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1 day ago
better than nothing for sure. View Comment
2 days ago
such an epic route View Comment
3 days ago
really enjoyed the spice on this one- great climb and will do again. just enough! View Comment
Apr 22, 2019
spice is nice and protects between the bolts - placed a trango ball nut between the second and third bolt… View Comment
Mar 11, 2019
very fun- could of taken a nap on it. if its your first chimney I highly recommend and enjoy! View Comment
Mar 11, 2019
really liked the route- take your time and you'll find the holds if you make sure you are stepping up with… View Comment
Mar 11, 2019
seen this one this weekend- we did the one just north of it 150 meters. View Comment
Mar 8, 2019
looks so fun!!! we are going tonight to drive up and try and find this place- thanks for the GPS location! View Comment
Oct 17, 2018
burly 11 pitch! short but stout finish with some spice! View Comment
Oct 17, 2018
cool pic. crazy how depth perception has no justice like the real thing- that river bottom is so far below… View Comment
Oct 3, 2018
they replaced the ladder with rebar now View Comment
Oct 3, 2018
bring electrolytes besides water- had to turn around because of cramping. but the stuff we did was incredi… View Comment
Sep 23, 2018
really taxing, like everything else at trout, the horizontal crack off the deck comes in at the right time… View Comment
Sep 8, 2018
super fun climb and shade in the afternoon . karate crack is a sick neighbor! i give it a taxing 5.6 --… View Comment
Sep 8, 2018
lol-!! book had it as a 5.8 - definitely not a 5.8 and super committing moves but glad I did it. the spi… View Comment
Sep 8, 2018
start is taxing then gets easy. View Comment
Sep 3, 2018
really fun moves through the traverse- and plenty of bolts you just have to look for them it starts 15' tuf… View Comment
Sep 3, 2018
such a awesome summit! View Comment
Aug 30, 2018
this place looks awesome! View Comment
Aug 19, 2018
had a awesome time climbing here- this place rocks. View Comment
Aug 19, 2018
right anchor is still loose. it held & need to start carrying a crescent wrench. View Comment
Aug 19, 2018
very fun & perfect amount of spice! nice crimps w/tiny edges that are solid and sticky and I agree from se… View Comment
Aug 16, 2018
so first off I have never set anything and maybe don't know what I'm talking about but the first bolt is so… View Comment
Jul 28, 2018
that is incredible. almost like looking at jupiter. best part is it used to be a reef. imagine the leviat… View Comment
Jul 5, 2018
ooo you like some spice! the first two clips are cruxy - and the arete transition you are thanking ### for… View Comment
Jun 4, 2018
jugs for days View Comment
May 31, 2018
daaaaaamn ! View Comment
Apr 3, 2018
this anchor was dusted with fresh snow in march this year- and the blue of the ice cap on top was surreal… View Comment
Mar 6, 2018
wish it would of been fully formed- only thin stuff up to the cave over the weekend- still a short but swee… View Comment
Dec 3, 2017
if you have not been to RR its easy to get off route if you don't have a book/good beta - huge gamble with… View Comment
Nov 20, 2017
probably the most challenging start I did in red rocks. View Comment
Nov 20, 2017
steezy and breezy ! first bolt requires plutonium balls- not the difficulty but scary as fook because if y… View Comment
Nov 20, 2017
top is the crux. curse you! finally made it after a take. lovely route and a gem for first pullout. View Comment
Nov 20, 2017
this route popped my cherry breaking into 5.8's. fun. fUn! FUN! View Comment
Nov 20, 2017
5.7 start? lol yeah right! you can bs the tourists but I'm onto your sandbag bruh =). awesome crack and… View Comment
Oct 9, 2017
feet for dayzzzz!!! might be my new favorite. lots of little biscuits and nubs. secure the whole way up.… View Comment