe someone came up with that line thinking he would never do another.

He was one of the very first names I ever learned about when I started climbing and he has every right to put on a show whenever he can without being abused. I'm sure this one will be at least as good - enjoy the show. Long Live Kor!
J C Wilks
From Loveland, CO
Joined Aug 29, 2006
225 points
May 1, 2009
I wish I could be there...If he does another show, I would totally pay to see a webcast and I bet I'm not the only one. Hopefully I wouldn't lose that bet..I sometimes forget how much climbers like to bitch about paying for anything. Doug Foust
From Henderson, Nevada
Joined Sep 14, 2008
45 points
May 1, 2009
Funguy can suck it. Pete Elliott
From Co Spgs CO
Joined Jul 28, 2006
0 points
May 1, 2009
As a climber from Kor's generation, I'd like to reinforce Stich's comments.

First and foremost, Kor doesn't have to have a reason for giving talks. That he does have a rather poignant reason adds some urgency, but it is beside the point really. He is making a public offering of his experiences. No one is forced to go. If folks want to hear from one of the towering giants (in multiple senses) of our sport, and are quite willing to pay a bit for the privilege (and it is a considerable one), then in what alternate universe is there is something "wrong" with that?
From Poughkeepsie, NY
Joined Feb 15, 2008
35 points
May 1, 2009
Jefflayton Stuckerkor wrote:
Kill it, Lee!

Hilarious. Jefflayton, ThreadSlayerLee might just kill this one, but please be patient. He was out this evening drinking beers with a couple of friends including myself. Perhaps he will be logging on to MP soon... since beer and MP go together so well.
Kat A
From Bart and Lisa Ville, CO
Joined Jun 23, 2006
170 points
May 2, 2009
The two shows this week were (to my eye) better than the Mackey show from last year. Better flow, editing, commentary. Layton brought it in in about 110 minutes, and kept it solid the whole way. From Colorado, Eldo, Black Canyon,thru Utah, Canada, Alps, Dolomites it was a pleasure for anyone familiar with the man or the routes to appreciate the special night. Layton's improving health shows in his color and demeanor - well improved from last year and he's in good spirits. He's not just cashing the mountain goldmine he's planted all these years, he's taking checks too! Quite the glitterati in the house for 1 May, with BIG DOGS from across the spectrum. Anyone who might begrudge Kor needs to remove tongue from cheek, because you're up the wrong cheek and it's stinky up there.

--- Invalid image id: 106053438 ---

with Layton and Derek Hersey
Mic Fairchild
From Boulder
Joined Jan 14, 2003
280 points
May 2, 2009
J. Albers wrote:
sheesh....easy there folks. Was FUNGUY's comment a bit ill advised and insensitive? Probably. Maybe even a bit dickish?

Did you write this for yourself and your comment? Nice post, say, if your a politician... maybe you should quit climbing and head for Washington.

Just because you put your POV in a nice little PC package and said it with peace and love, doesnt make it any less off base than funguy's. You are comparing apples to oranges- and while the efforts of those whom you speak(Im a FF myself btw) are noble, they are not comprable to Laytons effort and legendary status, nor the point of this thread. Nice try tho.

Pretty ironic post from a climber. Peace, love and happiness good buddy, may you and Ted Flanders have fun at the crag.

And for FUNGUY... what everyone else has said = ditto for me.
Shane Neal
From Colorado Springs, CO.
Joined Mar 6, 2002
0 points
May 2, 2009
I agree that last night's show was better than Macky. Gary even thought it was better than Wednesday's. Practice makes perfect...hope he gets to give many more shows!

Funguy you can crawl back under your rock now.
Joined Jul 15, 2008
0 points
May 2, 2009
Jefflayton Stuckerkor wrote:
Kill it, Lee!

Not necessary. This thread will kill itself.

Kat A wrote:
Hilarious. Jefflayton, ThreadSlayerLee might just kill this one, but please be patient. He was out this evening drinking beers with a couple of friends including myself. Perhaps he will be logging on to MP soon... since beer and MP go together so well.

And I had a great time as usual. But I didn't get any pictures.
Lee Smith
Joined Sep 5, 2003
615 points
May 2, 2009
I wish Kor would get his show on the road and hit AZ. That way, FUNGUY could show his support. I know that I and many others would be there.

If not a road trip then a video for the masses to show support and enjoy the Man's memories.
manuel rangel
From Tempe, Arizona
Joined Jan 27, 2006
3,475 points
May 2, 2009
Does Kor not live in AZ?(I'm under the impression that he does)

The show was great last night, who's going to start up the appriciation thread and send this one packing? Enough feeding of the troll, he seem's to have left anyway.
Jason Kaplan
From Glenwood ,Co
Joined Jul 31, 2005
2,165 points
May 2, 2009
Interesting. funguy post's once here, and once @ the taco under the name Onyx. Only one post with the same text at both venues. Perhaps this is all a rouse just to see the response. The old 'I'll be a spoon' trick. Or it's a ligit posting. Either way is pretty dern lame. Layton Kor deserves all the respect, fame, financial gain, and whatever else comes his way. Suggesting that he's somehow unworthy of any of that is moronic. Mahalo! Rogerlarock
From Nedsterdam, Colorado
Joined Sep 22, 2008
0 points
May 2, 2009
As everyone has noted: Layton does have serious health problems. He needs a kidney transplant, which costs over $250,000 plus the costs of all the drugs. Plus the costs of the drugs he takes now, dialysis three times a week, and a substantial monthly insurance deductible...because his insurance and Medicaid and Medicare do not cover all the costs.

So give the poor guy a break. He's an iconic American climber, and maybe the most prolific I told Layton awhile back, "I've been following in your footsteps up climbs my entire career"...and he's 70-years-old and can't work because of the dialysis and its side affects and he has a wife and a 16-year-old son...

But Layton still has the fire to go climbing. Ed Webster, Dennis Jump, Layton, and I did the FA of a desert tower near his home in Arizona a month ago. I'm heading back down tomorrow to do another unclimbed tower with him on Monday. He still wants to get out climbing and do new routes. He loves climbing! He wants to go back to the Dolomites. He wants to do some routes around Moab. He wants to get back to Colorado and do some new routes. So hopefully his kidney transplant will be successful and he'll get his life back.

Ed Webster and I have been helping Layton by raising money to help with his medical expenses by selling signed photographs of him. Right now I have two signed photographs of Kor on the January 1963 FA of Monster Tower for sale. And I've been selling lots of the photos here in Colorado as well as the rest of the US and the world. Folks in Europe and Taiwan have bought prints.

Last night at the second Neptune show, I sold $700 worth of photos, with all the money going directly to Layton. If you want one, email me here. We're asking $50 for a signed print plus $5 shipping. Both are $80 plus shipping. After this batch is sold out, I'll be printing up some new ones...desert climbing, 2nd ascent of the Salathe, something from the Dolomites...and in bigger sizes.

And I agree with everyone above...FUNGUY is not too much fun. More like a stick in the mud, poking out of a swamp of cynicism and self-loathing. He needs to buy a bunch of the photos or send a substantial cash contribution to redeem his petty life and pay homage to the legend himself. got to pay it forward.
Stewart M. Green
Joined Dec 4, 2002
80 points
May 4, 2009
Mic Fairchild wrote:
[pic of Mic F., Layton and Derek Hersey]

Mic, that is a fookin' awesome photo.
John Korfmacher
From Fort Collins, CO
Joined Jul 13, 2004
100 points
May 4, 2009
What is with these people who don't like people making money? "Once in a lifetime" didn't mean for HIM, it might be a "once in a lifetime" for YOU.

P.S. Why did I respond to this drivel?
Joined May 3, 2009
10 points
May 4, 2009
Everyone seems to be railing FUNGUY for his post but what everyone should be upset about is Layton Kor having to do these presentations to pay for medical expenses while our government/corporations (same thing) steals the working class blind and then continues to rob us in our old age as we die.... burning trillions of dollars while people like this are not only burdened with old age, sickness, and death, but also how to pay for it.... shoveling money into the fire that would do so many deserving people (Layton Kor) so much good. We need to march into these insurance companies and drag there asses out into the streets and have our way with them. bbrock
From Al
Joined Dec 1, 2006
935 points

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