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Aug 3, 2019
The natural line on P4 (variation straight above the belay) is fantastic. I haven't climbed the original ro… View Comment
Aug 3, 2019
A couple of larger cams (up to 3") can be used for marginal protection out to the left. Without a reasonabl… View Comment
Jul 13, 2019
Some of the routes here could use some attention from a wire brush (in particular the routes to the right o… View Comment
Jul 8, 2019
Note that this image is not consistent with at least some of the documents available at the Goat's Beard in… View Comment
Jul 8, 2019
Where was the mantle? I thought the route involved stemming and transitioning across the chimney. It isn't… View Comment
Jul 8, 2019
Fun for the grade. View Comment
May 23, 2019
As stated a single #3 and #4 is plenty. Nuts are great and easy to place in the last pitch despite comments… View Comment
Mar 15, 2019
A climb isn't PG13/R just because you didn't bring the proper gear. A C4 #5 protects the upper portion at t… View Comment
Oct 21, 2018
Doesn't climb much like offwidth. Straight forward, fun climbing. It is quite clean right now. View Comment
May 20, 2018
As a result of the seep above the crack is dirty and wet (seasonal, I imagine). Would otherwise be better. View Comment
Mar 11, 2018
Fun little climb. The crux felt a bit stiff at 5.8 but I probably botched the sequence since there are a lo… View Comment
Oct 1, 2017
While not the greatest climb ever the description above seems a little extreme. I didn't find the route… View Comment
Jul 30, 2017
Thanks to a party earlier this season and a bit of additional work on 30 July, 2017 the vegetation that imp… View Comment
Jul 30, 2017
This route was cleaned and is ready for climbers as of July 30th, 2017. It might take a bit of work to main… View Comment
Jun 26, 2017
I climbed a different variation of the final pitch. Instead of tackling the thin (finger) crack leading off… View Comment
Oct 6, 2016
Watch the wasp nest if walking if. I got stung a lot of times while doing the short downscramble. View Comment
Oct 3, 2016
All bolted anchors are in good shape (as of fall 2016) and have quick links. View Comment
Oct 3, 2016
This route now has a bolted alternative finish. Near the top of the route the original bolt line goes left.… View Comment
Sep 6, 2016
That's correct (the right->left layout of the guidebook messed me up). Thanks. Caption has been fix… View Comment
Sep 4, 2016
Relative to the rest of the crag this is stupid easy for the grade. That said, it's fun and easy to pro… View Comment
Sep 4, 2016
Much of this crack was too big for my fists making a bit of offwidth technique absolutely necessary. Does e… View Comment
Aug 21, 2016
Despite looking wide this climb also goes pretty easily without any wide gear. So, go for it even if you do… View Comment
May 30, 2016
Many of the routes towards the right end of the crag are wet in early season. That said, there are still pl… View Comment
May 30, 2016
This climb is easier if climbed as a face climb/lieback. Off-width encouraged. Either way it is fun. View Comment
May 30, 2016
This is one of my favorite moderate climbs in Mazama (mostly for the top half of the route). The step acros… View Comment
May 27, 2016
Good climb. The crux move felt brutal at 10a (I'm 5'9"). In my opinion St Vitus' Dance was easier than the… View Comment
May 17, 2016
Good and diverse climbing. While a single #4 C4 might be sufficient for the chimney/offwidth, a #5 C4 makes… View Comment
May 17, 2016
Good fun. Singles of 3" and 4" gear (no 5") for P2 is sufficient if the lead is even somewhat comfortable… View Comment
May 8, 2016
The 5.8 alternative start in the cracks to the left of the normal start is fun. Some work was done to clean… View Comment
May 7, 2016
Great climb. When accounting for the more sustained nature of the route I found it to be more difficult tha… View Comment
Apr 16, 2016
A reasonable alternative to the Beckey Route with a few additional loose and sandy parts. I found it to be… View Comment
Apr 11, 2016
This route is strikes me as a good one for a new leader. It's a jug haul that can be easily protected the e… View Comment
Apr 9, 2016
As of today, 9 April 2016, the route has been cleaned thoroughly and is comfortable on lead. It does, howe… View Comment
Apr 4, 2016
Agreed, not hands until the top of the "hand crack." A #4 and #3 C4 were required to protect the… View Comment
Dec 11, 2015
This climb is fun but very R. I only saw three bolts and a whipper near the second bolt would result in a g… View Comment