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Reply: Has anyone used this website to purchase gear?
Jun 23, 2017 I have used them. Took almost a month for the order to get processed and delivered to me.  But the items were 50% off U.S. prices! View Message
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Reply: Can "Retired" rope and harness be used?
May 29, 2017 Hey Tobi. Actually the issue with old ropes, even those stored optimally, is that they lose their elasticity over the years. Thus the impact force of a lead fall is much greate… View Message
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Reply: Black Diamond Hoodwire Carabiner - Gate Stays Open…
Apr 17, 2017 I see this occasionally with any biner due to our dirty desert environment. A drop of dry lube ( the type I use on my bike chain) usually solves the issue View Message
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Reply: Bicep and Armpit Pain
Apr 15, 2017 Please look at some YouTube videos regarding Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. With symptoms coming and going I would suspect an impingement issue especially if your posture is the typ… View Message
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Reply: Minivan to Jah Man?
Mar 18, 2017 I'd plan on hiking from the road. there is a nasty off camber drop into the creek bed right from the get-go. easy to scout though. Some rough sections further along. A longish… View Message
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Reply: Newbie to Indian Creek
Sep 30, 2016 I agree with Ball. Bring beer, be nice, don't be afraid to ask for advise if new to desert crack climbing. It is very difficult to set up top ropes without leading the route… View Message
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Reply: still not recovered a month after an expedition
Sep 19, 2016 Mmmm. Major exhausting expedition, 2 illnesses in a month and you feel weak, tired, etc? Sounds about right to me, especially if you are older than 20 years. I would try to b… View Message
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Reply: The Ethics of Stickers
Jun 26, 2016 Thank you for that (the original post by Jezmund). Made my day! View Message
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Reply: Can you identify this piece of climbing gear?
Sep 19, 2015 The moveable "bars" can be added or removed for more or less friction. In a long, long rappel(cavers may go hundreds of feet on a single line)the weight of the rope initial su… View Message
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Found on NE Face Pingora
Sep 4, 2015 Found gear recently on NE Face Pingora. Please TEXT (I rarely look on MP!) me with date lost and description. Thanks! 970-241-6784 View Message
Gear > Lost and Found
LOST: Canon camera
Jul 29, 2015 Small Canon S100 camera in black case left in trailhead parking lot for VestalPeak/Wham Ridge on July 28. I also left a trekking poke but that is immaterial. I really want my… View Message
Regional > Colorado
Reply: The 2012-13 Colorado Ice Conditions Thread
Apr 16, 2013 Has anyone been up to Eureka lately? Or know if Birdbrain came in this spring? Thanks View Message